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Hi, the game is addictive but the score is counting the wrong way. It counts the shots but not the wins. :) And sometimes it counts double for a single shot (like it was 10 and after the successful 1 shot, it displays 12).

Yes, you are right. I will fix that. Thank you for pointing that out! :)

Got fixed, update incoming.

Hello, your game is really nice but still has bugs.
1. Once game started, if you click in any spot on the screen the archer starts spinning and arrows starting multiply itself.
2. Also there is some bug with arrows – it is appearing randomly near the archer.
3. It shows Best score 151, while that score never reached.
4. And also when new game just started it shows 1 victory without actually win.

Will check that out. Thanks for the list.


Fixed Bugs

- Spinning arround randomly - Points Counter - Arrow pop in’s


I keep getting this error when I am trying to open the source file. It says Unable to load plugin , This project you are opening uses addons that are not installed Behavior ‘Chipmunk’ by ROJOhound

Please install missing plugins. Note projects can be opened with effects missing but not with plugins or behaviors missing. I downloaded many behaviors that are Chipmunk but none of them are fixing the problem. Without it I can’t open the source file.

DO you have any suggestions? please help

Hello,you have to get this file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5426011/plugins/chipmunk/rojoChipmunk2.3a.zip

put the folder under /contruct2/exporters/html5/plugins and it should work. Thanks for buying.

Hello author, are you going to fix the listed above bugs? I’ve mentioned the bug list 5 days ago but all those bugs remains untouched in your demo…

Sorry, the holiday season is very busy. Will get into it tomorrow.


Fixed Bugs

- Spinning arround randomly - Points Counter - Arrow pop in’s

Hello author, great to see those bugs has been fixed but new bug comes up. When you click to share your score on twitter or fb it shares the old value… not the current one. And I assume it supposed to share the link back to the game, not just ”#Archery” word. :)

Hi UncertainStudio! WOW, your game after the fixes became AWESOME! Just a couple questions:
- When an arrow hit the head, can you please add some popup “Head Shot” which will appear for 2 seconds and will add double points to the archer?
- Can you add some server side storage of Leader’s board to the game? Or may be the Instructions on How to integrate Google Play’s Leaders board to your game?

The competition for the first place will force users to be a crazy players :D

Also if you would add AdMob’s Ad Removal feature, I would get Extended License for your game!

Thank you for your suggestions. As I was making the game I have thought about a “Head Shot” message, but I wasn’t sure if it is ok for a young audience. I will finish the next game and look what I can do with your suggestions.

Hello author, any news about new bug fixes? @greatstuff, nice ideas with “Head Shot” feature and Leader board!

Hello author, as you didn’t reply on my comment above, let me post it again:

Great to see those bugs has been fixed but new issue comes up. When you click to share your score on twitter or fb it shares the old value… not the current one. And I assume it supposed to share the link back to the game, not just ”#Archery” word.

And as you have replied to @greatstuff about “Head Shot” feature – I’m wondering what is the problem for the youth audience concerning this feature? If you look the archery games on Google Play Market – mostly all of them having this feature along with Leaders board! So I assume @greatstuff has a good suggestions for adding those features to your game!

-Update 3

-Added Headshot text -fixed score on share buttons

All features have to be consistent on various platforms – this is not possible with a leaderboard feature. This needs to be implemented by the buyer himself. If you know a good solution which works on google play, ios app store, html5 mobile and desktop I would be happy to implement it.

A link in the share feature can lead to the same problems as the leaderboard. If you want this feature I can do this as custom work.

Thanks for your patience and suggestions.

Thank you for your fast fixes! Looks great indeed! Headshot notification looking good but it doesn’t have any bonus. Would be good to have double points on Headshot to stimulate aiming to the head at first :) Regarding the Leaderboard – is it possible to make it using php/mysql? And in case of using PHP will it be possible to have access to the server from the app after compilation to mobile app?

Hi UncertainStudio! Really nice improvements and bugs fixes! @Benjamin, thanks for pointing out to the bugs and you have a nice idea about PHP implementation for Leader’s board and really makes sense to do a “Head Shot” feature with double points bonuses.
And @UncertainStudio, do you think you can implement AdMob’s Ad Removal feature in your game? I mean, user/player should to pay to remove the ads))

Hi UncertainStudio! Happy New Year! Do you have any ETA for the update with those suggestions above?

Hello, I’m interested to buy the Extended license but can you please add bonus for Head shot and Best score with php and mysql? Also ad removal feature sounds really good, can it be done?

Hi, İ cant add admob plugin for intel sdk please help me

Hello. I evaluated this game after purchase. Will I win the other game?

Yes, write me an email so I can send it to you.

Ok. What is your email?

If i buy the game would you help me to export to Xcode ?