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I was wondering if i add a Load more button does the URL change of my page? I noticed in the video that if you had pagination enabled the URL will change. But i would like to use the Load more button and that the URL changes when you click it. Is this possible?

PS: is there an way of implementing a infinite scroll that would work like this: you come to page you have to click the button load more posts it loads more posts then the infinite scroll will activate for the next three times then it will ask again for more posts whit a button. I can try to explain more if this was unclear. (I would like to have both button and scroll feature)

Change URL with load more can be achievable with small modification.

If you want to me to do that then I need ftp and admin login details so I can do it in your copy.

Send details at sbthemes@gmail.com

Other point about load more and infinite scroll in single setup is not possible. You can use any one at a time.


Does this work with any theme? I’m currently using a theme called Ultimate Conversion (you can find it on ThemeForest). I’ve tried many free plugins and nothing seems to work, that’s why I ask.

Also, can I use it without the animation shown in your demo?


Can you send me your website link?

It can work with any theme still I want to confirm before you purchase. Sometimes it can conflict with some theme. So send me website link and I will check.


Does it work with all woocommerce product pages regardless of what theme you use? I use The Ken from artbees. Just curious :)

Not a problem, when we release our website we will have a least 150-200 items in our list. So it should be visible at all times then. I hope :)

Yes then it will work :)

Thank you very much for your support. I will test this out with your plugin :)


quick question. I need to add a counter inside the loop. or to display the $wp_query->current_post+1. But if i load more posts it resets them. Is there a way around this?

PS: really love the plug-in!

How would i share a counter between pages? I have: static $adCounter = 1; Outside the loop and inside the loop i have:

<?php if($adCounter == 7): ?> <section class=”advertisement”> <?php echo adrotate_group(1); ?> </section> <?php $adCounter = 1; ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php $adCounter++; ?>

And I am loading 3 posts per page: ‘posts_per_page’ => 3,

Please follow my last reply. See below.

Outside Loop

$paged = (get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’) : 1;

$per_page = 3;

$adCounter = ($paged-1)*$per_page;

Keep inside what you have right now.

Thanks This worked like a charm.

Hello—We use a custom theme for our site www.telugu360.com Do you think this infinite scroll works for our site?

Can you give me your product page URL, so I can check?


Hi sbthemes, if I set the page with products as front page for the website, it only loops the first page over and over :S Can you take a look at it?

This plugin totally works on your pagination .It may be your pagination issue.

Try to disable my plugin and then check your second page in pagination. If it loads same products means issue is with your pagination.

if you are not able to find solution then send me admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com

Thank You.

Hey will this plugin work with my site and work along my theme.

Website URL: www.habbana.com Website Product – Category page URL: https://www.habbana.com/product-category/make-up/face-makeup/


You are using ajax filter so we need small modification in this plugin to make it work with ajax filter plugin.

Can you tell me which ajax filter plugin are you using?



I purchased your product, animated infinite scroll and i just dont know how to make the settings, i added some, but perhaps i dont get it.

Please help!

The url is


Can you please send me your admin login details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can setup for you?

Thank You. :)


Quick question, I have had the same issue for about a year now using Infinity scroll and show second product image on hover. When the plugin loads the next page, it does not load the feature that shows the second image on hover so right now i can have one or the other but not both together. Any ideas how I might get around this?

dev3.globe-trotter.com – dev site with both plugins active.

Thanks for your time, your plugin works great!


I have just sent you an email with login details. Thanks very much for taking a look at it for me. Much appreciated.

I will check and will reply to your personal email.

Thank You. :)

Thanks you sbthemes, you fixed it within minutes. If i could give you more stars I would so the best I can give you is :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hi please i can add next post on the last page after pagination in post ?


Please send me admin login details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check.

Thank you.

Hi please i need help about this product

I have purchased your product but not working with my website.

Please Check your Email sbthemes@gmail.com

Ok I will check soon.

Thanks :)

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HI, Sorry I don’t know who marked this comment as flagged.

Please contact me again and if you are going to share website login details then contact me at sbthemes@gmail.com

Thank You.

I have purchased your product but not working properly with my website. http://www.lizarddesign.co.il/ open the URL you will see I added Ajax infinity scroll it’s working but the problem is when I am scrolling down some posts are coming many many times please give me solution if you want admin access I will provide you thanks please it too much urgent. thank you again.

Ah yes got it now. Will check soon. Thank You :)

Its working please check. Thanks.

Thanks you SB THEME Great Support

Hi there, i have installed the plugin corectly but am only getting the same posts looping over again to infinity, can you help?

It means your selector settings are not correct.

Send me page link on which you need infinite scroll and also send me admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can setup for you.

Thank You :)


edvilo Purchased

Hello, it is possible, that when you click the button see more, show all the remaining products? Not only 10 more.



Sorry its not possible right now. It works on default pagination, so if your second page loading 10 products then my plugin will load 10 products.

Actually its not related to my plugin. If you make code like if your second page load all products then my plugin will load all products.

Let me know if you have any other query.

Thank You. :)


roeey Purchased

Is it possible to have two Load more buttons for two CPT’s on the same page ?

Yes its possible. It depends on structure. Can you send me page link where you need this and also admin details so I can try to setup for you.

Send me details at sbthemes@gmail.com

Thanks :)


How do I show an icon below the loading text and replace it with another icon when the posts load? like the below URL



That style not available with plugin. You have to modified css to make it. Plugin has already enough css selectors and based on that you can use css to style that.

Thanks :)

Hi – I dont think your plugin will do what Im after – but Im asking just in case Im wrong. Can it work with Pages instead of Posts, and load the next section of the same page as defined by some sort of code or shortcode ? So on my long page I would just add a code where I want the pagination, and then your plugin would load the next section of the page instead of a separate post. It would work a bit like a lazyload effect but it would be lazy loading the rest of the page down to the next pagination code. – Im trying to find a solution to optimize page load speed on heavy pages and it seems if this could be made to work it would achieve that nicely. – Thanks ~

Please send me your website link with your example page so I can check if it can work or not.

Thanks :)


I’m using the load more button pagination and it keeps repeating posts instead of showing the finished message (No more deals available…)

Sent details to sbthemes@gmail.com 2 days ago. Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi, If you have already sent details then you will get reply soon in 1 to 2 hours.

Thanks :)