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Who has the right code for ios devices. On android everything is great, but on iphone it all zoomed out. Does not fit. I need het help

I have later a directory website, lot of websites wanna put it in iframe. It’s not possible to change other sites viewport, because i dont own them. I have to check the viewport. Im not easy with that kind of coding. I need a examplescriptthat works for ios. I only need to change the website URL in that script. There too many demo’s. Scripts. The viewport, i Just wanna open the full page in a iframe. should work on ios. With a good viewport script or css script, i dont know. Best Marcel

I think you don’t understand. you cannot use because you don’t have any access to the other page! Therefore you cannot do auto height at all! No one can because this is a browser limitation. Also there is no single solution! Every website is different! and actually every combination of websites (parent and page in the iframe). IS a working example for ios. But your page seems NOT to work properly in a iframe on IOS. This has nothing to do with the plugin. This is because has maybe some coding issues (incompatible viewport settings in the header) that only are a problem in the combination iframe and IOS. So if you will have many websites many will work on IOS but there will also be some which will never work without changing the page in the iframe. My plugin offers many workarounds. And the one needed for a specific page is unknown.

Including a website into an iframe for different devices often requires different setups for different devices (this is also supported by this plugin). So there is no simple “I only want to include”.

This is why I told you to continue with e-mail. We can look if we find a solution for But this then maybe does not work for a different page your include. You have to ask apple why their iframe implementation is so bad.

Best, Michael

Please check your mail. I have setup an example page for you.


I’ve been using your plugin for quite some time and I just recently updated to the newest version 7.5.4. Are you aware virustotal indicates there is an issue?

I checked the file: includes/advanced-iframe-admin-zoom. There only a table is written. No dynamic content at all! there fore this is 100% a false/positive. You can check by yourself. There is only text! No dynamic content at all.

Great. That’s all I needed to know. You might want to post this somewhere so that new customers are aware you have checked and it is a false positive.

I try to contact the guys who thing this is a problem.

Hi, I have the following form:

I want this form to be seen in:

This form when entering data results in flight availability.

Can I use iframe pro so that when the user enters the data they take it to an external page which randomly generates the form? thank you for your answer.

Hi. I don’t understand the scenario. where is an external link generated? I don’t see a connection to the iframe. Is this not the responsibility of the form to do something after it is sent?

Best, Michael

Can someone refer me to an expert in this plugins? I need to Configure my Plugins so that it shows a part of the external web page and when the user interacts it adapts to the new size based on the presented result. I speak Spanish and the language makes it difficult for me to understand. I used the translator. How much does this configuration cost me?

You have sent me a message directly. I will answer this there.

Best, Michael

Thank you

Hi, Pre-Sales Question:

It’s possible iframe from google Maps. The business info?

Thanks in advance

Great work for this plugin ! would it be possible to hire someone for a config ? i have an emergency request by a client of mine

My goal is to insert : (just the tickets part)

Into :

thanks, or maybe i can send you the complete request somewhere ? (paid job)


Pho3nyx Purchased

Hello, i used in the past Auto iFrame and it have a nice autosize option, how to do the same with your plugin?


Pho3nyx Purchased

nope isn’t my site, my site is adult blog, can i add the link here?

no :). Please send a message here:


Pho3nyx Purchased

i mailed you

Hi, please check if I can use this site in iframe its not looking compatible with your plugin

Why do you think so? is step 1 reports that the test cannot be performed abut when you use check 2 it displays fine. I only think that you are not able to use all features as the website looks like a government site I think you cannot as Javascript to.

Hi, we want to show html banner with size 720×90 on wp website in posts. Website is responsive. Domain is the same. html Banner is not responsive. After trying several options, with your plugin iframe is not responsive in posts and iframe shows again the same size as the html banner is. Please write me how to make it responsive. We have used this code and tried also the options:

[advanced_iframe use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”/ad/banner1/index.html” id=”example19” height=”90” width=”720” hide_elements=”#secondary” content_id=”#primary” content_styles=”width:100%” onload_resize=”true” enable_responsive_iframe=”true”]

Thanks, Regards

You have to make the image responsive. set it to max-width:100%. also you have to set width if the iframe to 100% also. If you don’t want that the iframe is getting too big you can define a style=”max-width:720px;” as a fixed width does not make an iframe responsive. onload_resize=”true” enable_responsive_iframe=”true” take care of the correct height.

Best, Michael

Thanks for your reply. The problem is that the banner is html banner with fixed 720×90 size and is not an image. Please check this screen:

After placing the banner with iframe, website goes to right side along the banner. Please write me exactly the code how to place it without editing the html content of the banner and p.s. the url we have checked and supports your plugin perfectly. Thanks a lot

I cannot guess your html structure. Use content_id=”” content_styles=”” and there you can maybe overwrite your styles from the html if they are not set with !important. But without knowing the exact html I cannot tell you more details.

