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Hi again,

Can I make overline price for sale? old price – new price etc.

yes i think you can use strike tag and easily achieve it. please open support ticket for detailed assistance.

hI… how i can remove the ribbon? please. Thank you

kindly open support ticket for technical assistance.

As soon as i updated your latest version 2.5.4 it created trouble. Can you send me earlier version?

Downgrade is not advisable at all.

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. it is not clear which files to upload

WHich file is the download package? Click on choose file and browse the download package from CodeCanyon. When the plugin uploads successfully, click on Activate Plugin.

ive sorted it Plugin works fine thankyou!

Where do we find the purchase number for activation?

Also, is it possibly activate the product on a subdomain demo site, as well as the live site?

you can find purchase code on your download page. click on download button beside armember in list and it will give you option to download purchase code. let me know if you still have difficulty in finding purchase code.

And one license can be activated only in one installation.


i can not activate my plugin it will read fatal error please address this

website: email:

i can send you my user/pass when you email me back

Please open support ticket at our helpdesk. Our technical support staff will assist you.


Can I set up a switch for monthly/quartal/yearly price and under that a switch for the curency Chf/Eur/Usd at the same table ?

No, only one level of switch you can put. its not possible to put two switches.

But may be you can achieve it. If you can use your own tabs control of your page builder(i assume you have page builder).

Then what you can do is, put 3 tabs and create 3 pricing table each with toggle switch for currency and then put shortcodes of all 3 tables relatvely in those tabs then i think what you are asking can be achieved.

so, if that works for you then you may proceed and buy it :)

Just a little feedback on this…I love the design elements. The tables look great and work great. Only frustrating part is the clicking on things to get them to work, esp. the features area. It’s driving me crazy. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to how many clicks and what each does, but several times I’ve given up and started looking at other options as it’s just too frustrating. Even just trying to replace the icons. I have the edit screen up but when I try to navigate down to get to the font size, the box disappears. Any time you move the cursor away to scroll down the page, you lose the edit box. Any suggestions for making this easier?



thanks for your valuable feedback. I appreciate that you spent your time to write suggestions.

will make notes on your suggestions and will make improvements.


jacek2v Purchased


Is the plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.7.1 ?


Yes definitely compatible with WordPress 4.7.1

Hi we’re looking for a pricing table like Sample 29, but we’d need more columns, does your plugin allow for any amount of columns?

Yes, there is no column limit in any template.

Hi, I am looking forward to purchase your plugin and need more details.

-Can apply to it my custom design? -Is it possible to add a short-code to the pricing table? -Does it support RTL?

in demo certain features are restricted. how could you install woocommerce ni our demo??


riverblue Purchased

did not install, was wondering if its possible to test the code in the demo. Will soon buy the plugin and hope it works out.

yes will work. :)

Hi. My customers license just expired few days ago, before we started the implementation. I hope though you will be kind and tell me what code to use for “add to basket”. I want to use these as “products” that can be purchased.



Hello, yes, you can put your own embed button from woocommerce if you want. should not be problem. for any support question please get support extension and communicate through that user id. here in your id it shows you never purchased. And no offense but we can not entertain people who are somehow using arprice without buying license.

Thanks. I am not looking to be entertained, but as you know, Codecanyon is so terribly outdated, that you cannot transfer licenses to other accounts. I, as a developer, need to transfer the licenses to the customer (if they dont have a support agreement), and as so, I need every customer to create their own account and buy the plug-ins. And if I don’t have access, I am screwed. But I am meeting the customer tomorrow where we will get it sorted. Thanks.

ah okay. now i got it.

Oh, and also: Why is the gap between arprice-in widget area more than double of the other widgets? Pls have a wee look


lync0056 Purchased

Excellent plugin. Exactly what I was after. Quick addition I thought I’d ask, as I am out of ideas. I need to be able to trigger a modal on some text inside a price table. Do you know of a plugin I could use or a way this might be possible? Thanks, Cameron.


lync0056 Purchased

Tooltips. You already have this feature. I missed it. Great plugin. Thank you!

glad you could sort out by your own. for any further help plz ask at our helpdesk. we are happy to help you.


how can i change the paddings of the head, cause it’s to much for me?

thank you for helping!


please communicate from user account through which you have bought and if you dont have valid license then kindly get one.


lync0056 Purchased

Hi, your support website has been down for sometime and have not been able to lodge a ticket.

I would like assistance with the pricing table being mobile responsive. Is it possible to do what these 2 example links below are doing? Essentially when mobile view is loaded it drops the details/list view, and inserts the text inside the pricing columns.




support website is working perfectly fine and in last two hours since you left message there are couple of new tickets been opened.

so, something could be your case specific. Please contact me using our profile page of codecanyon and will be able to further assist you.


Hi, the price does not diplay correct- pleas take a look on my sreenshot – maybe its posible to change the padding of the headline – how can i fix it?

Thank you for helping!

i cant see you have bought license or arprice.

i’ll try the free version first – to check how it works – so is it fixable or not?

yes its fixable but wont be able to provide any support here, you may raise query at if u r using free version.

You ought to know that your plug-in conflicts with the most used and downloaded caching plug-in WP FASTEST CACHE (WPFC). The ajax(?) page overlay when WPFC is loading is stuck, when your plug-in is active…

thanks for the letting us know but we usually test with all popular caching plugin. still will check with wpfc and if some issue found then will be fixed in next release.


amir_dpr Purchased

Hi, this is an awesome plugin. One question: can I add the yearly/monthly toggle to all types of table (like sample 66)?


yes you can put toggle button on any template.


amir_dpr Purchased

Awesome. Thanks!

u welcome :)

WOW! Now I also noticed that your plug-in not only interferes with WP Fast Cache but also even with Visual Composer (!). When ARPRICE is enabled, the role managing of Visual Composer is overruled, and I am only able to use “PAGES” as a post-role. But with ARPRICE off, I can use all roles on all post-types. Why on earth your plug-in should also interfere with VC’s role-capability, I dont know. I only know that you probably refer to support-period and jallajallahjalla. I am 1 sec away from giving this plug-in a 1 star. My deadline to delivery is tomorrow. I have spent HOURS on setting up the payment schemes, and now it seems like I have to completely forget about using ARPRICE, as it screws up all of the widely used plug-ins…. :(


As most of the theme in market comes with Visual Composer so, if arprice would not work with Visual Composer then i don’t think it would go this far. if you consider that common sense then you would try looking at actual problem. it could be from any other plugin as well.

Further more as you don’t have bought any license personally so, i don’t think i should entertain you any further. i tried to be nice with you even after you didn’t bought license and you said about your trouble of license transfer but now the way you are demanding support on gun point like you would leave 1 star if we don’t do xyz thing is never going to be possible.

so, if you need our assistance then kindly buy plugin first and then open support ticket and we will try our best to assist you by following envato support guidelines.