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Can this plug in work on .Net MVC web project.

No, this plugin does not work with .Net MVC web project. This plugin works with Adobe Muse.


How can I change the font? Thanks for your help!

Hello cvbenz. Thank you for purchasing our widget.

Change the font in AniCount is very easy, it is changed as you would with any text frame.

Select the widget, then go to the window tab -> text, and change the font that you want.

Note: To display the font change in the design section, you must make some change in the widget.

It is a pleasure to help, any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I’ve been having an error for this widget that I need you to fix. I keep getting a message stating the following:

1 Warning: Asset/D:/LEONEL RODRIGUEZ/Mis Protectors/AniScroll/animate.css was not exported because it was not foound.

My purchase code: 1e9b6cc2-c214-49e5-86d5-1eecbdcc3e24 Date: 11 Jun 2016 License Type: Regular

Hello sjdoo. Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

The warning message appears because the plugin requires the animate.css library for operation. It is nothing serious, what happens is that, as not abut on the route has by default, launches this message.

To avoid this message, you must delete the route that comes by default. For this must go to the plugin administration panel, then go to the section “Adding animate.css”, and press the button trash can that is located on the right side where it says “Add the local file animate.css”.

Note: Repeat this procedure for each widget that finds placed on your page.

If after this, the problem still is not resolved, Please contact us via the contact form on our profile page. Then as soon as we possibly can, we can send you an improvement of this widget that corrects this problem.

Any inconvenience, please contact us.

Hello, we have just purchased your widget and we would like your help. We are disappointed as it only has a maximum count of up to 100,000. And we need numbers in the region of 10,000,000 + and anywhere up to 100,000,000. Could you upgrade the widget to count up to such figures? We would have not bought it if you would have stated the maximum count up number. Would appreciate greatly if you could help us as soon as possible as we need the website finished soon, or we will need a full refund.

Will be waiting for your reply. Thank You.

Kind regards, A.

Hi guys, is it possible for you to update the widget to have a comma between the 0 when the count goes over a certain amount, for example: 10,000,000. That way it would be easier to understand the amount, as now we have 10000000. Thank you.

Hello dominantinfluencers,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will try to implement it in the next update of this widget that we are about to launch.

Any inconvenience, please contact us and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Hi dominantinfluencers,

It is a pleasure to announce that the new version 1.1.1 of widget AniCount, is already published and ready for download.

This version fixes some bugs and adds new features. As you suggested, we have included in this new update a drop-down list for digit grouping separator.

Thank you very much for your suggestion, we hope to continue to receive from you new ideas, criticisms and suggestions.


I am using your AniCount for a webpage that I have created on Adobe Muse. This widget was working fine this past month but after installing my computer OS to Windows 10, I now receive this message whenever I’m trying to use your AniCount widget:

JavaScript exception: Error with Widget: AniCount|v.1.0 ParamHTMLOnDocReady Handler TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘aniCount’

Can you help?

My Purchase Code: 9c46c9d9-88aa-4378-9b08-ac3ef53af7bc – 3 Jun 2016 REGULAR LICENS

My Adobe Muse Version: 2015.2

Thanks for helping me with this issue,

Aaron Acheson


This version of the widget is not compatible with Adobe Muse 2015.2.1+. We are currently working on the new version of this widget that have full compatibly with this version of Adobe Muse, and in the next few days will be available for download.

Any inconvenience, please contact us, we will be glad to help.

Hi Aaron Acheson.

It is a pleasure to announce that the new version 1.1.1 of widget AniCount, is already published and ready for download.

This version fixes some bugs and adds new features, it is also fully compatible with Adobe Muse v2015.2.1.21.

Changes made are:

07/27/2016 - see 1.1.1
[New] Safe Loading System Libraries.
[New] Added drop-down list for digit grouping separator.
[Improvement] Improved plugin performance.
[Improvement] Updated version of Adobe Muse CC 2015.2.1+
[Fix] Fixed problem compatibly With Adobe Muse CC, version 2015.2.1.21 CL801520.
[Fix] Fixed error message: "JavaScript exception: Error Handler With TypeError ParamHTMLOnDocReady WidgetAniScroll 11.2.1. S (...) AniScroll is not a function".

Any inconvenience, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Hi guys, thanks for the update but I can’t figure how to use it or it doesn’t work because once I try to write in 10.000.000 into a final count section it just leaves 10 it’s not possible to write in coma’s or spaces in there either. Thank you, we’ll wait for you reply.

Hello DominoInflencer.

Please verify that you are using the version v1.1.1 of this widget, if not the correct version, you must download the v1.1.1 version of the widget from the homepage of the widget or by visiting this link: This is the updated version, and is what brings the new function.

To place the digit grouping separator, one must select from the “Separator” drop-down list, which is under “Final Number” in the section “Count”.

Here I leave a screenshot of the panel, the v1.1.1 version of the widget:

Please let us know if you could solve the problem, we will be alert to help you in whatever you need. Greetings.

Hello, yes i was using v1.1.1 and it seems to be working it just doesn’t show any dots or comas while working inside muse but it shows on a preview. Thanks for the help!

Hello dominantinfluencers,

The text box “Final Number” of this widget, does not support point ”.”, Or commas ”,” Please try entering the number without these punctuation marks, eg 10000000, and then select the point in the drop-down list “Separator”, click preview in the browser.

Note: You must run the changes from the preview browser because changes are not seen in the design view.

If after this still does not work, contact us again. For any other problem, please contact us.

Hello, I purchased this app today. Works well on my mobile site (except for the fact that it won’t use the font I have selected for it.

Here is my question. On my desktop site, when I scroll down to see the numbers, they are visible, without counting up. However, when I scroll to the left, all the numbers start to count up like they should when I scroll down to them. What can I do to make the numbers count up when I scroll down the page like normal?

Thkimmel Hi, I have done some testing and it seems that there is a delay in the activation of the widget. This may be because the delay is not set to zero before turning off the animation. So I wanted to check something.

Please check that the delay of the animation is in 0 seconds To do this go to the widget configuration panel, the animation section and if the delay is not zero:

1). Select the checkbox to activate the animation. 2). Place the delay to zero. 3). Then clear the check box again.

If the delay is zero and is still trouble. Please create a new blank project and copy only the content of the page where the widget is located, and sends it to me by email, to review it in detail.

I think I have figured out the problem. I am using the VersaSlide widget for my menu. When I delete that menu, your widget works perfectly.

He’s right, you have discovered the problem.

Apparently the problem is that the VersaSlider widget changes the structure of the page where it is used, because of this, the other widget using the “scroll” event, to detect the position of the screen, for example AniCont widget, they can not function properly.

It was a pleasure to have helped. Any other problem, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With this is it possible to have an up counter that doesn’t reset when the page loads ? and also have them counting up at different speeds

Yes, it works. escribame by the contact form is on my profile. so I can send you the plugin and instructions to install it.

I sent you an email. I’m not sure what escibame means.

Nice Work GLWS =D

Hi st1s, thank you very much. ;)

Hello, This is a presale question : does your plugin works on products pages ?

Hello ideesud, it’s a pleasure to greet you and thank you for visiting our widget.

As for your question, I do not understand your doubt very well, please you could be more specific and repeat your question in more detail.

Greetings and happy day!!.. :)

Sorry, I’ve made a mistake as searching on google a module like yours for prestashop, I didn’t realize it wasn’t for it. Sorry for the disturb Best regards

Do not worry, no problem. :)

We are at your service for any Adobe Muse project. ;)