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I see lots of comments about WooCommerce Shortcodes, but what about Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)? Will an add to cart shortcode work for EDD as well? I wasn’t able to get it working when i tried.

I am trying to do it and am not having any success. EDD provides a purchase link shortcode and It doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone had success with this? Please help.

EDD Provides a purchase code in this shortcode format: [purchase_link id=”528” text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”], when I put that into the Embed Script section, the link on the table doesn’t do anything, are there additional settings i need to configure to make this work or are you talking about a different section when you say ‘embed code textarea?

why dont you open support ticket at our helpdesk, support staff will help you achieve it if its possible in arprice what u r trying to achieve.

Hi there,

Hello, before buying this amazing pluging, i have 2 questions. 1- Is it possible in the columns of offers a drop-down menu to propose for example to subscribe for a certain number of months?

2- I’m trying your plugin in a dev site and noticed that the toggle price is not diplayed like in the preview window. the online display is a button over the other instead of one beside the other here is my example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1d148umvy8aol5/test.png?dl=0

Thanks for your help

Best regards


sorry for delay in reply.

1. sorry at present its not possible but we possibly are going to add it in future.

2. its because in mobile view or lower width it show that way.



I come back to you because my situation is very complicate and you really can help me:

- I bought a Premium licence of your extension for the website Clairitec - this website is old, and the host is very slow, so I’m working on the new version of the website, on my VPS. - when it will be finish, I ll migrate the new website on a new host, and I’ll move the domain name on it. I hope to finish it before the end on the month. - I have plenty of tables prices to put on the new website but the free version is too limited to be able to do what I want - so now, the problem is I bought you a Premium licence but I can’t build my table prices because I’m working on my VPS for the new version of Clairitec website. - buying a licence for 3 or 4 weeks is not possible.

Can you please help me to solve this problem ? If I could use the extension on my VPS for one month (time to finish the website) I could solve my problem. With a temporariy Premium version maybe ? Or maybe there is a way to change the website licence for a month (from Clairitec to my VPS) and next month to change it again (from VPS to the new Clairitec) ..?

Thanks for your help.


yes you can transfer license. Just go to licensing section of arprice and click on remove license and then go to new domain and there you will be able to activate license without any problem.


I don’t have a save button on all three browsers I tried: Chrome, Firefox, IE. Wordpress is up to date, all plugins have been updated (and we don’t have a ton of plugins on this site). How do we troubleshoot this and get the save button back?


i can not see you have bought arprice. please buy arprice first to get assistance. if you already have bought it using another account then kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk using that account and your purchase code.


We purchased your plugin today, but have not been able to register our purchase.

Your register page is timing out on both Chrome and Safari.

This means we can’t use the pricing table and we can’t submit a ticket… Can you please advise on how we can fix this?



It seems something wrong in envato market apis. so, our system is not able to verify purchase code. Please allow a few hours. they probably are working on this situation.


Yeah. It took a wee bit longer than expected, but we’re in now ツ

Yes, sorry for the trouble. Envato api had slight changes.

Purchase the plugin, can’t activate the license get a license error message, also can’t download the sample pricing tables from your website


It was server related issue on retriving api access. Please try again. I think it would work fine now.


Hi, I have purchased the license. I’m already using the free version on my website. Which is the exact file which I need to update os that the existing data is not affected.


Migration of tables is not possible yet from free to pro version. it possibly be on next version.

I activated license on staging site that is now non-existent and now I can’t activate it on live site. Please help.

i think your request is already taken care of.

Hi, is it possible to have different button-links for monthly and yearly options? Or does only the price change?

Yes. you certainly can do it. set different link for monthly and yearly.

Is it possible for me to create a table with drop down prices like this ? https://www.webafrica.co.za/lte/

sorry. dropdown in pricing table is not yet possible in arprice.


simonmc Purchased

How do you align the text in tooltips and format into paragraphs? The default is all the text squashed together centered. I would like to right align the text and split it into paragraphs.


kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk to get technical assistance.



simonmc Purchased

Why do I need to open a ticket to ask the question why are there no tooltips for mobile view?

Well, because that is how our system is. support staff need to check about your request, to see whether its some issue or something else.

any kind of after sales supports can be assisted through support ticket.

hope you will cooperate.

Im getting the following issue when trying to reactivate my plugin:

Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/reputein/public_html/tf/plugins/arprice/verify/lic_act_with_resp.php on line 77

Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/reputein/public_html/tf/plugins/arprice/verify/lic_act_with_resp.php on line 90 1

Plus, the download free samples page is unavailable…

Any ideas?