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Hi – I cant find the included area selector like your demo here Please explain how to access it.

on the “advanced” tab -> section “show only a part of the iframe”

Hello good day I am designing my web page, and I would like to know if the PRO version of pluguin can deactivate from the code iframe ads and redirects that are in the same code, basically I am interested in being able to remove the ads and the redirects to the webpage of the videos that there are In the web of xvideos, so that in my web only the video is seen and nothing more. Thank you

Can you use the external workaround? I assume not as this sounds like a external video page. Normally I would say no. You might can place divs over the video to hide something but I think this is not what you need. Maybe disabling Javascript in the iframe could be a solution if the additional content is rendered like this and the videos do still play….

Exactly, what I have to do is disable the javascript so that the videos are clean on my web. Looking for the wordpress pluguins I found your pluguin that in the pro version says that you can hide sections of the ifame, in my case I would need to clean the javascripts, as they have given me access to all their iframes but they come with many redirects and the videos are not seen Clean as I like. Thank you very much in advance

I’m not usre we talk about the same thing. See for the demo to hide elements. This is NOT removing them!

and disabling Javascript is done with the Sandbox attribute. See for details and what this means. I don’t know if this solves you problem!

can this resize a fancybox popup with a form?

I don’t think so because fancybox does render his own iframe.

Hello there,

I need to know how to open the iframe to a new window or tab if this option is there I think it must be But I know this is an easy thing to do even if I were to just write some code..the window or tab will open on my own site I do not need an external link or the advanced i-frame.

a will change the target of every link to a. And I don’t know which settings you use that should cause that the page does not stop loading. Have you checked the Javascript console…

Hey Michael,

thanks for the reply! I forgot to say that figured out it was the plugin I was using to place the just won’t allow me to place an iframe in that element which I was using via your i-frame widget. I really do love your plugin and your support is top-notch!


Great. Simply post if you need anything else.

Hello, I have one website on wordpress, I want install one iframe with opening in another domain but in the browser don´t share the link of, only show, I have installed the plugin advanced iframe pro in my wordpress . The iframe will to reflect the same page ( )100% width responsive in , I´m creating one index.php to however I cannot run the iframe, please I need help. thanks in advance.Yuleidy

Hello Michael, done, however, I need to know how fix 100%, I see borders and in chrome double tabs,please help me. thanks in advance.Yuleidy

Hello, Excellent plugin Michael thank you so much!

So you have solved your problem? because at is a 404 right now.

Hello, i am using your plugin on My client complained that sometimes the iframe only shows a blank screen, and that after he refreshes the page its content shows up. He uses Chrome. I tested the url with the free iframe checker and it was ok. What do i do?

Update: sometimes the iframe on this page is just blank, sometimes it is blank with error ‘Apache Sever at Port 80’, and sometimes the content of the iframe is shown correctly. I do not use any caching plugin. The blank iframe problem seems to happen more often when i haven’t visited the website for a while (for a couple of minutes/hours).

But this are errors I don’t see any relation to the iframe. If the page cannot be reached this seems to me a completely other problem. Can you check the network tab? so what is returned in case of an error?

Hello, I love the product and have the pro version. I have a problem. On the mac, any browser, when I submit a form from the other site in your tool, it says it worked from a UI perspective, but I don’t get an email (contact us) ON PC, just fine. Any ideas or would you like more info.

Normally I would say this is not a issue with the iframe. Does it work outside? do you maybe get any Javascript errors?

MDEMPFLE, thanks. It was simple. I had my browser open for a few days working on all the frames I was making with your tool. So something was breaking in Safari because I did was terminate it and restart safari and it worked.

I would love for my users to login here ( which is setup like this [advanced_iframe securitykey=”My_Key” src=”//”]. However after users log in, if i refresh page, users will always be prompted by login form. Is there a way to have iFrame remember this has already been done until users clicks on my logout link?

This has nothing to do with the iframe. your page needs to detect that the user is already logged in. Is /billing/clientarea.php the login page? Maybe you can directly link to the page you want to go. Then you might get redirected to the login page then in not logged in.

Best, Michael

’/billing/clientarea.php’ is the whmcs client dashboard but requires you to login before viewing. I’ve created iFrame pages linking directly to areas from clientarea.php dashboard, such as client invoices, and their login is actually saved. But the second I go back to iFrame with ’/billing/clientarea.php’ as the target, those users are prompted to log back in.

2nd Scenario say I allow users to login using WHMCS Bridge WP plugin which also acts as an iFrame that points to clientarea.php, then users will have to immediately log back in if I have a link pointing to an Advance iFrame Pro page such as invoices.

I want to be able to keep login sessions as long as I haven’t closed the browser and erased history. WHMCS Bridge actually keeps the login session but kills important javascript needing to run on some pages. That’s why I have to use iFrames for those pages.

but the iframe itself cannot do anything here as I have written above.

Hi there,

I am thinking about purchasing the PRO version to fix an issue on my Wordpress site. I am having a bizarre experience with free Wordpress Iframe plugin not rendering the iframe of my API located at:

Here is what happens on Wordpress:

Can you tell me if the PRO version will fix this issue? I have been able to use the Iframe plugin without issue up to now.


The rendered code has this video. You can try with as this is already a much better version than the [iframe] plugin. But please not that is not responsive. So I’m not sure if this fits nicely to your page.

Thank you as that works. Does your pro version help with making the rendered iframe responsive?

The pro version can make the iframe responsive. But you have to check if this is what you really need! Because it makes the iframe responsive. Not the content in there!



Also it depends on your setup. because if you cannot use the external workaround most likely only zoom ist your only option!

Best, Michael

hy bro. can i use iframe pro like codecanyon preview? thanks

I have got everything working great – but for some reason, show_part_of_iframe_allow_scrollbar_horizontal=”false” will not disable horizontal scroll. Are there additional settings I need to check somewhere? Thanks :)

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”xxxxxxxxx” use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”” id=”not-set” height=”1630” width=”580” show_part_of_iframe=”true” show_part_of_iframe_x=”10” show_part_of_iframe_y=”724” show_part_of_iframe_width=”570” show_part_of_iframe_height=”684” enable_ios_mobile_scolling=”true” show_part_of_iframe_allow_scrollbar_horizontal=”false”]

Do you have an url where I can see it. I tested with the settings above and then no scrollbar was visible anymore. Be aware that the iframe below the viewport should be so big that is has no scrollbars because otherwise users are able to e.g. scroll with the keyboard or the mouse wheel.

Best, Michael

Okay :) I increased the height some more and got it working! Thanks for the tip!


I am not clear on how I would use this if the page I want to create an iframe for is on a different domain. For example, let’s say I am posting an article to Facebook from… and I add an iframe header in your software that says “Come visit my site”, so when a Facebook user clicks on the post, they are taken to the article with the header. How is the Facebook link created? Does your script create a separate URL? What is the exact process? Thanks

? I don’t understand your setup. You want to use the show iframe in layer feature? There you create a separate header file manually.

Best, Michael

Thanks for your reply to my question, but… Can you send me an email, so I can send you a screenshot to provide some clarity on my question?

I need to implement a (height) auto-size iframe with a external webpage inside (that i can not change).

Can this be done?