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Finally i cant do it… i need to reduce the size of round hotspot, i can do with css, but what i need is reduce jquery onmouseover size of hotspot (now, i have a hotspot of 2020, but it show tooltip in 4444 area… so it show tooltip even in “clear zones”. I suppose i have to change something in annotator-pro.js but what?? i have changed if (self.options.spot_circle) { self.options.spot_width = 44; self.options.spot_height = 44;

to 22 … without success.

Hi, I very interested on this jquery, but i have 2 question need to ask. Is it possible be fullscreen in begining? Is this jquery for wordpress or normal static html?


1. No, it doesn’t support start in fullscreen mode. 2. This is the HTML version, you can check out the WP version here:


Hi, love the product, so glad I found just what I needed! My only problem now is that I would prefer that scrolling be disabled just like user Yankee77 was interested in a few months back. I tried what both of you recommended: removing a few sections from the JS file, but no dice so far. Any help would be much appreciated!


Fortunately, there is now a checkbox for this, so no need to edit the JS :)

Set the max zoom to 1x, then uncheck “enable rubberbanding” and that will disable scrolling/zooming completely.


Great product, but, is there a way to have a non minimized version ? I would like to adapt some features.

Sorry… Didn’t notive the ‘uncompressed’ directory…. :)

Hey i sent an email and never go a response

Hi, I just searched my inbox, couldn’t find an email with your username. If you need support, please use the support site to submit a ticket at

how can I make the tooltip clickable instate of showing me the title and some text ?


Sorry but the plugin doesn’t support that. :(

I asked as general, for example if you created a plugin do that ? or if you don’t mind to guide me with suitable one there in the market.

I’m not aware of other plugins that can do that, but I’m planning to add this feature to this plugin and to Hotspot Map in the coming months.

At least it seems properly responsive now at a first glance :)

I bought your hotspot map plugin ages ago and support was very-very slow, almost nonexistent, I practically had to re-write half of it. So I guess you concentrate on this now? (I used account: Flatlinezor)


Yes, now it’s responsive! :) About a year ago I had a full-time job, but now all my time is devoted to CodeCanyon and I usually respond to support requests within a day.

And about the hotspot map, I’m currently rewriting it from scratch to include a ton more options for customizability, including polygon shapes. It should be coming out within a month and it will be a free upgrade.

This plugin is designed to be an alternative to hotspot map, if you need to have zooming.


Is that possible to have a rotate fuction for each style, like rotating rectangular hot spot? Thanks


That isn’t supported, sorry :)

What about to have a rotate fuction for each style, like a rotated rectangular hot spot, once. ?.e like a sloped or a rotated rectangular say 10 degree to horizantal?


I just saw your other comment. Again – the plugin doesn’t have a control for rotation of the rectangles, but you can rotate them with a CSS transform.

Do you have a typical css for such a use , that i can try? Thanks

You can do something like:

.ndd-spot-rect { transform: rotateZ(20deg); }

Is there any method to get “Annotator Pro” as funcional background page?

I think I get it. Either way, please keep in mind that support doesn’t include customizations like that. If you have any other issues with the plugin though, I’m here to help!

Hi I have tried both “annotator Pro wp” and “Hotspot Map wp” with calculated field. Hot spot map fits well except the tooltips that does not popup so ? select “always visible” (First Five pictures) Annotator only fits to 1/4” display with tooltips broken . (Last picture) I know you do not support customizations. But may there may be a straight unanswer for “annotator” to behave similar to “hot spot I have the following on related html page [CP_CALCULATED_FIELDS id=”23”] [hsmap name=”atrium_1”] [hsmap name=”atrium_2”] [hsmap name=”atrium_3”] [hsmap name=”atrium_4”] [hsmap name=”atrium_5”] [annotator_pro name=”atrium-5”] I have the following HTML contend at calc fields varying 1 to 5 and (y)Party <SCRIPT> setTimeout(function(){ jQuery(’#myContainerx’).html(jQuery(’#firstParty’).html()); }, 5000); </SCRIPT> <style> .myclass{clear:both !important;} </style> Thanks

Please submit a ticket with a link where I can see the plugin not working properly (tooltips now showing). Maybe it’s a simple issue like a CSS conflict and I might be able to help.


Pre-Sales question are you able to put multiple instances on a single page?

Yes, you are.


Thanks again for the quick response, i was wondering how can i get the image to start at left 0 instead of center

Nevermind i found it, thanks

Cheers and happy holidays!

