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It continues to play music when the application is closed . How do we interlacing it .

You need to kill the application once it’s deactivated. Learn more about this:

hello , please i have problem like that how can fixed !?

ok thank you

hi ! please i have now problem with HTML5 Core apk , i can’t open full screen video with html5 core apk ex , app do not support fullscreen video any help plz

HTML5Core apps displays content you provide and mobile Youtube site does have toolbar on the top. The generated app can’t simply hide that toolbar because it doesn’t interact with displayed content.

You need to use 3rd party plugins to display customized Youtube channel version like this one:

Hello, when can you update to v3 ? Best regards

A smaller update is coming this month and you can expect 3.0 update only in December.

Follow me at to get info about updates to the Andaired Suite.

Stay Cool Bro !

Thanks Reborn Studio :)


can you help me how to make like this when i press and hold a second on image, will display that menu, that screenshoot taken from normal web browser, i want implemented on html5core.



I will see if embedded Chrome does have these features. There isn’t easy way to achieve this in default WebView component.

hello author, i recently received app rejection and termination from AdMob Program from google…

i have put ads in app start > end > onResume in your software, in different apps of mine.

but google says its against admob policy .

because you made separate java code for and you displayed interstitial by intents that taking long time to display after user resumed or exit from app..(so this is against policy)..

so can you give me update of andaired, [step-1] that ask me for writing function name(user will write favourite name of function like LOAD and SHOW ) to load insterstitial and show interstitial. [step-2] after andaired made project, i can open source file (not and write that function name wherever i like to display interstitial ads?

can you support me or have any another way,

thank you.

please my response to google admob team is pending since i have contacted you 28 days ago,,,, update the product fast…

Please contact me via profile page here so I could email you the patch after few hours.


If buy the regular license, I can instal in google play, it will work?

Yes the full version version generates signed app for Google Play and other app stores. Currently there is some issues with ads,but update is coming soon.

hay. i try to make apk using andaired demo . after instalation in phone i must have adobe air for playin flash.can i make apk and install it without having adobe air in phone. Also bouton EXIT not work when i push exit . the application still run

thank you

hey. i try adobe aire 3.9 and adobe aire 20.0 but application apk still need adobe air to work in android. im using andaired DEMO .

Please read the included help file and page “Configuring Andaired” . You need a new environment variable AIR_ANDROID_SHARED_RUNTIME with value set to “false” .

hi i pushase andaired full. it’s very nice. i use build apk with captive runtime . 18 mega . without use use build apk with captive runtime 9 mega. how can i build apk with adobe air with small size. thank you .

is andaired support arab language in the name displayed in app luncher

Thanks for your purchase!

Well captive runtime includes full mobile Flash player so there really isn’t any way to squeeze it. Not all devices have access to Google Play so captive build is recommended.

Is it possible to use the program for 2 pc (laptop and desktop ) ?

Yes as long as there is only one user.

Thanks for your reply

You are welcome :)


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I have hundreds of flash games developed in the past few years. I have tried many of these but it was only skipping the screens of the game in a loop. Nothing works.

I didn’t found a cure for this problem and I don’t use Flash Builder or Flash CS. Can you email me one of your game source codes to me so I could check for possible solutions? You will find my contacts near application in “Readme.txt” . Thanks.


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Ok, thanks, I submitted an example source code.

Thanks. I will check for solution on Monday.


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Android Studio all required items install – Andaired does not work


The new Google Play Services library version 30 messed up all things. You can find more information here:

Download older Google Play Services library and extract “libproject” folder into SDK\extras\google\google_play_services . A temporary patch for Andaired is coming soon. The Google started to use new AAR format for it’s libraries instead of providing Eclipse project.

iPhone version coming soon?

I don’t have a MacOS setup for development such version.

Hello, i can’t download demo ! there is a problem with the link or he is not supporting my area ! please send me demo


You can download the demo version from Softpedia or Softonic

Hi, I try to install the new version but, i can’t install it.,

Hi, Thank for your support, I have try to patch this, there one error like here:

Hi, I can fixed the errror above, but there is still 1 problem, the google play service lib can’t be loaded. Like on the screeshoot,, I have try to remove to any folders, but it still error on google play service.

You should point to this path sdk\extras\google\google_play_services\ . Make sure directory contains “libproject” folder.

hello, lovershorizon This software is not working properly on my device .. Is there a renewal in accordance with Google’s latest?

iam already purchase for New Lisence and Support 1 years…

Thanks. Do you still have issues?

ya… iam not found Android Support Library on SDK Manager

hi my friend, I have sent you, Waiting for your answer.


on new version, i got error when insert SDK in the sdk platform (API 23) and google play serviece.

i was update have 1 license for this item and Support 1 year left

I will update the RevMob code today.

whether it can be used ?

I am also working on Google Play services library issue and will let you know about the update.

Hi, I tried to make new app, and add admob ads. I don’t found AdsActivity,java and src folder file and didn’t found on manisfest xml.


Maybe you forgot to check the “Use AdMob ads” near AdMob logo. There is AdActivity at the bottom of AndroidManifest.xml


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hello bro , how can i add my Admob

Ahoy, Follow the included info in provided help files. Only HTML5 apps can be monetized with AdMob now.

Once you provide URL or local HTML file in HTML5Core module you can click “Monetize” button to select AdMob and provide Google Play Services library from Android SDK

hello bro i have this problem can help me pls

It’s not yet compatible with the latest SDK please patch the SDK using this tool:!AnAy-dNjmrxahhrlryWfSSbDdvlb