Anonymous Social Network Android App with PHP Backend | Complete App | Foxy

Anonymous Social Network Android App with PHP Backend | Complete App | Foxy

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Foxy is a new generation social app where the user can post Text/image/video like anonymous. Location-based anonymous social network. Another user will not get who posted the images or text.

Key Features:

1) Flat Material Design
2) Image Compression while uploading to server
3) Video Compression while uploading to server
4) Image Caching
5) Video Caching
6) In App Camera
7) Filters after clicking the image
8 ) Text addition on Image like Snapchat & Instagram
9) Post Sharing with screenshot of the post
10) Sweet little Animations

Project Requirements:

1) Android Studio Version 2.0+
2) Minimum Gradle Version 2.3.3
3) Minimum SDK Version 15
4) Compile SDK Version 25

Changelog & Update History

Version 1.1
23 December 2017

New: FCM Integration
Fix: optimised API integration
New: Code Refracting
New: Library versions updated
Fix: minor bug fixes
New: Profile page UI Changes

Version 1.2
10 January 2018

New: Post Progress bar while uploading post 
New: Multidex Support
New: Major overhaul in accordance to UI and APIs Optimisations

Version 1.2.1
18 January 2018

Fix: Various Bug fixes
Fix: Resources Cleanup

Version 1.2.2
30 January 2018

Fix: Notifications improvements 
Fix: Post Detail page improvements

Version 1.2.3
14 February 2018

New: New fast filters

Version 1.3
12 March 2018

New: Auth Library Update.

Version 1.3.1
09 May 2018

Fix: Various Bug Fixes.
Fix: Crash fixes reported on Google Play Store. 

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