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So these are animated how, you click a link and the tab drops down?

On the click, the animation starts.

please upload video so that we can see how animation works, thx

I put the video.

Hard to tell whether these tabs are useful without a video or demo.

I know:) video is uploaded.

Just bought it. Very nice and useful TABS . Just have one question, how to make height auto? If I have big text in one tab and height fit it.

I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately, due to the structure, height must be defined. In the additional files, I explained how to change the height of links.

But again, if you need assistance, please contact me via email and I’ll help you.

Thanks LizardTheme.

I’m glad you like it, thank you for shopping.

Is the content from the other tabs loaded on the first page load, or is it loaded when those tabs are clicked?

Sorry if this is part of understanding html5 / ajax, I’m just learning.

No need to apologize. Content of the other tabs is loaded on the first page.

Hello buddy! I love it and beautiful design. Wanted to know how can I make the tabs RTL and how can I make new tabs? I’ve tried to copy the existing lines but it didn’t work for me. Please guide me. Thanks :)

Hi, best to contact me via email and I’ll send you the code. Describe in detail how you want to tabs look.

I found another CSS tab. But of course I’ll use yours in my next projects! anyways. thanks

Awesome 5 star product, rated accordingly! Very impressed by LT’s customer focused attitude, attention to detail and willingness to help, best support to date, Cheers, Lee :)

Thank you:)

can we put iframe inside the tabbed page?


Can we put a javascript code inside the tabbed page? Thanks!

Is there any way to get this script working in IE8? It looks great in everything else, but the tabs render as radio buttons and the text is all jumbled.

Hi, IE8? no…. can be done with javascript but in that case, main structure of the code must be modified…

Okay. Thank you.

can you have multiple versions on a page and they interact independantly?

Yes, but in that case the code must be modified. Buy the item, contact me via email and I will help you to create what ever you want.

Hello, I need to be able to embed video in some of the tab content sections, how can I do this? I’ve tried the old youtube code as well as the iframes (I realize iframe can’t be used from previous inquiries answered here) thanks.

Hi, contact me via email and I will help you.

Can this be used with iframes that have videos that auto play on load? I want to have a few tabs that have iframed videos that start automatically but I don’t want to hear them all play at the same time.


Hi, no…

Can this be coded to move from one tab to the next and then so on down the list. Also, as it changes the highlighted tab it shows the content below.

Hi. Yes, it can be done. Can you just wait 5-10 days and new updated version?

Excellent superb Documentation. Excellent product. :)

Thank you.