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I need to embed a webpage that’s http but our site where the iframe will be is https. I saw the documentation on http/https but it only discusses the issue of https in the iframe of an http site.

Do we need to do the same things for this or is it not an issue at all and I can mix headers?

Btw, I tried to register for the support forum here:

but it’s not letting me register.

Glad I could help :).

So I was able to register but for some reason when I try to post a topic and I click submit I get sent back to the login screen and the topic doesn’t seem to get posted.

So I’ll post the question in the comments here on with another thread.

Have you enabled cookies? If it does not work simply use this site…

I need to run BuddyPress on a subdomain but I need to display teasers like “Recent Comments” and “Recent Photos” on the home page of the main site. Would iFrame Pro be a good solution for this?

I was considering creating a special page on the subdomain that displays the content they way I need to and then bringing that into the home page using an iFrame. Is this doable and is it a good solution?

This should not be a problem. I’m not sure if you even need a special page as the plugin can fetch the content you want. Also maybe “Include content directly” is an option for you. Then the code is directly inserted into your page.


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This plugin does not work anymore. And then I copied-pasted sample these short codes I have there given on my iframe settings with my security key. AND GOT THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE

No valid security key found. Please use at least the following shortcode: [advanced_iframe securitykey=”<your security key – see settings>”] Please also check in the html mode that your shortcode does only contain normal spaces and not a   instead. It is also possible that you use wrong quotes like “ or ”. Only ” is valid! WHY I GOT THEN WRONG SECURITY KEY OR WHAT IS GOING ON?

All features are tested with WP 4.7 – but maybe your theme is not compatible. Therefore I would need the url so that I can check…


123evee Purchased

NOW IT STARTED TO WORK AGAIN! Page not anymore white. May be there there was necessary wait about half hour after these updates. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

do you maybe have a cache plugin?


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Hi, I purchased AI Pro over the weekend and need some help. I’m trying to remove portions of the this page, to show only the boats below the search section inside the white box. Can you give me some help on this. Thanks

Can you use the external workaround? If not you can use the “show only a part of the iframe” feature like shown here:

Select the area you want to show with the area selector in the administration.

Best, Michael


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Where is the .zip file to download? I click the downloadable file only and I get the same set of folders


pintoj19 Purchased

Yes, that option may be available and I see it however when I click that option the zip file is not what is downloaded. I get the full folder (with documentation, css, etc) instead of the 1-click zip install file. Try for yourself, I can replicate this issue on multiple machines. I insist it is a code canyon mistake.

I just tested and I get a zip file. Do you maybe have an option that zip files are opened automatically? Because you cannot download a folder structure. And you can also simply zip this folder. or you send me a message through codecanyon and I send you the zip by e-mail

Best, Michael


pintoj19 Purchased

Thank you for looking into this. I will double check any setting I may have applied but I have never had this issue before with any themeforest/code canyon products. I sent you a message just now. Thanks again!

Let say I have domain , if I want to make the iframe URL to become ? The reason I want to do something like this because I somehow need a identifier in the URL so that Apache RewriteRule could catch a keyword in the iframe so that it won’t run into rewrite loop…. Is that something free version can be done?

where does the parameter come from? is this static?


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Hi, eversince i purchased this item i never really understood how it works. The video is not explaining enough and the forum is confusing. I also never used the support and i really dont gonna pay $13 just to ask a question. So all i want to know is how i can create an iframe which shows a sitebar content of an external page. SEE SCREENSHOT >

There are simply to much functions and the External Area Selector is not really working for me either… Please some feedback Steve

why do you need to pay something to ask a question? simply ask. Here or in the forum (why is this confusing? it is like a normal forum)

The areas selector it the right tool. What is the problem here? are you not able to select the area?

I think what you want is shown here:

bzw. the video is only for the quickstart guide. More videos are currently in production.

Best, Michael

Just a heads up.. your fix will probably fix Example #51 also, because it is basically just like example #6, except with PostMessage.

Both are already fixed. I only forgot to save the settings after my internal update ;).

Yep, I can confirm. Just did a hard refresh.. and everything in examples is working like a charm!

Hi – this is our site: That entire area is an iFrame. What could you do to improve it? Can you have the links/apartments open in new URLs? We want to link them to that domain name.

First I need to know if you are able to add one line of Javascript to the other page. If yes then you can change link targets. you can add lazy load, a loading icon… See:

Best, Michael


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Hi Michael, I sent you an email . Please reply me . Thanks

Regards, gsaha