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rwelker Purchased

I saw a few comments about seo being affected by this plugin, has there been a resolution to this yet?

There have been concerns, but nobody can say for sure if a plugin like this affects SEO. Modern crawlers are able to execute JS on the page and see past popups in order to index the actual content of the page – that is what I found when doing the research for this product.

Hello, I have send a request for refund last week, but have not received an answer. when will I know?

I just replied to your refund request.

Hello Guys!

Really nice plug-in! But I have a problem on the tablets, the age selecter don’t work!

On the telephone it works both don’t look nice!

Can you maybe fix this?

Your sincerely,


Hello Yanchev,

Thanks! When can we expect the update? :-)


yanchev Author Team

The feedback that you’ve given us has been added to a list of wishes changes and we will make them happen in some of the next versions, as soon as possible.

Oké super, thank you!

Question re: SEO, SERP’s display of page titles to be specific, and if your plugin does not interfere with this? Please confirm that it does not prior to purchase.

We are running another age verification plugin at the moment, along with Yoast SEO Premium and it has changed every page title in Google to the Age Verification title.


yanchev Author Team

Age Verifier for Wordpress does not interfere of the search engine bots to indexing the webpages and websites. It’s friendly for SEO.


I want translate month names. I find it in two js files – age-verifier.js and age-verifier-content.js. Then I changed english names to my language, but it don’t help. What can I do to translate it?

Best regards,

Hello, You have to change month’s names in “age-verifier.js” by the code editor of WordPress. But when you update the plugin the changes will be lost. What is your language?

In adition, if you have other questions, I suggest you to ask about them in our support system here:

Hi, Thanks for the answer!

We use Bulgarian – bg_BG

Is there some way to place this file in our child theme, and to edit it there?



Please try clearing your cache, and it should work.

I can’t advise for child themes, I’m not familiar how their file structure works. The easiest thing to do is to copy-paste the get_birthday_form() function and save it somewhere, just in case you decide to update the plugin in the future.

P.S. You don’t need to change the text in the age-verifier-content.js file, that’s only for the editor. The end product gets generated in age-verifier.js, just change the names of the months there.


The new update does not work on chrome or firefox. Please check it, because i wait 6 month to bring the fix about the dropdown menu for the ipad. I cant use the new update because its not working. very bad work

Apologies for the broken 1.4.0 version, there was a problem with the build script that messed everything up. The good news is that the ipad dropdown bug is fixed!

Hey Guys. I would like to protect one post on my website, not the entire website. Would your plugin do the trick?

Yes, in the plugin’s editor there is “Display Filter”, which allows you to specify where to show the protect screen. If your post is differentiated into a specific WordPress page, you can select it and the screen will appear only for it.

Thanks, I bought it but it only works for desktop and laptop. On iPad and iPhone it’s all blank and the user can’t proceed. Judging by the comments of other users it seems like this has been an ongoing issue. Can we fix this somehow for mobile or would I need to request a refund?

I have replied in the ticket, which you had send to us.

Hello Guys,

I update the new version both it doesn’t work anymore! I only see “asd” when i click on the tab.

Please help me :-)

Apologies for the broken 1.4.0 version, there was a problem with the build script that messed everything up. Within a few hours there will be a new version (1.4.1).

Hello. How manage z index because other pop up appears over the age verification. The plugin is Advanced floating content of codecanyon too.


Hello, You can manage the z-index from the “age-verifier.css” file. I suggest you to do necessary changes in the “age-verifier.css” file, which is located in “uncompressed” folder from the package, which you downloaded, when you have bought the plugin. There, the file is much easier to read. Then you may copy the corrected content to “age-verifier.css”, located in the right sidebar in the code editor of WordPress.

In adition, If you have other questions to us, could you please submit a ticket here:

Many thanks, works well. All the best.