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Uff, the “plus” for the submenus is simple “hardcoded”?

How can i ad an image by css?

If we use different fonts as in the demo-files, the ”+” doesnt stay “on the same line”...

Hi, ’+’ must stand, which you used font? Best to add font-family in ’.menu ul ul li span’ on line 115, some common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac. If you want a picture, contact me by email and I will send you code.

If something is not clear feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help.

thank you for “plus via picture+css” example. It work, but have also this strange [span] markup on subs and mainlinks have also hardcoded ”+”..

I deleted all hardcoded span and plus and use now only one jquery line

$(" li:has(ul) > a").addClass("hasSub");

.menu ul li a.hasSub { background:transparent url(”../images/navbar_arrow.png”) center right no-repeat; /* call plus image / }

.menu ul li:hover a.hasSub { background:#09F url(”../images/navbar_arrow.png”) center right no-repeat;/ call plus image */ }

Thank you for your purchase. I’m glad you found the solution that best suits you.

I tried several paid or not dropdown menu but as far as I am concerned “Argus – Dropdown Menu” was the one which suited my needs best. It was easy to understand and set up, it didn’t interfere with other css I had.

Thank you for the positive comment.

Love this menu, but I have one issue. My drop-down menus are hidden behind other content on my page. Is there an easy way to fix this?


Hi, add ‘z-index:10’ in menu ul ul{}. If it does not work give me the address of your website, I’ll see what’s wrong.

Hi, is the menu Touch optimized, iphone and ipad?

Thanks Dani

brilliant work, thanks.

Thank you.

I just found out that in normal state ul dropdowns are not really hidden (you use opacity and visibility, that’s why) which produces an overflow more or less important depending on how is structured the menu. Here is a quick workaround to make everything fit:
.menu ul ul, .menu ul ul ul {display: none;}
.menu ul li:hover > ul, .menu ul ul li:hover > ul ul {    display: block;}
It won’t prevent the submenus from flying out the screen on hover states, but at least, it fits by default.

If you do that animation will not work…

Hi, i bought this and it works perfectly, however the dropdown menu’s do not dropdown when viewing on iphone or iPad?

Give me address of your site or send me your custom code…

do you have skype id rather keep the url private

How I can disable the rotatio detection so the menu not change to mobile mode?

See help files, where I explained everything…


is this menu Touch optimized for ipad? i mean the toggle from the Main Structur of my navigation. thanks

Hi, not fully.

Hi, do submenus use a separate class designation? I’m using BusinessCatalyst, and it does not really allow much control of the dynamic menu system, although it will accept CSS only menus, but you can’t easily assign classes to submenus… Also, what do you mean when you say it is partially touch sensitive for iPad? If an iPad user can’t navigate to sub menus, how does it work, or doesn’t it?

Hi. No, submenu does not use class.
1024×768 = User can’t navigate to submenus.
768×1024 = User can navigate to submenus.

I assume you mean that in the larger screens, you can’t navigate by touch? But you can with a mouse? How does this work on Windows 8 pads ?

1) You can navigate, but only on main links.
2) Yes, with the mouse everything works as it should.
3) I do not know

I need this to be dropup (fixed bottom )

and I need 1 submenu level. and plain white. I am having trouble achieving this with bootstrap so I would be more than happy to buy and rate 5 stars if you can do this.


Buy the menu, contact me via email and I’ll send you a modified version…