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VKDATA Purchased


We have bought this module yesterday and have a problem with displaying iframes on iphone and ipads.Iframes are responsive and that part is fine.But issue is with IOS and some devices like Iphone 4, Iphone SE and older/new versions of iPads doesn’t render iframes and showing a blank page.

We have used some real devices and emulators as well.See this page and can you let me know the issue? We are 100% that these iframes are allowed to embed.

And the code is

advanced_iframe securitykey=”Key_Hidden” use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” id=”example14” browser=”ipad,iphone,ipod” src=”” height=”600” width=”800” enable_responsive_iframe=”true” [advanced_iframe securitykey=”Key_Hidden” use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” id=”example14” browser=”default” src=”” height=”600” width=”800” enable_responsive_iframe=”true”]

You now need my new version. See

please send me a message through code canyon. But if the iframe is not showing at all we might have a problem. I had some systems where e.g. for special devices a header is set which does not allow iframing – or a redirect to a special site for ios which is e.g. https….


VKDATA Purchased

I have sent you a message

Any progress with my recommendations?

Hello, I am looking to purchase this to fix a scrolling issue with external domain iframes that we cannot control. We need them to be full screen on ios and scroll. Are we able to set the width and height of the iframe using absolute position so it can fill the screen or does it need a fixed height and width to fit? also has a limited width! check this by making the browser really small. So if you have a mobile with a smaller width you will get side scroll. But this is nothing you can do against.

I have even implemented a zoom but this does not work for fullscreen because the height will be adopted there as well.

Best, Michael

I purchased the software to test it out and I am having issues getting the full screen iframe to work. I am using this in standalone mode. What would I use to set a fullscreen iframe in standalone mode?

the easiest way is to install the plugin in wordpress. Click ion the “fullscreen button” and then the “generate shortcode”. Then you see all settings you need. Also make sure to enable scrolling support for IOS if you like to support this as well.

Best, Michael


bresso Purchased

Hi, I installed the free version prior to possibly buying the paid version. I’m using the script to embed a 360 panorama to a wordpress based site. Important to me is that it fills the height of the page. It doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m fairly sure it should be able to do that based on other comments. What am I doing wrong? Here’s the URL:

2/ It also doesn’t go full screen for some reason? (it does when using the pano url directly)

3/ Would buying the pro version be useful in my case? Or will it add to loading time unnecessarily? If it will, if that’s acceptable, I’ll make a donation once my issue is fixed. Thank you! uses a height of 100%. This is wrong as 100% means 100% of the surrounding element. So this normally defaults to 150px!

So you want to include This is a fully responsive “element”. So you have to define in the iframe how it should be handled! I think you like something like a responsive video: (pro version).

2. you need to allow fullscreen. See on the basic tab how to enable this.

3. Most likely yes as responsive videos are a pro feature. There will not be any additional loading time as only enabled features do need any extra rendering.

Best, Michael


bresso Purchased

I just bought the pro version. Still having issues. Will use your support forum for help. Thank you.

Already answered. There are several points to clarify first and then we can find a solution…


I was wondering if you have plans to discount this plug-in at Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

I’m looking froward to your reply! :) - Tapeix

No plans yet…

Hello. Could I use the plugin to include a certain area of WP page (eg: with a “ASP or ASP/net content” from domain ?


So the content you want to share is WP but the other one is not? You can use the standalone version if you want to do the other way around. Also maybe my new feature of 7.5.2 which is coming after Christmas would help here. There I have inverted some of the logic so you only need to include one line of JS and an iframe to the partent page and you still get e.g. auto height and modifications of css.

Best, Michael

Hello. Appreciate this item. I am creating a mobile website and am using this product to display another website users log into. The iframe had a header I didn’t want visitors to see so using your tool I blocked it out. However the iframe is not responsive so when individuals login in it cuts off the both sides with not way even to zoom out. How do I block the header and make the iframe responsive?

This depends on your setup. Can you use the external workaround? Means can you insert one line of Javascript to the page in the iframe? If not maybe auto zoom ( is maybe an option.

Best, Michael

Thanks Michael, found the tweak at the link you provided. The bottom one worked just fine: [advanced_iframe securitykey=”your key” use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”” id=”example43” height=”2200” width=”940” show_part_of_iframe=”true” show_part_of_iframe_x=”165” show_part_of_iframe_y=”170” show_part_of_iframe_width=”650” show_part_of_iframe_height=”375” show_part_of_iframe_allow_scrollbar_vertical=”true” enable_ios_mobile_scolling=”true” show_part_of_iframe_zoom=”true” hide_page_until_loaded=”true” show_iframe_loader=”true”]

Great ;).

I need to be able to inject a style sheet into an iframed page in order to modify the styles on the page. I have confirmed that the page is not blocked using your url here: ... and all is good.

So will the pro version of this enable me to do it?

Can you add one line of JS to the page in the iframe page? Because adding a css file to a page you don’t have access to is impossible…

Best, Michael

I cannot. So that answers my question. It is not possible. Thanks

Right. noone can. But what do you want to achieve? Because e.g. hiding elements can be done by e.g. putting layers over the iframe. This is supported by the plugin…

Best, Michael


it is my first time using a plugin like this so, I need to be sure if it will work for what I want to do.

