Discussion on ARCHITECTURAL ~ Multipage theme + Admin Panel

Discussion on ARCHITECTURAL ~ Multipage theme + Admin Panel

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this one give me a lot of headache after everything is ok i have error 404 so , I can’t go through to setup my account , i think for money back

Hello georgemarola. We’ll help you with the installation. Just send us your FTP credentials and cpanel access to our email and we’ll make sure to install it for you.

Best regards.

thank you so much very accurate support , i highly recommended

Thank you so much for your patience georgemarola. We hope our script can help you for the future!

Best regards.

I like your script idea. I want to use this scripts for my service website that hosted on WordPress. You can check here the website detail.

Hello herisi3.

Thank you for your interest in our script, but it isn’t wordpress. This is only a PHP script with database. If you are searching for wordpress theme, this is not proper for that.

Best regards.

Installation completed but when i click to Go back to login area, it’s said 404 Not found :(

Hello nb6789.

First of all, thank you so much for your purchase of our script. Relative to that issue we can help you. Just send us your website link where you have your script installed, and your FTP access so we can have a look on it and see what is happening with the installation. You can send us an email with that information to and we’ll help you from there, or you can register on our support forum at

Best regards.

Thank you very much. Honestly you guys are the best and i love this script

Thank you xtrabevvy.

If you still have any question don’t hesitate and contact us.

Best regards.

I purchased your script and i have been trying to install it. Now it tells me to select language and after selecting language it does not install. this is my link and i have created a data base already. why would you make your installation complicated and yet no tutorial video

You need to access from here: You won’t regret from your purchase! Sometimes there are some servers incompatibilities, and this is why we are here for. We would prefer you, to register our support forum, but if you don’t want, there is no problem also, and we can help you through email :)

I tried registering but it is not going. Please give me a direct email if you want to help. That is what other authors do

If you registered our support forum, you might be able to have received an email confirmation where you need to add your password. Check your junk folder. Either way, we sent you an email. You can reply us from there.

Best regards.

admin logo in credentials are not working

Hello dstrykr.

Thnak you for your visit on our script. We’ve managed to fix that. You can visit it right now.

Best regards.

Hello, I want to check the demo but admin demo access is not possible. Thanks

Hi diorbe.

We’ve fixed that. You can access through here: Frontend: Backoffice: Login: admin Password: admin

Best regards.

Thanks for your quick answer and attention guys! Muito obrigado!

Obrigado nós pelo seu interesse amigo diorbe ;) Espero que goste do nosso script!

Hi what about installations? and how can i see website dashboard? admin/admin can not logine

Yes, you will be having the same preview as ours, except the images, that aren’t provided on the sell version. So you’ll need to replace with your own. But it’s very easy to replace them. We use images from

how to create sub-menu for each page?

Unfortunalety it isn’t possible for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi there, I have send a message several days ago, are you supporting your clients please reply to my request

Hi XemVato.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We probably read the email from phone, and then, we’ve forgot to reply. The word to access your backend panel, is backoffice. We have this on our product description, and test preview. But we are really sorry for the late reply.

Best regards.

Hello, there are several errors, bugs and improvements to do in your script:

Error while trying to change which pages are showed. (no way to change)

Error with web elements (which elements showed) , It doesn’t change,(no way to change)

Error with every change (It always ask for “resend form” and after that, blank page is showed

Installation is a dusty way, many things to do before you can got it.

There is no way to add web elements to a Custom pages

Hello Callehost.

“Error with web elements (which elements showed) , It doesn’t change,(no way to change)” -> We’ve fixed issues concerning the website elements on homepage, and added new line into database for table creation and content information about partners section.

“Error while trying to change which pages are showed. (no way to change)” -> We couldn’t find any issue there.

“Error with every change (It always ask for “resend form” and after that, blank page is showed” -> We need to try this on your installation as it is not happening on our server.

“Installation is a dusty way, many things to do before you can got it.” -> What do you mean with this? Did you have some issues with the installation?

“There is no way to add web elements to a Custom pages” -> Relative to this, it isn’t possible to do this by now, but we’ll try to see if it is possible for the future.


I just installed new version, btu still same errors, please try to fix from your side, I just will try with another CMS until errors will fixed.

Can you send us the link on your server so we can try it, and see what is happening? It’s like we updated the issue concerning the display for the homepage, so we don’t understand what might be happening.

Best regards.

same here, waiting for SEO friendly URL and structured data page for blog post’s

Hi inga78. Thank you for your interest in our work. We are working on those features, and we’ll try to have this fixed in the next script update.

Best regards.

Hi, looks cool. Soon going to purchase it if you can make SEO friendly URL.


Hi Desk87. Thank you for your interest in our work. We are working on that feature.

Best regards.

Admin login does not work.

Your blog would be nicer if the preview image also displayed in the article itself

Hi webmercials,

Thank you for your visit on our script, and for letting us know about the issue about the backoffice. Relative to your request, this can be made easily, but we can add it also as future update :)

Best regards.

Hi, Sorry I accidentally caused admin login on demo to stop working, I was testing around and saw that backup and restore buttons worked but then after restore it caused login to no longer work on details you wrote. You might wanna replace function on that and make pop up box to say “This feature has been disabled in demo mode” that way problems lik this won’t happen. again I’m really sorry for causing login to break.

Hi jakesully.

Thank you for warning us on that. We’ll do that for sure ;) Well, thank you for the visit on our work, and we hope you enjoyed it.

Best regards. may want to consider SEO friendly urls somehow

Thank you for that tip. We want to improve that feature asap. Best regards.

really good work, fantastic ! i wish you all the best for sales and a nice weekend ;) :)

Hi EricProchnow. Thank you so much for your support on our work! We wish you also a nice weekend ;)

Amazing Work! Congratulations! Nice Work & Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks ;)

Nice work gud luck

Thanks ;)


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