Best, Michael


Presale question… My client gave us the iframe embed below:

<iframe width=”100%” height=”800” frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0” marginwidth=”0” src=””></iframe>

We’ve tried adding it to this page but it doesn’t seem to be working. Will your plugin work for us?

Thank you very much.

No. Because ‘X-Frame-Options’ is set to to ‘deny’.

See in the console of your browser:

Refused to display ‘' in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘deny’.

Best, Michael

Bummer. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Good day, this is a pre-purchase question.

I need to incorporate the Whova event app ( into my WordPress Website.

I would like to know if Advanced iFrame Pro is the right “person” for the job at hand.

Here is an example of the code I have to pull into my website:


<script src=”” type=”text/javascript” id=”embeded-speaker-script”></script> Powered By Whova Whova event and conference app

Thank you, I’m holding thumbs!


I suppose it does, but it’s buggy.

1. The widget loads sporadically and usually get’s stuck halfway through the page, only when I check back later has the full widget loaded.

2. You are unable to scroll down when your cursor is on top of the widget area, only when you move your cursor to the side of the page can you navigate up or down.

Do you think I could rather extract the info and display it via Advanced iFrame Pro?

Thank you for your time!

I think the javascript does render something dynamically. I would need an url to work with. Also I think the script does also do the auto height which is something that depending on the implementation has to be reimplmented on the client side.

1. sounds like the page is imply not loaded. There a plugin cannot help. 2. the scrolling depends on the browser. Depending on the contents I know workarounds (like a readonly iframe). But I don’t know if you want to click on the stuff in the iframe…

Best, Michael

Thanks for your input Michael,

it is greatly appreciated.


We purchased the Pro version last year. It worked wonderfully but it just stopped working after the update earlier this week (April 2018).

We are using Advance iFrame Pro to show a embed a page we can’t modify (a product catalog). We’re just cropping a few pixels around the edges to get rid of the black and the rounded corners. Nothing else.

The page is 980 px wide and I want to crop 10 px from the left and 10 px from the right. The page is 1300 pixels tall and I want to crop off 70 px from the top and 70 px from the bottom.

The “show_part_of_iframe_x” and “show_part_of_iframe_y” don’t seem to have any effect anymore.

I’m including our code for reference with our security code xxx’d out.

Any help you can give is much appreciated!

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”xxx’d” use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”” id=”advanced_iframe” height=”1300” width=”980” show_part_of_iframe=”true” show_part_of_iframe_x=”10” show_part_of_iframe_y=”70” show_part_of_iframe_width=”960” show_part_of_iframe_height=”1160”]

Please update to 7.5.5.

There is a bug in Chrome 65 (fixed in 66).

I had this as well. Can you check if my demo works fine for you?

Best, Michael

so you can’t use this plugin to automatically set the height of a google document right?

As I think you are not able to add one line of Javascript to their page: No. But can you include it to an iframe at all? The only option would be if google would send the height by postMessage. Then advanced iframe has the possibility to map any format into the internal one. You can test this by setting postMessage on the external workaround tab to debug and check in the browser console if something is logged there.

Hello, I can’t go down in this iframe: My shortcode is: [advanced_iframe use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”” width=”100%” height=”100%” scrolling=”no” id=”advanced_iframe” hide_page_until_loaded=”true” content_id=”html,body” content_styles=”overflow:hidden” add_css_class_iframe=”true” onload_resize=”true” use_post_message=”true” ]

Hi you have to click on one of the houses, and then on the symbol to maximize the photo. Thank you

Have you enabled resize on element resize? because this seems like there is no page reload.

I answer you in the support forum. Thanks

Hello, pre sales question: Can I use your plugin to show a woocommerce store inside another wordpress website?

You need to check how your checkout is implemented. Because some payment providers do not allow iframing. e.g. paypal.

Can we make google charts (embedded) responsive using this plugin? I visited the link to your checker tool but couldn’t understand anything. Please help.

I only get a page that the document cannot be displayed.

On enter your url and click on 2. There you see the content in an iframe.

Normally google documents can be shown in an iframe!

But how do you define responsive? Because first the content inside has to be responsive. But for auto height you need to have access to the page as the height needs to be returned. But google does not send this (I have checked this) so you can include it with a width of 100% but a fixed height. What height do you need?

Best, Michael

Apologies for the broken link, here’s the updated one:

Any height is fine, let’s say 400px. I’m unable to make it responsive by setting the iframe width to 100% so was searching for a plugin that could do it, and hoping your plugin does it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


your content is not responsive. So your option you have is to use the zoom option if the plugin. See Example 35

Best, Michael