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Error “WHOIS PORT – 43 Unavailable” during installation, although opened port 43. I use Nginx


Installation window says unavailable then it is not opened and unable to make connection.

Either port is not opened on your hosting server (Or) closed at master network firewall.

Check again your TCP open ports at your server Or contact your hosting service/data center and ask them port 43 opened ?

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I am interested in your product. Would like to buy it. Are you running and discount campaigns. Also I use this inmotion hosting will your script work on it? let me know and I will place the order


i) If your hosting server satisfies minimum server requirements then it will work. https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678#item-description__requirements

(or) Download the Minimum Requirements Test File http://demo.atozseotools.com/minimum-requirements-test-file

It will analyze and tell your hosting service is compatible or not.

ii) Yes, contact to here for discounts & bulk purchase with addons: https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678/support

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What are some upgrades coming in next version?


Some minor bug fixes coming on next update.

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When i see your this product A to Z SEO Tools v2, I am confused with this one: Turbo Website Reviewer – In-depth SEO Analysis Tool

1. Can you please help me know what is two tools? What is difference, we need to buy both and install on same site, or what actually? In A to Z seo tools v2, that website reviewer is not included?

Then i see the addon: Download Free Addons Premium Membership System (With PDF Report Plugin) All in One Website Reviewer Grammar Checker – SEO Tool Blog Addon for AtoZ SEO Tools Check Gzip Compression and Get HTTP headers Mobile Friendly Test – SEO Tool Social Stats Checker – SEO Tool Article Rewriter Pro (With 7 Language Databases) Bulk Domain Availability Checker Webpage Optimizer Tools – Bundle of 4x SEO Tools

So I need to buy all these addons in order to makethe site complete.

Can you give your email address, where we can talk directly on this in detail and make one price for everything end to end and you help getting it installed, give few options for free for public, few options asks them to create account and then access for free, few facilities to let them upgrade to a pro or paid account on my website and then access everything.

then, i can also have more pages and products , my seo services packages upsells, etc

please reply with your email address so we can continue this discussion and get started faster.


1) Both are different standalone scripts. Try the demo for difference! (No need to purchase “Turbo Website Reviewer” for running AtoZ SEO Tools)

2) Addons are also completely optional. AtoZ SEO Tools script includes 50 SEO Tools. If you want, additional premium tools then purchase addons otherwise not needed!

3) Here is my mail id: rainbowbalajib [at] gmail.com

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Dear rainbowbalaji, I emailed you,. kindly check.

Hello forgive again. I already solved the previous problem, but I find another one and that is that the Website Reviewer Addon does not work for me, it keeps thinking and does not give results. send a message to prothemes.biz but no answer. You can tell me why it can fail. Thank you

Hola perdona otra vez. Ya solucione el problema anterior, pero me encuentro con otro y es que el Website Reviewer Addon no me funciona se queda pensando y no da resultados. mande un mensage a prothemes.biz pero no tube respuesta. me puedes decir el por qué puede fallar. Gracias

Possible to only get this http://demo.atozseotools.com/page-speed-checker ? I don’t want any other feature or files. Only page speed checker.


404 error after clicking on admin left menu items.


Replied back to your mail..

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stewmack Purchased

i get 404 error when i leave front page


i) Contact to here: https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678/support

ii) Verify you have uploaded ”.htaccess” file at script root directory.

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atayyab5 Purchased

Hi, presale question. As i see it’s not integrated with wordpress. can you charge for extra for intergration with wordpress.

Can we do On-Page SEO of every single tool, like Title, Meta description and Focus keyword to let google know about the page or tool. I see the Description details though.

Can we add blog page and change colors according to our need.

Is it mobile friendly!

Thanks looking forward to your answer!


yeshaen Purchased

I completed all the installations successfully. The admin page and the main page are loaded, but when I click on the link, I only get a 404 page. Files in subdirectories are not checked unlike the link path.

hi there, excellent script! Congratulations.

As i see on your demo , an in specially on Plagiarism Checker, in the table Uniqueness , when the text is marked with Already Exists , there is a possibility to put a link to show the web pages that has that text , or a link to a search on google with that “query” ?

Thanks in advance!


Yes possible. Contact us after purchase, i will send the patches.

We also have more advanced features Plagiarism Checker as Addon. It includes that features already too…

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Thanks, that is so great.

Now…i have run the test.php file on my server and all are green except WHOIS PORT – 43 ( i am on a godaddy shared hosting) , i will only need for now the plagiarism feature, it is ok to instal the script without it?

as i see here https://www.godaddy.com/help/masking-contact-information-shared-via-whois-automated-access-points-27421, i can open it , but if it is possible to instal and run the script without port 43 open will be great.


Plagiarism checker can’t require port 43.

But WHOIS port is compulsory required for following tools: i) WHOIS Checker, ii) Domain Age Checker, iii) Website Reviewer (Addon), iv) Bulk Domain Availability Checker (Addon) etc…

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Is there easy to add other features like website reviewer, blog option, bulk domain checker and more..??

Have you created video documentation to create like demo ??

I have some knowledge of php, MySQL.. Is it enough to handle this??


1) They are available as Addons. Addons are very easy to install.

Just upload addon file at here:
Admin Panel -> Addons -> Install Addons

2) Documentation and basic video demos are included on package.

3) Basic knowledge is enough to setup the website. Installation process are similar to WordPress.

We also provide free installation service. Just contact us with cPanel access after purchase.

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Thanks for your reply.

Is there any addon for JPG to PDF converter?

Can you also create add-on on demand?

PDF conversion tools are already available as addons. Nearly we offer 30 PDF tools (different conversion formats) as bundle but it requires VPS / Dedicated server and cost more.

Addon Demo: http://prothemes.biz/redirect/?a=4dj

Contact us to here for more information: https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678/support

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Bmh009 Purchased

Hi, how do you add proxies? I cant find it in the documents. Thanks,


i) Which tool need to set proxy?

ii) In default, we don’t offer proxy support for tools but it is easily possible by modifying on coding section.

Contact to here for details instructions: https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678/support

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how article rewrite works ? is it safe for google ranking ?


It has own synonym database to rewrite words. Yes it is safe for Google ranking.

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Solid30 Purchased

Nead help whats this

DataTables warning: table id=mySitesTable – An error occurred while connecting to the database. The error reported by the server was: SQLSTATEHY000 Unknown MySQL server host ‘mariadb101.websupport.sk:3312’ (2


Contact to here with Admin Panel access. We will check the issue. https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678/support

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vikasfree Purchased

It’s 3 day, I am waiting for your mail response.


We replied your mail 3 days back itself.

If you sending new question, send to here: https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678/support

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vikasfree Purchased

Thanks a lot.. Got it


diggbig Purchased

Hello please help, ads is not showing on the side ba of my blog but it shows on the seo page tools