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Hello Have a question

  • home
  • class=”active” <- I want to apply to the sub-menu.

    How to edit CSS?

    For example, the first page “columns-Vivamus” I want to make the sub-menu is open

    Me understand my English ^^ sorry

    There is a problem
    You gave us the source

    Submenu on the active one which
    Normal operation, the right
    Abnormal left

    Right Menu -> sub-menu OK
    Left menu -> NO sub menu

    If you’ll understand
    Personal e-mail address
    I will send the captured image

    Send me a picture…

    check mail, please

    Email has been sent.

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing and need to know if this menu works on IE8? Thanks in advance

    Hi, menu works on IE 8 and 7… but animation, shadow, border radius do not work, everything else is exactly the same.


    1) I”m trying to increase the height of the navigation, padding-top 10px to the list items on the main navigation appears on the center. But when I do that, when I hover over the list items, seems like the padding is added to the hover property as well. I just wanted the hover to work on 100% of the height. How can I do that.

    2) I don’t want the first list item to be affected by the padding by giving it a different class may be. But it only works as long as the first list item does not have a link.

    Would you be able to help with those two.


    Hi, change the height on line 16 & 53 (height must be the same),
    and change the line-height on line 55 (font size/line-height font family).

    If something is not clear feel free to contact me through mail.

    Thanks for your response. I have emailed you, asking something about tooltip, please respond. Thank you again.

    Hello, great menu!

    could you help me, i dont want the menu to be responsive , when i remove the responsive css the whole menu splits and becomes a mess. is there a way to get around this and make the menu stay fixed

    Regards adj09 :)

    Hi, see help files. I described what should be removed if you do not want the menu to be responsive.

    Hello. Great script. Only problem is when user shrinks browser width the far right menu items begin to break to a new line to the left and below. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

    Disregard. Just worked it out with help from the help files. doh! Excellent code.

    Thank you. I’m glad you found a solution.

    IE 8 displays all the contents of the menu as a long bulleted list. Ideas?

    I’m not sure I understand. Contact me via email(send me a menu with your changes) or give me the address of your website.

    How do I install a wordpress theme?, buy it for that.

    Hi. Contact me by email and i’ll help you. Now it is night in my country, i’ll answer you in the morning.

    Hi i want use this menu to site. one problem. What change css menu to right to left?

    Hi. You want that all links and the text be from right to left?
    Contact me via email and i’ll send you a modified version.

    yes, all links and the text

    yes, all links and the text

    Hi there:

    Need some help here.

    I have re-aligned the menu to float right and expanded the width to 1182px.

    I would like the mega menu drop-down to expand to the full width of the menu. Please assist. Thx!

    Hi. Change the width on the line 190. In this case will be 1162px.

    Does this menu work with existing js classes that my framework might have. I use foundation and they have a “click” instead of hover feature that I would want to incorporate.

    Hi. Does not work, but i can implement click function for you (with jquery). Which framework you use?

    Hello Lizard , pre-sale question i cr8ed a wordpress theme for myself , and now i wanna use these styles in wordpress navigation . can wordpress play with this navigation ? Thankssss

    Hi. This is pure html/css menu not wp plugin, but if you know the wp, menu can be easily implemented in the theme. I can do that for you, but mega menus must be hard coded in the theme.

    Thanks , please check your email

    No mail from you.

    Does this work on ecommerce platforms, hosted by Bigcommerce or 3dcart for example?

    Hi. This is just html/css. Most likely it can be implemented in a website(cms) but i do not know how.

    How do you keep the the images from squishing in the mobile phone view?

    Hi. In file “responsive.css” within “(max-width: 480px)” add ”.menu img{width:100%;}”.

    Hello in Safari the menu doesn’t work. Is there any fix?

    I have to click once to activate the menu. It does not work immediately on mouseover

    Hi. Menu works on Safari. Can you give me address of your site, to see in person what’s wrong.

    In some older (but not so older) stock android browser, like Samsung Note 2 stock browser or Cyanogen Mod 10.1 stock browser, the menu doesn’t works, even with your demo file. If I click on menu the menu blink but does not open.

    In both responsive and not responsive mode.

    yes, this is how it works out-of-box with all modern browser on Android, like Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin, etc… But not on Samsung browser or the stock browser. I don’t care if javascript is needed or not (even on desktop) but I can’t use a menu if Samsung users cant use it.

    Ok. I will send you the code in the morning(now is late night in my country).

    even in mine ;-) Do not worry and thanks for your support

    Hi! The li list items (Home, Dropdown, Portfolio, etc.) float left, and I need them centered. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Hi, contact me via email(profile page) and i will help you.

    No problems or questions. I just think your work is very nice and wanted to say so.

    Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

    I’m having issue on mobile devices.. or any device that the responsive drop down menu doesn’t fit on whole scree. It doesn’t let me scroll up to see all of the navigation items. See on mobile device

    Hi, css isn’t loaded.

    my bad.. use

    In “responsive.css” inside “max-width: 768px” add this:
    .menu > ul {
    height: 60vh;
    overflow-y: scroll;