Discussion on Animation CSS3 Effects Wordpress Plugin

Discussion on Animation CSS3 Effects Wordpress Plugin

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This plugin doesn’t work with Avada theme. I put in a support ticket 7 days ago, but it was closed without a reply, and the issue still exists. Would appreciate a reply and/or a refund. Thanks.


Your ticket requested a refund which is not manageable via support system. On this case, based on support policy, the ticket have been automatically closed. Your can proceed your refund request only on Envato market.

Indeed Team

Actually, I initially asked for help to get the plugin to work properly. But nobody replied. I have begun the refund process with ThemeForest. I might suggest that since Avada is ThemeForest’s most popular WordPress theme and your plugin doesn’t work with it, that you might mention that somewhere on your page to help other people avoid this issue.

Not working for me, WP 4.7.3


Please, fill out a Support request with your concern, providing necessary details to have a look from our side and the Support Team will come back to you.

Indeed Team

Need Support?

Just get in touch with our dedicated Support Team:

Hi there. I am looking to be able to trigger an element to animate when it enters the browser viewport (in this case when a user scrolls down the page to show the element) – is this possible ? thanks


I was wondering if the effects could activate when scrolling down to the section where the text or image with the animation is?

In other words: When I load a page and then scroll down, the effects should only activate when the elements become visible.



Hi Wolf,

The Plugin has this option implemented and it works but it strongly depends of your theme used on WP.

Thanks, Indeed


Is it possible to animate the logo with this plugin?

Thank you

Hi Tunik,

You are able to animate anything which is part of a Content Page. But if your Logo is part of the Theme structure, it is not possible (at least not from the dashboard section).

Thanks, Indeed

It is nice plugin, However it broke my website framework CSS, I think your plugin use most common CSS color tag. Here is sample image

Thank you

Thanks, maxsg! :)

May I know are you plan to implementing scroll feature in future updates ?

Hi rmaxsg,

Are you asking to start the Animation based on Scroll position?

Thanks, Indeed


I am interested in buying this. I use Velocity page plugin to build my sites.

Please check here

Would this be compatible with this?

Thanks for your time!


Hi Matt,

We don’t know that Page Builder plugin but usually should not be any problem to use the Animation Plugin on the same time. Still, We don’t know that plugin to guarantee how that plugin works.

Thanks, Indeed

Hello, I purchased this plug in yesterday and I have a question regarding it:

I made a series of buttons and want to use the “Tada” animation on “Over” for each. This works great but it seems as though after the animation is played there is a delay in the time it takes to re-fire. Is there away to reduce this delay?


Launching multiple animations on the same time, it request some time to get done an animation and to starting again. Is recommended to not set a huge no of animation on the same place. Still, please, share with us via the support system where we can take a look for a short testing purpose.

Thanks, Indeed

This plugin looks like something that I would VERY much like to use.

I use OptimizePress 2 for our theme and site editor…. is it possible to use this plugin with that via any shortcodes generated?

The wysiwyg where the “e” would be found will not appear on any pages that are created with OP2 (OP2 is responsible for our page’s consistent layout, header, footer, and much more)

So, basicaly…. are there shortcodes, or does it require that I use the wysiwyg found by using standard WP themes?

Hi Thelionsdentrading,

The plugin, basically works with shortcodes. The additional button from the WP Editor just help you to set and build the proper shortcode in a clickable way. So, if you copy the shortcode into the content without using the additional button will work.

Thanks, Indeed

Very nice plugin, I have some pre purchase questions though. I would like to have images move on the screen in 4 or so animations on page load and on mousehover it zooms out and pauses, is this possible with this plugin. Thanks

Hi Missketer,

Thanks for your interest. Is very hard to imaging how do you wanna show your animations, so I can not say if possible or not. :) Still, the plugin provide a list of animations and some specific way to launch the animation over an object.

Thanks, Indeed

Hi thanks, can I have multiple animations like create items to move on the screen like from w to x to y to z, then zoom out on rollover that is 4 animations on one item? Thanks

Hi Missketer,

If you set multiple animations on one item may not work properly, so is not recommended.

Thanks, Indeed

I think this plugin is exactly what I need. However, I have a pre-sales question.

I would like to use animations such as fadeInLeft, fadeInright, and fadeInUp—but would like these to trigger when the element (to be animated) is in the view port.

Does this plugin have that capability built in?

Thank you

Not quite a lazy load. Perhaps a good example would be an About Us web page (e.g., with photos. I would like to use a fadeInLeft or fadeInUp effect on the photos, but the effect should be triggered only after each image enters the viewport, i.e., becomes visible in the browser.

So, I’m basically asking if the plugin delays the CSS3 effect until the animation element is in view.

Hi elanticuado,

Basically the plugin attach the CSS3 effect on the item but do not change the default status of the item. So, if item is visible, the plugin will not make the item hidden until the animation will start.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “item hidden.”

Here are a few online articles that may better explain the animation triggering issue that I’m concerned about:

(1) (2) (3)

If your plugin does not actively track the content in the view port, perhaps you could add this to a future version.

Thank you.

Hello guys i’m in need of help. i just bought the animation buttons but i have no clue as to how i get this working in wordpress. it doesnt install as normal plugins do please help

Hi Urbahz,

Ya, is like others plugins. Please follow the documentation and should guide you to the right direction. Is you still have any questions, feel free to contact the support team via our support system.

Thanks, Indeed


I’m willing to purchase this CSS3 animaiton effects plugin, but I want to use it to animate the menubar.

Does it work for the menu bar to animate it when clicking the menu items?


Hi Chibru,

No, the plugin helps you to animate the page/post content. You have a new icon into the WP editor that helps you to customize the content. But the menubar is part of the theme and can not be managed with this kind of plugin. A solution can be a manually code implementation directly on your menu structure.

Thanks, Indeed

compatible with Visual Composer?


For Visual Composer we built a dedicated plugin with the same results:

Thanks, Indeed

“Features” is spelled incorrectly in your sample top nav. ;)

Hi shockabout,

Thanks for your attention! None of us didn’t saw that :P. Seems we need to take a break.

Very nice. Looking forward to doing some cool things with this.

Thanks for your words and intention! :)

Is it possible to do 2 animations? Basically I want to slide something in then after a short delay have it pulse.

Hi tlhCreative,

Wordpress will don’t let you to use a shortcode in a shortcode (basically to have an effect into another effect).

Thanks, Indeed

Can you combine effects like other plugins can?

It is awesome, But Can you tell me how it will be useful?

Hi Condize,

All you need to make it very useful is the imagination :). You can set some of your content’s elements to “move” when you move the mouse over it or when you loading the page. Also, you can set a button or a small image has a trigger and when you click on that button you can animate another element like a picture or text.

Best, Indeed

Do you think Is it useful to make an element to move while the mouse come over it?


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