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Hello We have installed this plugin it is working fine on desktop but it is not working on mobile verstion Please let me know asap we have installed here working perfect here buy not working on mobile. We have enable the mobile button. but still in in not working.

waiting for your soonest response Thanks

i have checked my android phone proper working on that with lazyload.

The plugin work auto after setting or need manual please? It is not only lazy load content post/page. It also lazy load image right?

Hi, my theme have created lazy load for woo, can i disabled theme lazy load or keep both of your plugin and theme setting? Which way better for fast loading web?

Hi i disabled theme lazy function (keep your plugin defaul setting )
But the widget , archive, feature image of post, product in single product did not work as your demo, still same of my web. even i changed animation, but still same, no effect…
the plugin ONLY worked for avarta and image in content
Where can i send your private logo to check ? Thanks

please send me your site link.

yes this is what i want, because buddypress defaul must click “load more” . but i want it auto load when scroll down, your plugin will help auto load for buddypress activity. right?
did you check php7.0 and 4.8.1 running plugin?

yes buddypress “load more” working with this plugin.

so is it work php7.0 and 4.8.1 ? why don’t u reply this? example: p3 plugin work on 4.8.1 as well, but only php <6.4. this is why i ask

yes working with php7.0 and 4.8.1