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hi. I have this error. What to do? D:\prilki\flashgame\application.xml: error 305: Intial window content SWF version 32 exceeds namespace version

Please reach me via my profile page and I will try to solve this high DPI problem with update.

Where to write? You will find a message box in the right side.

Hello I have a problem with the html5core I updated all the sdks but it still shows all the sdk not found

Also have problem with the main suite it can only convert the teddy.swf other then that is shows

c:\game\application.xml: error 305: Intial window content SWF version 32 exceeds namespace version

am using air 3.2

Help me

If there is no solution i want a refund


Latest SDK isn’t yet supported so you need a little patch:!AnAy-dNjmrxahhrlryWfSSbDdvlb

And second error comes by using older Adobe AIR SDK. You need a version 21 or latest. Application XML namespace can be manually updated via notepad. Contact me to get a latest Andaired version with Adobe AIR SDK 25 support.

I want to buy it, but first how to add files ANE and .AS

Are you using same Milkman extension as in example?

It worked fine for me. Wait for official update with extensions support

help me with this proplem access violation press ok to ignore and risk data corruption press cancel to kill the program

Try changing your system regional settings to English. This software isn’t Unicode friendly.

Also try changing your output path.

Is there no more recent updates, Feedback from me is for this tool there is splash for html5core, it will be better. Thank you

I mainly developing HTML5/Android games. There is a few annoying bugs in old so I am hoping to make it stable again and later add new features like app templates selection screen.

please video guide for add admob en projet

For an HTML5Core? Reach me out if you want SWF to APK with AdMob help.

How long will 2.4 version be?

I hoping to release it on the weekend after finishing few Android/HTML5 game templates.

Reach me via my profile page so I could send you update before it gets approved.

How to add admod from file .swf?

You need to write own external SWF loader with AdMob enabled. You can find some free AdMob extensions for Adobe AIR apps on GitHub and you can use free FlashDevelop IDE for making such loader.

Reach me out on apps ( at) for more details.

how to change screen size in flashdevelop?

Take a look at this:

You can also find a SWF dimensions options from main menu “Project” > “Properties…” > “Output” tab.

Stop working, I have installed again android studio after PC formatting, i have started new Andaired configuration and not found nothing, google play services, android SDK build tools, android support library, android 6.0 sdk, I have all components installed but andaired found only Android SDK platform-tool.

It skips searching for other components if Google Play Services and Android Support is missing. Google doesn’t include Eclipse libraries for these and temporally solution is using older obsolete libraries via SDK path!AnAy-dNjmrxahhrlryWfSSbDdvlb .

The updated version will no longer require Google Play Services and Android Support libraries. I am busy with the studies,but I will see if I can release quick update with bug fixes.

Ok, I try this patch and wait for your updates, thank you.