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uploaded a photo in FF…when i hover over it, i get the transparency hover state, but the image seems to do some resizing also, not sure if that’s purposely or a slight bug with the css?

also does phpdolphin not have a way for the user to “edit” a post? seems all one can do is “delete” and start over from scratch?

Sorry! that’s not my fault…... I only develop the theme but “edit” features coding not included in phpDolphin so you can’t see this. So, you can contact to phpDolphin developer for consultation this matter.

Thank You! :)

understood. Yea, I spoke with the dolphin creator and he may decide to add it. Thanks

welcome to our family bro :D and congratulation

Thanks! buddy :)

Look cool, is this only theme or including the phpDolphin files as well?

Thanks Man! Yes is this only theme for phpDolphin, you get only the Theme

The alive theme that I downloaded and activated here is clearly different from the demo that is displayed on the web. Please help.

Yes! you are right… we suffer some problem from our hosting provided… so, we redirect this with our new theme. . . but you can see our Alive theme screen shoot :) It’s perfect and work properly

live preview dosnt work :’(

Fix, now It’s works fine. . Yon can take a look now!

Hello Author

How ar eyou, i bought a theme on your website today and i do not know how to install it.

I may need help to install the script..

I downloaded the theme and there is no alive_1.2 theme package. I saw theme documentation folder but it takes me to css file.

I think i found what you said but i did all you suggested on this documentation it didn’t work. I didn’t see the theme to activate on the site.

If you need help or support from me then, message with Email (PM) from my profile page.

update to the new version?

Recently I’m working for this… u get it ASAP.

hello sir, nice to meet you, i bought the alive theme for phpdolphin today … and i have few wishes for the alive theme , to ask you.

it is about two plug ins i bought too , which cannot work with your alive theme

- http://codecanyon.net/item/vinembed-plugin-for-phpdolphin/13500467 (vinembed plugin for phpdolphin)

- http://codecanyon.net/item/weather-plugin-for-phpdolphin/13439711 ( weather plugin for phpdolphin)

how to integrate these two plug ins without modifiy the original script of phpdolphin…. ?

if you can advice me or find a solution for me. please receive all of my consideration.

( i am sorry for my bad language, i am french.)


Check your E-mail. .

does it work with the new version 2.0.4 )

We have purchased and installed the theme on the local server but it is not showing correctly. All is messed up.

Please help

See below error links.

http://millionpc.com/Images/errors/1.png http://millionpc.com/Images/errors/2.png http://millionpc.com/Images/errors/3.png

I’m still working for those issues… hope u get it ASAP with updated version.

Hello Hasib, We are still waiting for your reply.

Already updated, now you can take a short look. Thank you :)

Great work GLWS

Hi Author,

It is possible that this theme will have dual side bars left and right and can be seen in all pages like the kleo theme? https://seventhqueen.com/themes/kleo/3-colums-template/. Please reply.

Thank you.

Hi, just bought the theme but it’s not functioning properly with phpDolphin version 2.2.

Please advise

Sorry for the problem, I’m working on it as soon as possible you will get the latest updated pack.

Hello, i clicked any page ( Edit Profile , News, Main Page, vs)

is no redirect, only top loading bar loaded and no redirect look screenshot

1. https://i.hizliresim.com/0BraOo.png 2. https://i.hizliresim.com/4M936J.png 3. https://i.hizliresim.com/JlWMPj.png

i clicked anything, no redirect.

phpDolphin working fine is original theme i tested.

Check out your email.

Amazing Design, and no any bugs, Fast Support, Thanks HasibFramework.

Thank You!!