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is there anyway i can make my iframe zoom ONLY when users view my page using their mobile devices?

Sure – you can use the device detection. Please check the help tab for examples.

Best, Michael

Hi … great looking plugin … very nice work! ... just a quick question on “Lazy load when the iframe is loaded after the parent page is loaded”

Does this mean the iframe will only load after the parent page is completely loaded (2 separate events) ... or is it a synchronous event?

Is it possible to delay the iframe load … so for example only loads 5 seconds after the parent page has fully loaded?

Many thanks in advance

Cool … that great … thank you :) Sorry for the late reply, the notification went to my spam box.

Just one quick last question on the “iframe is loaded after the parent page is loaded” ... are these 2 separate events … so the parent pages loads … then the iframe loads after as a separate event. Or just one long event.

The main reason I ask … are my pages in general load pretty fast (good for the Google rankings) but if I have an iframe in the page … depending on the iframe page, it can take a long time to load.

I am hoping that my page can load first and register a quick time with Google … then after that load the iframe … is that possible?

But ideally without loading the iframe manually. Many thanks again in advance

after the main page is loaded a ready event is fired – and then the iframe is loaded. It even depends how you configure it. If the iframe is not visible at the beginning you can configure that is is load when it gets visible or with a certain offset.

Check and go to the network tab of your browser to see when the stuff is loaded…

Best, Michael

Cool … thats great … many thanks again for the quick reply :)

I’m struck using url_forward_parameter with standalone version. Can you show an example. Following is the code

$doc = $_GET['doc'] . ".pdf";
$subfolder = $_GET['folder'] . "/";
$iframeStandaloneOptions = array(
   'id' => 'example1',
   'name' => 'example1',
   'src' => 'demo1.php',
   'url_forward_parameter' => "subfolder=".$subfolder,
   'url_forward_parameter' => "doc=". $doc,
   'width' => '800',
   'height' => '600',
   'enable_lazy_load' => 'true',
   'show_iframe_loader' => 'true'

I understood how to do that.

Can I pass internal php variables, like session key, with url_forward_parameters? If yes how do I that?

url_forward_parameters is something completely different! It parses the url of the parent and add the parameters you define to the iframe.

Please look at the documentation of the src parameter. There you find internal Wordpress variables you can use (e.g. user name …). Having a session id in an url is never a good idea ;).

Best, Michael

Hi there,

What happens to a the referrer when iframed, say, Facebook => MySite (iFramed). Or any site as the starting site?

Does the iFramed site see the Facebook referrer?

What happens if my site is https:// and the iFramed site is http://? Does the iFramed site see the referrer?

What happens if I need to rotate various IFramed offerings rotating from my https:// site to iFramed pages within the same https:// site and the iFramed site is http://. Does the iFramed site see the referrer?

Thank you,


The referrer of the iframe is the parent page!

If you site is https and your iframe is http the http site is blocked as this is not allow by all major browsers. See:

Thanks. On an https:// is there a way to make a few pages that I plan to iframe into http:// pages?

Can the destination page (the page iframed) ever see the original referrer?? I do not want them to see it!



See my blog post. https pages inside http does work but is not optimal for the reasons I wrote in my post.

About the referrer I cannot give you any guaranies. I just tested FF and Chrome and both show the parent.

Best, Michael

What IP Address is Passed to the iFramed Page?

For example, if the iFramed page is a lead generation page of an affiliate, what IP address is passed to the affiliate? Is it the users IP or my Site’s IP?

My concern is that the affiliate needs to see each IP for each lead as unique. If all IPs are showing from my site then it looks like each lead is not from a unique person.

If it is my site’s IP, is there a way to show the User’s IP?



IP: Depends which parameter is read. If it is the cone from the client it is the one from the client.

Best, Michael

I I wanted to make this page: fully responsive and act like the iframed page, would I use the WordPress or the Standalone version?

If the stand along version, do you have the blank HTML or Page code I would use to make it work?

What parameters would I need to use, can you provide the shortcode using as an example?

Thank you!


You did not answer my question but from your answer I assume that you mean a fullscreen iframe the is responsive and NOT a fully responsive iframe that is include into a page together with different content.

The example you post does ONLY work if you have no other content on the page than the iframe! this is by default not the case for Wordpress.

My plugin has a button that sets all the needed styles that an iframe is fullscreen even in Wordpress!

So in my plugin you simply add the basic shortcode to a page. Enter the src you want and click on the “fullscreen” button on the basic tab to set the needed styles there and save. If you have several different pages you can do the same but you then use the included short code generator which gives you an individual shortcode for you current settings.

Best, Michael

Thanks Michael,

I think we are getting closer.

I think I did answer your question. But let me clarify. I want the page to look like this: in WordPess, which means what? A full-screen Wordpress template without header and footer and using your plugin to achieve that? Would it then be fully responsive?

Would your plugin make if fully responsive because there is no other content on the screen? As you said: ” . . . the example you post does ONLY work if you have no other content on the page than the iframe! this is by default not the case for Wordpress.”



Yes it will. It will place the iframe over everything! because in Wordpress you have a header and a footer!

Best, Michael

is there any shortcode for adding styles? i want to add margin-top

this is not working for me. do i need to put a class on it? can you give me a example please?

i want my iframe to position at the top of the page. currently iframe is centered on the page

you asked for magin-top. this does mean that at the current position if your iframe you want a margin of 10 px above. So you have different requirements?

with style=”” you can add any style needed! So your problem is a pure css issue. so do you want that the iframe is over your normal content? I need to know more details to give you the styles you need.

