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Hi, One question far from this extension, Is it possible get some data frame a div in iframe? I read somewhere JavaScript can’t access other iframe cause of domain policy, is it true? (This extension allow forwards parameter in iframe)

What does “get some data frame a div in iframe” mean?

Is it possible to have this plugin load a full-screen HTML animation to play before the theme loads? So I can use the animation as an intro to the site? Thanks

You could do a fullscreen iframe and hide it after a certain time. For the hide you need a small Javascript function with a timeout which is then added to the onload event in the plugin.

This is to encrypt any iframe (Embed) in Wordpress’?

What I want is to hide the iframe

I want to hide the iframe of the bots

I still don’t understand what you mean? you want that a bot does not see the iframe? You know that this would be cloaking: and penalized by google… The plugin has as browser detection and there is an option “browser” where you can distinguish real browsers from bots.

Interested into. I tried the free version. But it does NOT seems to work with every website “FAILED TO EMBED”. Can you help please?

Interested into. Why did you wrote (in forum) not to use both http and https? regards

General question as I updated this plugin. I have an https iframe on an https website. But I’m still getting the:

“Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.”

Message. Since they are both https why am I getting the message?

Have you updated to the latest version? There was a problem in an older version to detect this…

I have the free version installed on another page, it is not on the Homepage. Yet when loading the Homepage, the ai.js file is loaded. Does the Pro version have an option to not load this unless someone goes to the specific page it is on?

This should be the case since version 6.4! See -> New: ai.js is only loaded if the advanced_iframe shortcode is on the page. “Include ai.js in the footer” has to be set to true to enable this.

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How are you. I am wordpress developer and have problem with auto height setting. iframe height is always 150 px; what I have done is 1: javascript code added in external page <script> var iframe_id = “CriteroinVoice_WaitingList”; var updateIframeHeight = “true”; </script> <script src=” iframe/js/ai_external.js”></script> 2.set “Resize iframe to content height” => yes 3.add iframe short code [advanced_iframe securitykey=”**” use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”” id=”CriteroinVoice_WaitingList” width = “100%”    height=”100%” scrolling=”no”]

when I set height with static value such as height = “500px”, it does work correctly. But I want iframe auto height as it’s content size. Please email me Thanks.

I reply to you by e-mail