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Does the plugin work on a page showing one Woocommerce Category?

Yes it will work with anytype of page which has paginations working.

WooCommerce category and shop page has paginations so it will work with him

Thanks :)

I have used “Product Category” in Visual Composer and it does not work? Should I use shortcode instead?

As I said before. What you sue with VC is itself woocommerce shortcode.

Please use standard category page made by woocommerce.

Send me your website link with admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can show you which is real woocommerce category pages.

Thanks :)

Hi sbthemes.

I have just purchased and installed the plugin on my website http://www.bargainandalucia.dk. But i can’t seem to configure it correctly in regards of the selector types – can you please help me.

Login information sent to you at sbthemes@gmail.com.

Ok Thanks. You will get reply to your personal message soon.

Thanks :)

No no. It depends on your structure. If same structure is used for all category pages then only one settings will work.

And I am sure its same structure for most of sites.

Thanks :)

Thanks so much, glad to read that, I’ll get back to you next week with admin details as I can’t prioritize it for now.

Ok sure.

Thanks :)


KIN14 Purchased

Hello, I bought you plugin, installed, configured. But the standard navigation is not replaced :( Help me, please. Please reply to mail – mybox14@rambler.ru

We will check soon and will reply to your personal email.

Thanks :)


KIN14 Purchased

Hello, when can I expect the settings? :)


Sorry but I got no emails from your side. I will contact you at mybox14@rambler.ru and please reply there.

Thanks :)


WEBkits Purchased

Hello, Can you please tell us is there any updates coming up? seems to have many bugs…

There is no bug, atleast no one complaint it. And yes may be you havent setup properly or it can be because of theme or other plugin conflict.

Please send me admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can check and try to solve.

Also better you explain exact bugs so I can check for it.

Thanks :)

Hi There,

I just bought and installed your plugin on my site cafeget.com.au and I cannot seem to get the infinite scroll or load more working. The way my theme works is that the user searches http://prntscr.com/gh86wp (for example search “Sydney” and then a list of cafes in the area come up http://prntscr.com/gh875h. In the “Sydney” case, 221 Cafes come up. My theme does not have pagination and I wanted to either have infinite scroll or load more when say 10 cafes come up so as the user scrolls down they show when needed.

I have set up the backend as so http://prntscr.com/gh87o8, however, cannot get it to work?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

Billy billytab@gmail.com

I relied you at your personal email.

Thanks :)

Hi. Thanks for the plugin!

But I have a problem: filled all form fields with a selectors, but still always got the SAME infinite amount of posts from homepage again and again.

Settings screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVlnubLd0WKMlFYRGRzT3EzQTA/view?usp=sharing

Site: designyoutrust.com

Please, check, maybe I get wrong with selectors. BIG thanks.


I sent you personal email.

Thanks :)

Hi there,

I bought this plugin and want to use it. But i have 1 problem, when i activate it, and select Infinite Scroll as type, with default products per page, it doenst work. It only show 8 products of my website and an notification at the botttom of the page “No products to load”.

Could you help me please?

Best, Mino


Please send me admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can chcek.

Thanks :)


eh-c-eu Purchased

Hi! I have the same problem as utkindmitry: I use the plugin in combination with the Susa-Theme. I installed, configured (content-selector div.memo-cont.row, navigation selector div.def-paging, next-selector div.previous, item-selector article.post) and the blog loads always the same first ten articles. Whats wrong in configuration? Thanks!


Can you please send me admin details at sbthemes@gmail.com so I can setup for you?

Thanks :)