Discussion on Advisor Quiz

Discussion on Advisor Quiz

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Laduff Purchased

I’m using Toolset to add custom fields and I saw that 2 years ago you said that it’s possible to filter custom fields by using some php code, screenshot:

Is it still working? I tried and it didn’t work :/

Hi! Yes, that should still work, if you reference the correct custom meta field id, it should display it in the query builder. Not sure how toolset does though, does it create normal custom fields?

Laduff Purchased

Not 100% sure, but I think it works like ACF Pro :) Some developer documentation here:

Laduff Purchased

Hi, I’m missing a feature. I would like to show the feedback after the user answers the questions and then after a delay, like 10 seconds, redirect him to a page. It can be really useful for product recommendation, after questions, the client read the answer, know which product he might buy and his redirected to this product.

Right now with this system, the user can’t read the feedback and is blindly redirected…

Hi! Unforuntately that’s not possible. The redirect feature is there assuming the url would contain information about the result itself. Sorry for the limitation.


Liz234 Purchased

Hi I have the following questions:

1. can this exclude products? 2. how many products can it recommend? 3. is there a limitation on the potential product recommendation? Meaning in the backend, when adding the potential products that could be recommended, is there a limitation on that number? 4. will it also send email to users of the recommended products?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. You can set rules to exclude products, by ID or by not belonging to a certain taxonomy for example. There’s no limit, you can set the limit of results. You can set the quiz to send an email, yes, but it will have limited information. I assume that for your questions, by products you mean something like woocommerce products or another post type. Greetings, Carlos


Liz234 Purchased

Hi Cmoreira, I mean onsite woocommerce products. So the way how we have set up with another plugin is by elimination instead of points upvote.

With this plugin you will use query rules, so an answer can filter down products from a specific category for example or exclude specific IDs.

Carlos – this plugin is amazing! Question regarding the “search results” of the CONTENT INTERGRATION OF CONTENT FILTER quiz: are the results sorted by the posts that have the best match on top? or they being displayed randomly? Can we set “weights” for each question in the quiz? In the “search results” of the quiz – can we display to the user the level of matching, for each post? for example, 90% match, 80% match and so on?

Hi! Only 100% match will display in the order you set in the quiz options > Order Suggestions by setting. It won’t be possible to display the level of matching unfortunately. Greetings, Carlos


Hi Can you share the link to the page where you’re having this issue or write us through the contact author option in the support tab? Greetings, Carlos

Hello Carlos, one more question. In a personality profiling test, is it possible to assign a point value to each answer. For example that answer 2 gets 2 points and answer 4 gets 4?

I found your docs section and see that is exactly what you can do with profiles.

Yes, that’s possible. Greetings, Carlos

RTL Support?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Yes, there are several users successfully using the plugin on RTL layouts. Greetings, Carlos

Can I pay usdt?

Hi! It’s only possible to pay in USD. Greetings, Carlos

Hello Cmoreira, is it possible to configure the social share buttons? Instead of share my results, I’d like people to share the test itself so their friends can take the test. Thanks in advance.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin and I’m sorry for the delay. The embeded social share buttons will only share the results. However, any social share plugin will allow you to share the page with the quiz itself. Greetings, Carlos

Ok, so is it possible to disable the social share buttons? So they don´t show on the results page?

Yes, that’s possible. Greetings, Carlos

Does the plugin supports RTL language, my site is in English and Arabic using WPML

Hi! Yes, the plugin will also work in RTL. Greetings, Carlos

I have questions about the Content Advisor type :
- How many products can i display on the end of the quiz ?
- I use WooCommerce on my website for Affiliate links , so i not need the “Add to card” button, can I delete it or edit it with an affiliate link?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. You can show as many products as you want and you can hide the ‘add to cart’ button, yes. Greetings, Carlos

Presale question. Is it possible to shuffle an answers in question every time?

Hi! Yes, it’s possible to randomize the answers order. Greetings, Carlos

can i bulk import the questions

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. No, unfortunately it is not possible to bulk import answers. Greetings, Carlos

Hello, I have created a quiz and turned on the “Request Email – to see results” as I want the quiz to be a lead magnet for my client. But when I preview the form, it does NOT ask for email. What do I do to use this feature? Nevermind – I solved it myself. I realized the email field doesn’t show when you are logged in. All is good.


nargo Purchased

Presale question: I’m using an email marketing service that’s not listed. Can I download a CSV file of those people who took my quiz and submitted their email? I would like to import the email addresses into my email marketing service. Thanks

Hi! In the statistics page there’s an option to download the emails in csv, which will also include the other fields, if enabled. Greetings, Carlos


nargo Purchased

Hi cmoreira, thanks for the quick reply. I bought your quiz yesterday and it’s awesome. I would like to integrate this with Facebook’s pixel. I would like to know what my cost per lead is when someone enters their email to see the quiz results. Is this possible with your quiz? Thanks

Hi! The only way to include custom code in the quiz it would be in the ‘content integration’ tab. Greetings, Carlos

Pre purchase question: Hi, i want to take user info in a form like first step, then make 5 questions and on depends of his answer show another group of questions, is that possible?

Thank you?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin! It’s only possible to ask for user info at the end of the quiz, before showing the results. It’s possible to show/hide questions based answers given in previous questions. Greetings, Carlos

Hi there! After updating to php 8.1 the plugin has caused a fatal error so I had to deactivate it. Now everything works again on my page. Are you planning to support php 8.1 in the future? Thanks

Hi I released an update today to improve compatibility with PHP8. It’s version 1.8.25 You might need to download it and install it manually. Greetings, Carlos

Pre-purchase question: I want to create quizzes that will offer products to my customers. For example, I want at the end of the quiz to display a certain category of products. Is it possible ? Do you have a refund policy in case of dissatisfaction?

Yes, that’s possible. Here’s the refund policy for reference: Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I’d like to use quizzes to generate leads. I see the plugin can collect emails; can it connect to an mailing list provider like ActiveCampaign or Mailerlite and add the person to a mailing list automatically? And can it email the user the results of the quiz they took automatically also?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. The plugin can only integrate with Mailchimp and Aweber. It can automatically send some information about the quiz taken and results to their email, yes. Greetings, Carlos

Hi! Presale question: is it possible to not directly show the correct answer and sent an automatically email after de quiz is filled in? And in that email should be the result of the test, but the result is an advice per question/answer. So its not a right or wrong answer. The quiz is used for giving an advice and the advice should be visible in email only. The advice is based on the answers those where given. Hope you understand me. Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately this is not possible with the plugin. Greetings; Carlos


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