Discussion on Contact Form - HTML Email (Bootstrap Edition)

Discussion on Contact Form - HTML Email (Bootstrap Edition)

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Good luck with your sales

I recently purchased your contact us form/code, and I’m having some issues with the email relay portion. Captcha appears to be working okay, but when I try to send through Office 365, the screen form submission just flashes with no result one way or another, and the email is never sent. I’ve updated the web.config file for with SSL enabled and the correct username and password, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’d try to debug it through Visual Studio, but the solution won’t load in VS 2019, so I’m at a dead end, and I’m hoping you can offer some quick advice.

Thank you.


Usually, this issue arises when the SMTP in web.config is not configured properly. Check out the prerequisites if is used.

Hope this will fix your issue.

I am getting the ‘Please confirm that you are not a robot’ error and no email is being sent. I’ve put my site key in the default.aspx and default.aspx.cs, where indicated by “[YOUR SITE KEY]” but inside the quotes and w/o the brackets.

And then, figured out that I had to use (and modify) the Email_v2.0.html, after googling StreamReader. Looking back, i see you only claim this has ‘simple code’, not that it is easy for dummies to use. FWIW, I think you’d pick up some more sales if you wrote up some new, detailed instructions for the ignorant masses, folks such as myself. Perhaps it’s not worth the return but this was by far the best looking option I ran across when needing a form for my simple sites. Ok, back to work, see if I can finish this up today…

FWIW to future stumblers, the last hurdle was, since I was using gmail, they were blocking it as mail from an unknown device, so logging into my server and signing in to the gmail account from there let me get that approved. It seems to all be working fine now.


Pretty sure this is just my lack of experience but if you can help me here, I would gladly post my docs for implementing this, and maybe it would help some other dufus in a similar situation…

I’m trying to test this in a VS 2019 ASP.NET Web Application C# before implementing it in a new site. The simple instructions didn’t work so I’ve been trying to sort out the issues one at a time, I think I’m getting close.

When I click on my Conatct.aspx page, the current error I get is is: ‘CS1061: ‘contact_aspx’ does not contain a definition for ‘btnSendEmail_Click’ and no accessible extension method ‘btnSendEmail_Click’ accepting a first argument of type ‘contact_aspx’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)’

I don’t see any references to btnSendEmail_Click in your solution that aren’t in mine, so I’m assuming I’ve missed an important step somewhere else.

Also, in VS’s Error List, there is: ‘CS0103 The name ‘reCAPTCHA’ does not exist in the current context’, referencing a line in my Contact.aspx.cs file.

I’ve copied your reCAPTCHA.cs file from your App_Code folder and tried it both in there and in my App_Start folder, same result.

In VS, when I hover over ‘reCAPTCHA’ I get the potential fixes list, which suggest creating various internal or private classes, whereas in your reCAPTCHA.cs, it’s a public class, so I’m thinking my solution hasn’t actually run my reCAPTCHA.cs.

Additional info: - In my Contact.aspx page, I copied over your Container and JavaScript sections, per instructions but commented out the <script src=”... lines as they load in my Site.Master - In Global.asax.cs, I added: ScriptManager.ScriptResourceMapping.AddDefinition(“recaptcha”, new ScriptResourceDefinition { Path = “” }); - And then in Site.Master, ScriptManager, I added: <asp:ScriptReference Name=”recaptcha” />

I don’t know if the reCAPTCHA and btnSendEmail_Click errors are related but I’m hoping you’ll have an idea or maybe can point me to where I should be doing more research to sort this out. I think this could be my go-to contact form solution for several sites if I can get it to go.

Thanks much.

I may have solved this, changed the properties of reCAPTCHA.cs Build Action from Content to Compile. It’s running now.


Am I able to place this in my regular HTML page?

Currently, even navigating to the Email_v2.0.html file doesn’t show me the form.

Thanks in advance

I’m unable to access the URL which you’ve shared.

Can this be done using the System.Net.Mail my hosting will not let this go through

How do you tie this using Office 365 mail client? I have added smtpClient.enableSSL=”true” and that allows communication but I get an error of 5.3.4 554 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:SendAsDeniedException.MapiExceptionSendAsDenied; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot submit message. 16.55847:69000000, 17.43559:0000000060010000000000000000000000000000, 20.521

Actually I found a post that claims Microsoft simply doesn’t allow this functionality

Final update, I contacted Microsoft and they were kind enough to walk me through the process of tying this form to Office 365! It can be done and works great! I did have to add a param for smtpClient.EnableSsl = true; to enable TLS of course, for me line 53 just before .Send(message) on default.aspx.cs. I then followed the instructions from the MS URL to send via client.