I want to display a section of my website (made on wordpress) on another website (didnt made on wordpress).

Does this plugin help me to do that?

Sorry, I missed this message. About the popup. I cannot tell you anything here without further information. The popup is in the iframe? Because here a normal iframe is used. So it will display everything like a normal webpage. But if you only want to display sections I don’t know if the popup is still showing.

Have you read the quickstart guide on the other tab and you know which way you can use?

I just check my website on your iframe checker and it show into the iframe box and also the popup window show up when click on the button. But it show the entire page, I mean header and also footer. I just want to show the content, no header and no footer. Can you please tell me if I would be able to do that? This is the URL of what I want to put into the iframe:

just want to show the title and the rating stars

Can you use the external workaround? Means adding Javascript to the other page? If not please look here:

The popup seems to fit or is a little bit too big. Depending where you do the cut.

Best, Michael


any tutorial or explanation of how to use the plugin? I bought it thinking there will be an explanation of how to use it, but there is only a lot of samples but I dont know how to do what the samples are showing!! Can you help me to start using it???

have you found the administration?

you mean the section where shows this tabs: Options / Basic Settings / Advanced Settings / External workaround / Add/Include files / Help / FAQ . ??

Yes. Above is the internal search and on the tabs is every shortcode explained in the section it belongs to.


zserban Purchased

Hello, mdemfle. I have a Pre-Sale Question. I am using testing the free plugin. What I want is to have an iframe in the main content area of the site where I display a survey, and it works. But, I need a way to close it after the user is done. The survey redirects the user to a thank you page. Given this scenario what can I do?


zserban Purchased

the … are my domain, I figured they don’t need to be public :) I posted that cause I saw the error there, I’m not sure its helping or anything.


zserban Purchased

Alright, i will continue there. a bit of a mess, indeed :)

You have specified it under iframe js – you have to add it as parent js !!!!

Im using this from your “help” topics, but didnt show anything:

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”566c0e1ab6d09b78c9bee439d331af644dfb5215” src=”” width=”100%” height=”600”]

I really need a lot of help here not just tell me to read the documentation because the documentation dont help anything

Have you not read the first section of the details tab of the quick start guide here on codecanyon?

“Please check the quickstart section before you buy! There you find out which features are available for you! E.g. to resize the content to the height or modify css of a remote iframe YOU NEED TO ADD ONE LINE OF JAVASCRIPT TO THE REMOTE PAGE !!!!! Also you can not include HTTP pages into HTTPS pages!”

Contact codecanyon if you like a refund. But please check here first:

I always asked you if it will help for my needs and you never mentioned that part, I have no intentions to steal your plugin or something like that, if you see my history I bought a lot of items here and never asked for a refund until now. But ok I will contact codecanyon for the refund

I asked you if you have read the quick start guide. But no worries. You need to go to codecanyon for this because I cannot give refunds.

Hello, will this work with Outlook Web App? For some reason, standard iframe does not work with Outlook Web App… nothing is displayed.

OK, I tried on another site that is https and I get this error: Refused to display ‘url’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’.

right – this is the header I talk about! So you cannot include this page to an iframe.

OK thank you. I really appreciate your help.


Im going to buy an SSL certificate to be able to embed the content of my site. can you help me please with the code I need to do that? Im not sure if I need a JS file or something to be able to do what I need, maybe I dont need that, but if I do, can you tell me please what is the file that I need to add to the site and the embed code too please. This is the content I want to embed:

I just need to show the rating element and the popup windows that show after click on the stars. does only contain the rating. So no need to cut anything away – rigtht? Then you simply use an iframe with the height and the width you like. Click on the “add advanced iframe” button in the editor and add as src . Then provide the width and height you like.

do you need auto height? Because for me it seems to be a fixed maximum height you can use.

so after the ssl upgrade you include httsp://

Hi, everything is working good, except on iOS, on apple devices the iframe dont adjust to the screen size. Any advice to fix that?

Upload files? No sure what you mean with this. Simply Install the plugin on your wp host. For IOS you first use the same short code as for the normal desktop with a width of 100% and a fixed height. Then you add enable_ios_mobile_scolling=”true” to shour shortcode because on ios otherwise iframes do not scroll!

Best, Michael

yes, I remember you told me I have to add some code on the website where Im embeding the website to be able to work the adjusting size automatically, but dont know what code was you talking about.

Can you add one line of Javascript to the other page? Because this you need for auto height. But if not you need the IOS workaround because otherwise iframe will not scroll.

Best, Michael


mrintala Purchased

Hey! I’m using using shortcode and i try to pass my parameters from my parent url to iframe. I am using this shortcode but I have no luck with it actaully passing parameters. Am I doing something wrong here?

[advanced_iframe src="" url_forward_parameter=”ALL” width="100%" height="100%"]
How does your parent url look like? url forwarding is the “basic” way doing this. See for the advanced way.