Best, Michael

Quick question I am trying to make a WordPress-based content into a progressive web application. When I access a iframe through the web application of my website, it shows as grey, would this be an issue with your plugin or the plugin that allows my website to be converted in to a web app?


I don’t understand what you mean exactly. Have you checked that the page can be viewed in the iframe. Have you checked the page with:

or do you mix http and https pages?

Best, Michael

Yes it works fine through that, but within the application environment its turns up grey?

Do you have an url where I can see it?

Best, Michael

I have pro version and the website says I need to purchase pro version… What can I do to verify my license within my instance of Advanced Iframe Pro

Yo only need to upload the version you can download from codecanyon and uninstall the free version and install the pro version.

Best, Michael

Hello. Is it possible to hide iframe source url from inspect element with your plugin?

No – and none can do this!

Hello I would like to find a solution to resize the height of iFrame, the source page is on another domain name and host. Can you tell me if possible to do it then I will buy the Pro. thank you very much.

Can you add on line of Javascript to the other page? Because this the so called “external workaround” and without this the height cannot be sent back to the parent. If you are not able to do this auto height is not possible without using a proxy.

Best, Michael

Yes I can. Can you give me the javascript to write there for checking? Also I stress the fact that both pages (source and iframe) are on separated domains and host. thanks

the Javascript is part of the plugin. This does the communication between the different domains. You can try the free version on where this feature can be tested also.

Big thanks for this plugin!!!!! This may have saved my online business. Very much appreciated. Been tweaking for the greater portion of a full day, but it has been worth it considering the results. Love the ideal of this and who thought iFrames could be so darn powerful!!


How to apply iFrame to my remote site even if I go to that site directly. I’ve added remote script to footer just before tag and it’s working cause I see the changes after adding it. Please share the sytax i’d use to make this work. Ex: with/ iFrame (|cart.php%3Fgid%3D1). Ex: without/ iFrame (

Is this also a correct way to do this?

<script> var iframe_direct_url =””; </script> <script>document.domain=’’;</script>

I just set it your way and will edit manually. This is working now :-)

Great. So it seems Wordpress itself if filtering this by their default functions to parse attributes.

Is there a way to have iFrame links created without syntax rendering special characters such as (%3D)? I appreciate getting direct links to use, but when they have the special characters, I can’t use them due to special characters being truncated which breaks the direct path.

I have the redirect working now. I changed to the alternate remote script option. Yes I configured iframe_direct_url. I configured it to the page i’ve set for iFrame (

The only problem I think that I have left is passing {domain} through the iFrame. If you have a crafty way to do this would be great. If not I may just ditch the module no matter how cool it is.

What you you mean with {domain} ? check the option on the basic tab -> url. There are placeholders like {host}. Also you can use additionl shortcodes there where you can maybe the the variable you need.

Best, Michael


ctlit Purchased

Hi there, I’m getting the following error. No valid security key found. Please use at least the following shortcode: [advanced_iframe securitykey=”<your security key – see settings>”] Please also check in the html mode that your shortcode does only contain normal spaces and not a   instead. It is also possible that you use wrong quotes like “ or ”. Only ” is valid!

Please go to the basic tab and try the shortcode provided there. There is the shortcode for your system. You can also simply click on the “add advanced iframe” button above the WP-editor to get a default iframe.

Have you maybe tried one of my demos without security key?

Best, Michael

Pre-Sale question: 1. My site has bootstrap modal styling. Is there an EASY way to add bootstrap styling to “iframe in a layer”? 2. Are returns allowed if you can’t get it to work? If not, it’s fine. As long as there is enough documentation and support for functionality. And yes, I have read your site and the demos.

1. How can this style be added? Currently I place a div over everything and then the iframe with the some styles directly set at the iframe. So I would think right now some code needs to be changed to do this as the iframe styles are added in the code directly (like the border). But you can try to add classes with !important settings which does overwrite my styles then.

2. If I cannot get this to work? As your requirement is a not supported feature (style of the iframe layer iframe) this would not be anything where I can give a refund. But removing the hardcoded border (border:solid 2px #eee) in the code is easy to do. I actually wrote this to my todo list that this style can be set in the config

Hi, about the responsive version… only work if i put a javascript inside the page? If i don’t have access for this page, have another method or plugin for this action?

Only if you enter the Javascript you can get the height from the page. Only this way perfect responsive integration is possible. But it depends how the content you want to display looks like. e.g. if scrollbars or zoom is an option. If the content has a fixed height. So it depends how you conten looks like. And no. there is no plugin where you can do this. As I said – you have a couple of options if I know your exact requirements.

Best, Michael

Then i need to do two iframe? desktop height and mobile height?

if this is an option for you. Then you can use the internal browser detection and depending on that 2 different configs are used.

Best, Michael

presales question : I’m looking at your demo and there are 2 components of your plugin that could help me most. I’m just wondering if they could be used at the SAME time.
- Show only a part of the iframe (demo) + Zoom (new 7.0) +
- New 6.4. Links to external pages can be opened in a simple fullscreen layer/lightbox (example 34) + header/footer area (new 7.0)

No – this is not supported together. show part of an iframe is disabled if you want to show an iframe in a layer.

When showing only part of the iframe, could I still put an html header/footer that works fine in scrolling ?

if you show only a part of an iframe the whole page around is yours. So you can place there whatever you like.

Best, Michael