Final step was to add jquery-3.3.1.js to the js folder and update the link on line 112 for Default.aspx. That did the trick! up and running and working great! Wonderful job on the code and the form!! :)

That’s great

Hi, Purchased contact form earlier today. After download and unzip, I have tried both Contactform and the contactform helpfile projects. Both give me a similar error. I am pasting error from helpfile program. http://localhost:51982 : error : Error opening web http://localhost:51982. The Web site ‘http://localhost:51982' could not be found. I am using Visual Studio 2017

Hi, In Visual Studio 2015 go to File-Open Web Site, point it to the directory where your website is located. Once the project is opened, click F5 and see if it works.

Hi, when i open the solution i have this error:

http://localhost:49550 : error : Errore durante l’apertura del Web http://localhost:49550. Impossibile trovare il sito Web ‘http://localhost:49550'.

Error open the web project.

You have the VS2013 solution without configure the web?



In Visual Studio go to File > Open > Web Site, point it to the directory where your website is located. Once the project is opened, click F5 and see if it works.

The name ‘txtName’ does not exist in the current context mimtiyaz C:\PTL\ecb\MailForm\mimtiyaz\Default.aspx.cs

One of a series of field names that are not found.

Try to debug the code, you’ll be able to see the form controls with their input values.

I set up a new aspx file and copied the content to it. The new one worked, I think it was a version difference.

A separate problems, from a site sharing an IP address with others via Host Names, I could not get reCaptcha to validate. I changed to a dedicated IP and now it is working. Does that match your experience?

I purchased the bootstrap contact form. However I do not want it to email the user submitter only show a message, I want to be the only one to receive any email from the contact form. How would I prevent the submitter from receiving email?

Ok I will give it a go. I wanted to make sure.

That works fine. thanks. However the form clear fields txtName.Text = ””; txtEmail.Text = ””; ddlSubject.SelectedValue = “0”; txtMessage.Text = ””; mentioned above throws and error.

The problem is the clear string had open and close quotes versus ”” quotes. change them all to ”” and it works fine. I am guessing it’s the comments CSS that is changing them form standard quote marks.

I purchased this form, with multiple days of attempts and working with host and author this form doesn’t work…be careful and cautious if thinking about purchasing this form!

Set customErrors mode=”Off” in web.config file so that I can see the exact reason behind this error.

I have posted and updated the files on the server so you can see errors. Thanks

What now?????

Help to get this working please!!


ok sent you an email

I get error failure sending mail when trying to send a message with form, I was trying using gmail smtp setting, I have also tried a new host, new port, new username and password and still get the same error

form not working

When I try and submit form, I get an error saying please confirm you are not a robot and the recaptcha seems to refresh, I already have the site key added. Also how can I add this to an already existing aspx page rather than creating a separate page for this form.


is this on default.aspx or default.aspx.cs

The form controls are in Default.aspx and the C# code i.e., button submit event is in CodeBehind page (Default.aspx.cs)

when I comment out the codebehind I get a runtime error

I am looking at your product and looks really nice and I like that it is tied in with bootstrap. I am also looking at using this on a site that is powered by AspDotNet Storefront, would your form work on there as well?


Will this also work in AspDotNet Storefront?

If the Storefront runs on .NET Framework then you can integrate this product in it.

ok great


How to clear all fields after sending of information from form?

Regards Eugenij.


You can clear form fields after the form submission by adding the script mentioned below

After reader.Dispose(); add the following script

txtName.Text = ””; txtEmail.Text = ””; ddlSubject.SelectedValue = “0”; txtMessage.Text = ””;

Thanks, mimtiyaz


if i want to use just the captcha, is it possible?

I have a quote widget here and I’m using ReCaptcha. I wanted to try a simplified version but a solid one that will block automated bots from trying to pass through the form.

Can your code blocked bots?

Is it possible for you to provided an updated code that only requires me to add just the captcha into my own form?

Okay, can block the bots and update the code? if so, i’ll purchase the tool.

I couldn’t find the style.css, where is it?

Refer to the reply mentioned above. :-)

Where can I add; message.Bcc.Add(“”); after message.To.Add(txtEmail.Text.Trim().Replace(”’”, ”’’”)); in your C# code.

in default.aspx ?

In Default.aspx.cs

When somebody send form I want to receive the result only one mail adress. I want to receive the results to the same emil always. Now somebody get form results who send it.

To receive email as acknowledgement to the sender, simply add message.Bcc.Add(“”); after message.To.Add(txtEmail.Text.Trim().Replace(”’”, ”’’”)); in your C# code.


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