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1. your plugin support background image?

2. what happen with Non-javascript visitors?

3. do you plan any update?

Hello, is there any way to make an infinite scroll WooCommerce for my catalog? Thank you

I have problems with this plugin need. I need support if not have to ask for a refund.I have a month to send a message to you and not receive a response.

not showing proper design.

this is the right way it should load.

I still awaiting a response.

Took a risk in buying this item. I’d tried the few free lazy load plugins available and none worked. Finally plopped down the cash for this one, and it worked great on my portfolio page, which has about 60 Youtube videos on it and took nearly half a minute to load, but now loads in a couple seconds… HOWEVER, the “Reset Settings” button is EXACTLY where the “Publish” button is, and has been for years, on any Wordpress Edit Post or Page, near the top right of the screen, which I can pretty much move my mouse cursor to and click without looking purely on reflex… needless to say, I have “Reset Settings” accidentally so many times on this plugin that I had to post this comment and ask you to please, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, move that button elsewhere on the next update. Thanks.

seeing above comments, why is the author response time so slow ? i m interested in this one but i am afraid i wont get support fast ???

what is problem with lazyload plugin.?

nice plugin
is it compatible with yith woocommerce zoom magnifier plugin?

i have not check but woo zoom magnifier plugin custom image load so used custom hook.

WooCommerce 2.5 Support?

yes WooCommerce 2.5 supported.

I was interested in this plugin. Is there going to be an update anytime soon? I was told to stay away from plugins that are not updated within the previous 12 months as it can lead to problems at some point with WP. Please advise, thanks.

Hi ! How to enable it to background-images properties ? Thanks in advance


We have latest version of woocommerce ( 2.5) and wordpress – 4.5 but your plugin is not compatible to that. We already bought it and request you to for refund. please check information : Purchase code: f6113709-77dd-4f95-a53a-604db8b71c98 – 1 Apr 2016


micb11 Purchased

Hi I have purchased you plugin but cannot get it working with the 7 theme that I am using.

I am sure it is probably because of css selectors.

This is the website

Do you know where in the code I need to change things


please help on your developer and follow this hook and filters.

will this work with visual composer pages?

yes this plugin work with visual composer pages.

Hi, I have installed this plugin and I want to know that is this plugin work with background images ? Regards

Hi :)

just a quick question … can your plugin lazy load Visual Composer rows?

Many thanks in advance

yes this plugin working with visual composer row.

Great … so your plugin lazy loads the row itself … as well as the content in it? ... I have some pages with many rows


tberin Purchased

Hi and thank you for the great Lazy load plugin!

I wanted to ask how to also make it work for visual composer background images which are set to rows or columns as it currently doesnt work with it?


background image not working lazyload. only normal image, video, audio or iframe tag working.

Hi there!

- Does your Plugin work with the Revolution Slider? Can i lazy load a Slider?

- Is it possible to change the Preloader?

- Can i lazy load variable Visual Composer content like rows?

- Is your Plugin Wordpress 4.7 ready?

- Does your Plugin work with the newest Version of the Viusal Composer?

Thank you.



yes this plugin working with latest version of wordpress and visual composer.

preloader functionality and revoluation slider image not support.

Hi. Did you fix issue with comment of cameronmccloskey519
Can you explain a little about how it work for buddypress? I’m not sure how it help for video content (is it auto play when move mouse down screen just like fb). As buddypress have button load more (is this plugin will auto load without waiting to click button load more or waiting to run circle few second then appear these success load? I mean just move down then right the time see new and new like fb without waiting for button load more appear “circle on loading” then a waiting few second as many free plugin that i used)

Hi Ive just finally found this plugin in codecanyon, but… I notice that the last update for this plugin is from 2014? :’( .. this plugin is old.. but seem useful for me

yes this plugin working with wordpress latest version.


medvich Purchased

can your plugin lazy load Visual Composer rows? and how? like :

background image lazy load not support. and your site in not lazy load it is normal load image only background image set.