Discussion on Anypage SEO Admin

Discussion on Anypage SEO Admin

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hello, I don’t quite understand what your system is for, although the idea of the text seems interesting to me, I can’t find where to log in for the administrator to better understand the purpose of the system, what would be the correct link? since the informed does not have any access form!


The link is and the login info: Username: admin Password: pass

hi does this product come with spaces were i can place adverts

Hi Yeyiwe,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t.

Do you have tool something like this ? Check this link : Thanks.


Unfortunately, no, we don’t have anything like that.

Hello, does this script work with Wordpress and with Woocommerce?

Hi Ciadosuplemento, Thank you for your interest. It is stand alone product and it is not working with Wordpress and with Woocommerce.

I asked question a week ago..Plz help me.

Hi Heeya,

Please use support ticketing system for any support requests –

Hello? I asked question.

Hi Heeya,

Please use support ticketing system for any support requests –

Hello, I like your awesome product. So, I bought. But there is a problem.

Our country uses Korean, but your product does not support my language I think.

Just print ???. I thought this problem is UTF 8, but it’s not. Plz, help.

My site: and an ID and Password is original by you. I’ll change you check my site for support.

Plz, help me

Hi Heeya,

Please use support ticketing system for any support requests –

Hi seobatam,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, no, there is no update pending at this time.

Support takes time :(

Hi Machan88,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We reply to each and every support request on our forum within 2 business days.

Hi, i ask you in your support forum, but i hasn’t get any answer, can you help me?? i need the seo in a page whitouth extension .php..html, my URLs are dynamics. i try to see your code, but in your function getFileInfo() calls a table Files, and that is not created by you in install.php.please help me.


Hi Rick,

We’ve replied to your support forum post.

1) If I have 2,3,4 … name.php files, but they are in different folders.

2) Make the same keywords for 2,3,4 … files. For example, audi_1.php, audi_2.php, audi_3.php

How to do?

Thank you for purchasing Olegod2,

Please use support forum for any support related inquiry –

I asked a question on the forum. So what? 8:00 elapsed, the answer is no. Where is the support?

Hi Olegod2,

As per our support policy – we provide support within 24-48 hours (in some cases 72 hours, depending on the amount of requests in process), excluding weekends. We will get back to you within today.

Is this program still alive, supported, and updated?

I have to ask since there has not been a comment in a year.

Hi DeanoX,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

It is working product and is supported (as any other our product) by us. At the moment we don’t have update planned for this item, however, most likely we will get back to updates & features for it within second half of the 2015.

What do would I have to put in for the page name considering the articles i want to enter the metadata on are created with mysql therefor I cant name them like you have the examples.

Here is the URL to one of my articles:

In this case what would I need to put for the page name?

Hi Brandon1980,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please use support forum located at for any support related questions. One of the support members will be glad to assist you.

Will do: However I really wish codecaynon or themeforest for that matter would develop a forum for all the authors to provide support on because its gets very old for people like myself who buy so many products from themeforest to have to register on every single authors page to get support.

Hi question is there any way to validate that it;s working ?. also in admin it say; this should be name of php file of editable page, like index.php or about.php).. I using this for a HTML landing (squeeze) page there is no .php index .



Hi Big-Gazoo,

You can view the source code and if what you’ve entered in administration is the same what you see in meta data in the source code – it means it’s working.

HTML will not work, unless you will enable php processing in html pages ( )

We wanted to let everybody know that we are going on vacation and will not be available for any requests ( including support ) from September 16 to September 24. All requests will be taken care of as soon as we will be back. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi there, I havea quick question i already have a log in system how hard would it be to take out the one that is already in place with this script? I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards

Hi fromspace,

This is not a login system. I’m not sure we’re on the same page.

You can adjust the system to work as login system – however you will need some php/mysql skills.

Hello, i have a little feature requests, i would like to be able to select for each page if the page can be indexed by a bot or not. cause it’s automatically adds INDEX ,FOLLOW it to the meta header

Hi DeadLikeMe,

Thank you for purchasing our script, and thank you for your suggestion. We will add it to the requests list.

I have both version of php and mysql running on my server, but i cannot get this script to work. Created a databasewith a User and password. Modified dbconnect. When i upload and try to run, all i get is a blank page for install.php and an Invalid query: No database selected error for index.php. Any suggestion?

Hi yourthe1,

Thank you for purchasing our script.

If you get such error message – no database selected – it means that there is no connection to database, most likely you have something wrong in dbconnect.php (db settings are wrong). Double check your hostname, password, username, and db name.. When you run install.php – it has to show several lines of success messages – like “created table such and such”


I can not run “install.php” file( please help.

Thank you.

Please make sure that you have PHP5 and MySQL on your server. For further assistance you can contact us by email through den page. Thank you.

hi,a question

should I add any codes or change any codes into pages each time I change the seo keywords or title.? ot the codes inserts itself ?

You need to insert code only once per page. After that you will be able to edit title, description and keywords through admin panel


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