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Hi vaakash,

I just bought your theme for my website and I really like it. But I have a problem. As you can see, I use another plugin on my site, which is located at the same height:

How can I change the height of the next and previous-buttons?

I´ve already tried to adjust the “The pixels to show the “next” post bubble in advance from bottom”, but that didn´t do anything. Can you help me? Anticipated thanks and best regards

Hi ebuza,

Please place this CSS in your theme’s style.css file.

.anpn-wrap {
    z-index: 9999999 !important;

Now the previous button will be on top of sharebar.

Hello, how can I translate Prev/Next strings for multilanguage website? And the plugin returns this error: “Undefined variable: meta2 in advanced-post-navigator/anpn.php on line 142”

Hi, congrats for a fantastic plugin. Is it pobile to replace the arrow with a custom image?

How do I make the plugin arrows only show up on Blog Post. I don’t want it showing up on Pages or custom post types?

Is it possible to move the position of the arrows to the lower portion of the screen. Though CSS maybe? Dead center it’s distracting to the reader.

Lastly, If I want to remove this at certain responsive view points what would be the best to add to my css code.

Thank you for your help.

I found the answer to the top two questions through the comments here. Please help with these last two.

1) How do I make the plugin arrows only show up on Blog Post. I don’t want it showing up on Pages or custom post types?

2) Is it possible to move the position of the arrows to the lower portion of the screen. Though CSS maybe? Dead center it’s distracting to the reader.

Hi Cudafunk, Thanks for buying my plugin. I can make a simple change to the code and provide it to you.

Please make the following change in anpn.php

Line 229 change if(is_singular() && !is_front_page() && !$isPost){ to if(is_single() && !is_front_page() && !$isPost){

For the question 2, I’ve sent you an email with the CSS changes.

Please check and let me know.

Thanks, Aakash

Worked perfectly. Thank you. Excellent support and plugin.

Hi there,

i want to purchase your plugin, but i need first to know if it will work.

My wordpress runs theme.

On desktop, the posts are opened on lightbox/ajax. On mobile, for performance, they open without lightbox/ajax

My question is the following:

-> Does your plugin really attaches a TOP of everything overlay buttons? IF yes, then it shall run fine. If not, then ill face probelms with the lightbox.

-> Also can i customize the next /previous post texts on the button? can i remove those and leave only the arrows?

Please answer me. Thank you


Hi brunocosta77,

1) The alignment is made via CSS like z-index of the buttons is set to 9999 which means over all the items. The modal the theme uses has z-index 1050 which is lesser than 9999. So it will display over the modal.

2) Yes you can remove the texts. There are options.

If you want, you can disable the navigation buttons on mobiles too. After installing, if there are any issue I can provide code changes for any minor requirement, not a problem for me !

Thanks, Aakash

Hi, I just bought this plugin and installed on my website. Next and previous buttons are not displayed at correct location. They come at the bottom of the page as big black bars. Can you please help?

My website is

Hi Yelamnc, thanks for buying the plugin. The CSS and JS files of the plugin are not loaded. Some other plugin/the theme you are preventing the files from being loaded.

Can you please tell me the list of plugins you are using ? or try disabling the plugins one by one and check which is causing the issue ?


I am planning to purchase this plugin for my wordpress site. However, does this plugin only work for posts pages? I need this plugin to be in my pages instead.

Thank you!

can i show this post navigation only on specific categories?

Yes you can do it

is there a way to play with the plugin before buying it?

I am looking for a “post Navigator” that will work with the listings in the popular

Hi, i have a question regarding the Advanced post nav. I have purchased it today. Is it possible that the bubble will only appear when i hover or click the arrow? I find it more disturbing when the bubble appears at the buttom of the page.

Kind regards,


Sorry, found it on your support page. Have a nice day!

Kind regards,


Thank you :)

Is there any chance this works with Woo Commerce products so we can go to previous and next products

Hello. 2 questions.

1. Is it possible to hide the bubble and just have the arrows?

2. What determines the logic of what is shown if “Get posts from same category as current post” is not selected? Are post selected at random?

The reason I ask is I am trying to figure out a way to show post in chronological order.


Hello. I have an additional question. I have the arrow background color set to “Clear” for a transparent background…but it still shows a color? See

Yes I have clicked saved and cleared by cache.

Thanks. Wilton

Looks like I need to give an option for this requirement. Anyways, can you please paste the below CSS in styles and effects—> additional CSS ?

.anpn-wrap { background: transparent !important; border: 0 !important; box-shadow: none !important; }

Excellent! Thanks.

Amazing plugin! Does exactly what I need.

Can you please show me the custom CSS to use to change all the font sizes in the bubble? I need to scale everything down a little bit (post title, “Further posts” and post links).

Thanks for using my plugin. ANPN uses your theme’s style for the content inside the bubble. So by default it uses your theme style only.

You can reduce the font size like below,

.anpn-cnt { font-size: 90%; }

You can also refer the CSS styles used by the plugin here

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Genius! Thanks for the quick help

Thank you :)

I have just bought your plugin. It looks great. I installed it and configured, but I can not see any arrows neither in posts nor in custom post types. Am I missing something big? I am using Divi as a theme. Thank You

It should not happen. Can you please share your website address ? I’ll check and let you know.

Do you need administrator priviliges in wordpress? The site is under construction (http:/ - Please tell me what do you need and how can I provide this privately. Thank you for your help.