Apposys & Appointment Management System

Apposys & Appointment Management System

Application Overview AppoSYS is Appointment Management System. complete solution for All Business To Get Appointment. This CMS Includes almost everything needed in a Appointment Management system. We Provide Front Webpage (complete Dynamic Managed by CMS).We made this fully responsive.We use CodeIgniter as a framework.its very easy to changes. This Appointment Management System allows User appointment to business services trough webpage or embed frame which include.Do not have to confirm appointments. Customers like to book by themselves at any time. admin can observe or Management User appointment as per customized date & time. Main Features of Apposys is Calendar Management,Appointment Reminders,Multi-Location,Online Scheduling,Reservations,Online Booking,Client Management. Appointment Management System
Appo Features :

1. Appointment schedules trough calendar

a. Choose Calendar Date
b. Choose time set event
c. Quick Add Appointment schedules
d. Quick Service Add

2. Easy Book Appointment

a. Choose Calendar
b. Choose time and date
c. Quick add Appointment
d. Quick Delete & Modification on Date & timing

3. Appointment Booked Listing

a. Check Booking
b. Check booking time and date
c. Client add Appointment

4. Appointment Client

a. Choose Calendar
b. Choose time and date
c. Quick add Appointment
d. Quick Mail For Client & Admin

5. Appointment Report

a. Check Daily , Montly , Yearly , or Between Date Report
b. Create Schedules Pdf
c. Quick Report click and Get Detail

6. Appointment Webpage

a. Manage Your webpage (complete Dynamic)
b. Add Logo,Business Detail, Person Detail
c. Share your Business Page via Social link
d. share your social link
e. Add Unlimited photo of your business
f. set your Time & availability

7. Web Configuration

8. Appointment Services

a. Add Service Name and Description
b. Delete & update Services

9. Mail Services

Demo Link: Front Site Admin Site

Username: admin

Password: admin

a. Manage SMTP Server Setting