I would like to annotate a big image with many small objects. In the editor my picture has to small size, so its very difficult to hit the right place. Is it possible to view the image in the editor tab in its original size?



No, unfortunately the editor doesn’t have zooming. The only solution would be to make your browser window as big as possible.


When I increase the zoom in the web browser then the image gets bigger but it goes under the annotations and navigation tab and its not possible to annotate the bottom of the image

No, I meant resizing the browser window, not zooming it. Sorry that it’s a bit inconvenient for you :/

Hi, I interested in your plug in.

I tested on the mobile Samsung S6 Edge, the text on the anotation is very small, too small to be read. If you can fix it, this will be the best plug in for such purpose.

Also your better one is the Image Map Pro, have responsive issues on mobiles, can’t really used it properly on mobiles, otherwise your products are clealy the leader in this field.

I am waiting to see better mobile support and will buy without hestitation.

Thank you for your feedback!


I use frameset. On one page I have annotated image. When you make frame with image smaller, it will act strange. Image will no longer be able to be zoomed in.

You can give it a try.

Does it have something to do with annotator or frameset

Best Regards Marcin

Hi Marcin,

Have you tried without frames? That would be the easiest way to see if the problem is there.

Also, please submit a ticket at to continue our conversation there.



xonath Purchased

Is there a setting so that the editor can only use spots and not rectangles? I only want to allow images to have pins.


There isn’t such setting, you will have to modify the editor.


I’m trying to dynamically add, update or delete annotations on an existing annotatorPro instance. How do I do this?

Your answer: The documentation of the plugin is made for guiding the user through the process of using the plugin. It seems like what you want is a kind of modification of the plugin itself. Unfortunately we cannot help you in this case.

My answer: I’m sorry, but I do not accept this answer. I purchased this plugin, and I expected it to have the same level of access/functionality as other plugins I have used. For example, mCustomScrollbar by malihu has a way to update or modify the plugin once an instance is created. Note that the mCustomScrollbar plugin was free, while I paid fo rthe Annotator Pro plugin. As this plugin is not mature enough yet and I cannot do what I need to do with it, I cannot use it. How do I get my money back?

Please contact Envato for a refund and explain that I have authorized the refund and they should contact me if there is a problem.

Alternatively you can point them to this comment.

I’m sorry that the plugin didn’t meet your expectations, but bringing your issue to the comments doesn’t help anyone. Thank you for understanding.


Envato just contacted me, you should be receiving your refund soon.


Hi, tnx for making this! I would like to use the deeplinking but from a other html page. Is that possible?


I don’t think that’s possible, sorry. The plugin listens for the “click” event on the link so it can scroll to the image and show the annotation.



abhogan Purchased

Pre-purchase question: Does this support html within the annotations? It was greyed out on the editor demo so I couldn’t test it. I need each annotation to link to an external page. Thank you!

Yes, it supports HTML. You first need you click “HTML code” next to content type, and then the HTML field will become active. If you don’t need zooming in the image, I recommend taking a look at this plugin –



abhogan Purchased

I do need the zoom as well, so this is perfect. Thanks!

No problem :)

Hi! I love annotator pro and have used it on a couple of different sites now. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to let go of the mouse wheel on my current project. I want to use it on a full width image, but my browser gets stuck scrolling over it every time and I have to use the keyboard to get to the other side of the image.

I searched for the JS in your answer to Yankee77 and for the JS from his reply, but I didn’t find either. Then I tried the 1x zoom and disable rubberbanding suggestion you gave to ai11751. That disabled the zoom feature, but the page still gets stuck when I scroll over the image.

Any suggestions?

Here’s the first part of the code I get: $(”#the-img-tag”).annotatorPro({ frameWidth : 100%, maxZoom : 1, rubberband : false, annotations : [ {

I actually have to add quotes around 100% to get it to work, but I’ve tried the other items both with and without quotes, and it’s made no difference. I’m using the latest versions of chrome and firefox.

(FYI, I think the quotes on the 100% thing must be a bug from loading the code back into the editor, as it worked fine when I first created it)


If you want the plugin to be responsive, you must set “auto” for the “frameWidth” property, that is what the editor does internally if you check the “auto” checkbox next to the width input field.

To disable scrolling altogether, you can try commenting out lines 81-88 of annotator-pro.js. I haven’t actually tested this, but it should work.

If you have any other questions please send us a support ticket.