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hello! is it possible to ZOOM into a tooltip when I CLICK on it?

No, that’s not currently in the plugin.


and also – the image frame is responsive for mobile?

Yes, there is “auto width” option which makes the image fluid width.


I have some pre-sales questions. Here’s the scenario I’m trying to accommodate for:

1. Custom Posts will be uploaded to our site

2. Each Post will contain several image attachments and some text

3. Several reviewers will need to annotate each image by dragging their respective icon onto each image and adding text to their icons. The icon will act as an identifier for the author on each image.

4. The reviewers will need to do this from the Post interface (backend WP admin area)—not the media Library

5. After each reviewer has finished annotating the images on a post, they will save it and then all annotations (different icons and text annotations) will be visible on the front end of each post.

Is this possible with your plugin? I’m a developer, so I can customize if need. Thank You

Answered your email :)

hello – do you think the colored areas can be made to change color on HOVER?

Hi, please take a look at this product –

It can do what you requested.

is this possible to make annotation from different users (reviewers) on single pdf /image ?


yanchev Author Team


Unfortunately, I can’t understand clearly your question. Could you please, explain me in more details what you want to accomplish with the help of Annotator Pro?

I have seen similar plugins – which cannot preload the large images – the large image is loaded in the iframe first and then resized – I have images of size 7000 by 3500 pixels – can your plugin resize the images BEFORE loadign them into the image frame???

Annotator Pro can’t resize the images automatically. The image has to be resized according to your wishes before it to be uploaded to Annotator Pro.