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Anonymous Social Network Android App| Laravel PHP Backend | Anonymous Complete App | Foxy

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Foxy is a new generation social app where the user can post Text/image/video anonymously. Location-based anonymous social network. Another user will not get who posted the images or text. Foxy is a full app with a backend that can be used as an android social network app, anonymous android app, anonymous app, app like Instagram, camera app, complete app, Instagram clone, mystery post app, social app, social network android app, unknown post app, etc.

Foxy is a social media app template with 15+ screens.

List of Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Sign In Screen
  • Number Confirmation Screen
  • OTP Verification Screen
  • Gender Selection Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Add Comments Screen
  • Post Screen
  • Activity Screen
  • Setting Screen
  • Notification Screen
  • Select option Screen
  • No connection found Screen
  • Add post Screen
  • Image Screen
  • Push Notification Screen
  • Setting Screen

  • Changelog & Update History

    Version 5.2
    20 September 2023

    Update: Some color improvements
    Update: Modernized splash screen
    Update: Improved icon visibility
    Update: Improved Multi-Language Support.

    Version 5.1
    7 April 2023

    Update: Resolved UI responsiveness issues.
    Update: Other improvements and bug fixes.
    Update: Product Description update
    Update: Minor update
    Update: Improve UI / UX
    Update: Add Sentences to translation files.

    Version 5.0
    29 March 20223

    Update: Languages added
    Update: UI Improvement
    Update: Bug fixes

    Version 4.5
    2 November 2022

    Update: Responsiveness improve
    Update: Smooth scrolling fixes

    Version 4.4
    19 July 2022

    Fix: Gender selection bug
    Fix: Login state maintain bug
    Fix: Other Minor bug fixes
    Fix: RTL fixes
    Fix: UI Fixes
    Fix: Post detail page
    Update: Languages added
    Update: Placeholders added in my posts tab
    Update: Placeholders added in my activity tab
    Update: Placeholders added notifications
    Update: Android 13 support
    Update: Documentation update
    New:  Upload from Gallery support added

    Version 4.3
    11 March 2022

    New: Lamba expressions adoption
    Update: Android 13 support added
    Update: Dependencies update
    Update: Languages update
    Fix: Deprecated camera usage
    Fix: Image picker fix for Android 11
    Fix: Like and dislike Notification Settings
    Fix: Other minor bug

    Version 4.2
    2 August 2021

    Update: OTP screen added
    Update: Responsiveness improve

    Version 4.1
    2 January 2021

    Update: New screen added
    Update: Image improvements

    Version 4.0
    25 July 2020

    New: Bengali Language Added
    New: Persian Language Added
    New: Finnish Language Added
    New: Gujrati Language Added
    New: Hindi Language Added
    New: Marathi Language Added
    New: Tamil Language Added
    New: Telugu Language Added
    New: Turkish Language Added
    New: Urdu Language Added
    New: Chinese Language Added
    Update: Crashlytics integration
    Fix: Swipe refresh color fix
    Fix: Profile post refresh Bug
    Fix: Possible NPE fixes
    Update: Configraluable AdMob
    Update: Ads in List view Improved
    Update: Image Loading Improvements

    Version 4.0
    23 June 2020

    New: German Language Added
    New: Italian Language Added
    New: Russian Language Added
    New: Swedish Language Added
    New: Uzbek Language Added
    New: Hebrew Language Added
    New: Dutch Language Added
    New: Irish Language Added
    New: Swedish Language Added
    New: Norwegian Language Added
    New: Thai Language Added

    Version 3.0
    28 April 2020

    Update: Android 11 Compatiblity
    Fix: Comment Like/Dislike Bug Fix
    Fix: Name Hide in Feeds. 

    Version 2.3
    28 April 2020

    Fix: Android 10 Permision issue Fix

    Version 2.2
    20 April 2020

    Update: Backend Bug Fixes 

    Version 2.2
    20 April 2020

    Update: Backend Bug Fixes 

    Version 2.1
    18 April 2020

    New: Multilingual Feature
    New: RTL Implemented 
    New: HTTPS support added
    New: Arabic language added
    New: French language added
    New: Indonesian language added 
    New: Portuguese language added
    New: Spanish language added
    Update: UI optimisations
    Update: Other Bug Fixes 

    Version 2.0
    03 April 2020

    New: Firebase crashanalytics Integration
    New: Firebase Dynamic links for deep linking
    Update: Splash Improvements
    Update: Base URL update
    Update: Build tools update
    Update: Google services update
    Update: Android X adaptation
    Update: minSdkVersion 19, targetSdkVersion 29
    Update: Image compressor update
    Update: Unused permissions removed from manifest
    Update: UI fixes and optimisations
    Update: Major string extraction for translation
    Update: App configurable from app level build.gradle
    Update: Notifications tab UI improvements
    Update: App colours Unified
    Update: Invite friends Dynamics
    Update: Libraries Update
    Update: Login page UI/UX Improvements

    Version 1.7
    27 December 2019

    Update: Smooth scrolling fixes
    Update: Login flow improved
    Update: Color theme improve

    Version 1.6
    10 June 2019

    Update: Other minor bug fixes
    Update: Responsiveness improve

    Version 1.5
    18 November 2018 /em>

    Update: Coding structure improve
    Update: Image improvements

    Version 1.4
    09 May 2018

    Fix: Various Bug Fixes.
    Fix: Crash fixes reported on Google Play Store. 

    Version 1.3
    12 March 2018

    New: Auth Library Update.

    Version 1.2.3
    14 February 2018

    New: New fast filters

    Version 1.2.2
    30 January 2018

    Fix: Notifications improvements 
    Fix: Post Detail page improvements

    Version 1.2.1
    18 January 2018

    Fix: Various Bug fixes
    Fix: Resources Cleanup

    Version 1.2
    10 January 2018

    New: Post Progress bar while uploading post 
    New: Multidex Support
    New: Major overhaul in accordance with UI and APIs Optimisations

    Version 1.1
    23 December 2017

    New: FCM Integration
    Fix: optimised API integration
    New: Code Refracting
    New: Library versions updated
    Fix: minor bug fixes
    New: Profile page UI Changes

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