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Is it possible to use the script on a autoLoader or auto start (not on button action) ?



If you explain a bit more (preferably in detail) maybe I can tell you or guide you better with the script.

Also, I replied to your email. Kindly zip the files you’re working on and email them to me so I can have a look.

Thank you very much for your great product and professional support! :)

Glad to be of assistance :) good luck with your site.


Can I execute it in a page in backgrund like a form’s field validator?.

Suppose a form with several fields where I need it to check or test the data insert by an user in that fileds. But my validation need to will process on server. So, I need to load an ajax process to send data to server, the server check it and send back a good o bad answer.

So, I want to know, if I can create a queue of ajax validation and execute it when the user submit the form and also know if the queue can be interrupt if some code error or bad answer happens.

My second question is know if you have some implementario of a control error included in your script, I mean: page not found, timeout, etc.

Thank in advanced Jorge

Of what I understand, you wish to run an ajax request periodically; this can be done without the ajax queue as well.

As far as stopping all requests in an ajax queue is concerned, then yes, that’s totally possible. You can even cancel unprocessed requests.

There are examples and detailed documentation included in the script that demonstrate and explain how error handling can be done using the script. If all that fails or if there’s something that’s not covered, then you can always send me an email and I’ll work with you and try and help you achieve what you wish to do.

That being said, and of what you’ve told me, I don’t see any real need for queuing requests in this case, unless of course there’s bunch of other stuff you need to do in a sequence when the user submits the form.

That’s it: “there’s bunch of other stuff you need to do in a sequence when the user submits the form.”

Thank you very much!

Yes, then this would help you achieve that.


I know it is not possible with the current code to perform more than one request at once, bit is it easy to change the code and make it for example doing 5 request at one ?

Thanks, Sabri

You can process as many requests parallel to one another as you want as long as they belong to different queues.

Is there a difference between your script and [link removed]

I’ve never used that particular script, but of course there ought to be differences in implementation, coding and features. You can do a benchmark on both of them to compare speed, or run them side-by-side, to see the differences. Since I’ve never used it (or ever heard of that script for that matter) I can’t possibly give you a good comparison, sorry.

i need a script for load an external url in my div ( cross domain )

and other for load especific divs in a single html ( in my own hosting, not external urls )

can someone help me?

Sorry, I’m not sure what exactly you want but if you’re requesting for help then that’s done in the forums. Off the little bit I understood from what you wrote, I think you’d be good just using the jQuery AJAX method.

What size is the uncompressed javascript file? Pl advise. Thanks.

16.9 KB

Can you send me an actual link to where I can see a demo of this animation working?

Thanks, Josh

What animation? This script only queues ajax requests, and demos are in the live preview.

What do you mean? I want to see this visually working….

Hello Does it supports post calls or only get?

It was sent to your email could you please check that first?

Thanks I received it!! Thanks for the great support! I will check it and tell you!!

Alright let me know if you need any further help.

@jpapan Actually at the time of writing, I didn’t quite test it with post data type, it may require adding 2 lines of code. Send me an email, and I’ll send you the updated code.

I have the same issue.

url: ‘requests.php’, dataType:’json’, data: { requestData: true, message: “please print me!” },

This never posts. Any way you can send me the same updated lines of code.

sure, send me an email via the profile page. and then after my reply you can zip everything and send it over to me and i’ll have a look at it.