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Well done looks really nice.

Just letting you know for some reason the animation leaves artifacts on the right hand side using Chrome or Safari on OSX .

Hi I’m glad you like it. I have uploading new source and remove bug. Sorry I error some dimensional parameters. I also added two new forms. I did the new upload now Thanks, Bye


good stuff !

But same as demon with FF on 7 .

Cheers, Fox

Same issues with Safari on Lion and iPad 2.

I have uploading new source and remove bug. Sorry I error some dimensional parameters. I also added two new forms. Thanks,

It’s possible to change the string “LIVE.JS” for any other word and maintain the appearance?


Yes is possible change LIVE .JS Search var string = “LIVE.JS”;

Doesn’t run on my IE9 , do ni need any plugin?

If i knew i could get it for free here:


I would not have spent 4$...

are not the same effects

is this supports Arabic or Persian ?

Congrats, good work !

I’d like to set the colors of the drops/particles to blacks/grays/whites… where do I change those parameters and how ? I’ll appreciate your answer,

Thanks swjiten, for modify the color need open example parallaxsoon3.js and inside find var colorRect = ‘rgba(255,255,255,’; var opacityRect = 0.2;

if you need help please do not hesitate to contact me Merry Christmas

I am afraid to say I do not find such a file name… “parallaxsoon3.js” is not within the files… please review and confirm that name… thanks,

Sorry swjiten i m no read good i think its the project background trip, so for the color it s variable and it s this part

material.color.setHSV(hue, 0.5, 1); hue += 0.001; if (hue>1) hue-=1;

It s inside the this function setTargetParticle


the font file is not support Chinese

try in this part to change the type the font

var string = “LIVE.JS”; var hash = document.location.hash.substr( 1 );

if ( hash.length !== 0 ) {
string = hash;
var text3d = new THREE.TextGeometry( string, {
size: 80,
height: 20,
curveSegments: 2,
font: "helvetiker"

can i change the text “live.js” into a logo image? and change the type into “fish” shape?

hi yes you can change here var string = “LIVE.JS”; and with button dowm you can change the type effect

Hi, was this created in adobe animate? if so, would it be possible get the file? Since I am working on a project in adobe animate and would like to integrate this animation…. thanks from Berlin!

Hi sorry for delay no this is created with threeJS

The engine can render using canvas, svg and WebGL.