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Great game :D would be even better if you were to include a high score page with username input. This was users can leave their names and high scores for others to see.

Thank you! :) I designed this game to be a very tiny casual game, I don’t think I will be adding high scores, but thanks for the suggestion. Maybe for my next game. :)

The game gets boring after playing it for 1 minute because the didficulty does not increase. Can you change the difficulty?

Hi. Thanks for the input. I will consider making additions to game mechanics in the update.

Is this a C2 game?

Hi, no, just plain JavaScript.

Hello, Can we increase the resolution of the game? Also, can we increase the number of frames per animation and rearrange the sprites? Pls let me know.

Hi. The resolution of the game is going to be hard to change because everything in the game is fixed around it. Possible, but hard. The animations can be configured quite easily through the code (from line 911 onward). You can mail me and I will be glad to help you with this.

ok sure, I will mail you the requirements.

Great game ( 5 Stars ) and even better support! Thank you.


Thanks a lot!

da pra instalar dentro do meu site wordpress?

Heyi. I’m not sure but you could try embedding it in the iframe with a WP iframe plugin.