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Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

wow fantastic work, so nice :) i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales ;)

Great work! i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales!

Hi, good idea! I’m going to buy this plugin for my website but I’d like to know if I set this menu only for mobile and tablet while for desktop I’d like that the users to see the classic menu. Thanks for the information !

I added a parameter to show the menu only on mobile devices.

Great, in last update ?

Yes. It is in the review queue.

How to add submenu to the “li” ?

There is no submenu feature.

Wrongly purchased thinking it will work in WordPress. Can you please process the refund.

Sorry! There is no any WP word in description.

Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)


Nice menu but when I click on a item with sub menu, it close the menu instead of open sub-menu. It strange, normaly it must open sub-menu. Where can I change that to open sub-menu even if I click on the item instead of the arrow. Thank you. Best regards, Christophe

Copy source/airmenu folder into deploy.

Then, open deploy/airmenu/jquery.airmenu.js.Go to line 130.

find(".menu > li.has-submenu > a")

Dear, Thank you for your fast reply but it doesn’t work. Menu closed when I click on item, and when I open menu again the text and the arrow have rotate of 180° ;) The text is red and arrow still white.

Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards, Christophe

You need to replace all icon codes like that with the parent link name.

how do I disable the burger on desktop?

You can add


to parameters.

I purchased it today. It doesn’t work in wordpress? The popup doesn’t show up. Hamburger does show up though

You bought WP plugin version as I remember. I don’t understand why did you write here.

Hi. I just purchased and activated air menu. I then created a new test menu and selected it in the air menu settings. When I embed the new menu (via a short code) into one of my pages, it shows up like a normal menu. How do I access the features in air menu?

You don’t have “PURCHASED” badge. Please, ask something with your bought account.