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Hi!, I’m thinking of buying this plugin but I wanted to see if you could advise me a bit. I am trying to implement an iframe that loads this page: but the functions to buy tickets are not allowed to perform them. Is it possible that with this plugin I can add it and use e?.

Hi, Most likely the cookie do not work inside iframes. Please see here:

The best way is normally to change the cookies with a .htaccess file if you can do this. does not work for me. So I cannot check in detail.

Best regards, Michael

Hello, I like all the links inside the iframe to not open in new tab but keep opening inside the iframe (all url) there is an option to avoid opening in new tab/window? for all links I don’t wont to do it manually. So is there an option ? Thanks Best wishes for an amazing 2023 Mark

You need to set in on each page. The JavaScript needs to run on each page load in the iframe.

WP caching. A cache needs to be flushed once to the new JavaScript is loaded.

Not sure what you mean in the last post.

Best regards, Michael

example: the website i load into the iframe (I don’t own that website) contains 4 products in the footer and each will open a new tab in the browser if a visitor click on it. and load the tab with the original url visible in the top bar. So visitors will see another domain (not mine)/ How I can disallow this? Do I need to set different rules to deny the opening of each link ? I’m wondering if possible to set a rule for the main inside the iframe to keep all the urls opening into the iframe? ( ?

You need to modify each page. There is no global default for the target. If you links do not open in the iframe then a target=”_top” or target=”_blank” is set. And this needs to be changed by Javascript.

Best regards, Michael

Hi! We are still using the free version, but I hope this is still the good place to ask you a question. We’re using your tool to import an external content on ordinearchi and that content is working totally responsive on the original site, while on our site the mobile version gets cut and shows only the central part (rather then resizing or pushing it in the middle).

Is there any option to work on that? Is that normal behaviour?

Thank you for your help!

Hi. Does the plugin work with anti-robot features like Captcha?

I do not see a relation with iframe and Captcha. Can you please explain?


ThomDJ Purchased

“To protect your security, your website does not allow Firefox to display the page if another website has embedded it. To view this page, you must open it in a new window.”

How do I circumvent this?

How is you configuration? See my link above. maybe you need to use the “resize on element resize” if your content changes by ajax only.

Best regards, Michael


ThomDJ Purchased

Thanks, I think I have it working. I have also e-mailed you about a weird issue that is shown in the plugin settings.

I have seen it. Seems easy update manager does something they should not do…. Can you confirm you have this installed? I might can then try to install it as well to reproduce the issue.

Best regards, Michael

We are using version 2022.7 and a recently scan by Wordfence reveals the following warning message:

* The Plugin “Advanced iFrame Pro” has a security vulnerability. Vulnerability Information

Please check the Wordfence details. It is already fixed in 2022 ! Right now we are already at 2022.7 – so it was fixed almost a year ago! also see the comment below.

I have reported this at Wordfence that this is wrong and they should update their database:

Wordfence sends an alert for the plugin Version: 2022.7:

Details: To protect your site from this vulnerability, the safest option is to deactivate and completely remove “Advanced iFrame Pro” until a patched version is available.

Is it a misleading information or can I trust in the safety of the plugin ?

Current Plugin Version: 2022.7 Details: To protect your site from this vulnerability, the safest option is to deactivate and completely remove “Advanced iFrame Pro” until a patched version is available. Get more information.(opens in new tab) Repository URL: in new tab) Vulnerability Information:

Hi, Please read the information:

The Advanced iFrame WordPress plugin before 2022 does not sanitise and escape the ai_config_id parameter before outputting it back in an admin page, leading to a Reflected Cross-Site Scripting issue

We are at 2022.7 already. This was fixed in 2022.

So if you use a version before that please update. If you already use the latest version you are fine.

Best regards, Michael

I have reported this at Wordfence that this is wrong and they should update their database:

Hi I am very interested but I need some answers before purchasing your code can I add 3rd party website auto login features suppose 1 Facebook account will use by 10 members without sharing username and password? just they will go to my iframe page then Facebook will load without asking for a username and password (Auto login).


This has nothing to do with an iframe. Please see how this can be done. This has only todo with facebook. Inside an iframe it is maybe even worse, as depending on the cookies facebook uses this is not even supported.

i just use facebook as a examples but i want to use some others site to save login cookies. when anyone entering my site then they will automatic login by cookies Actually main theme is cookies is it possible? Thanks.

This is something different than my plugin does. You need a SSO (single sign on) plugin. So if you login into one site you also login to the other one.

If SSO works then you can put it into an iframe. And then you need to make sure that the cookies still work inside the iframe. See:

Best regards, Michael

I have been using the free version on localhost test environment and gotta say terrific job. Guess it is time to go pro for live server:)

Is it possible to minimize a popup overlay rather than just close?

Thanks in advance for your input on this.

Than I do not understand what my iframe plugin has to do with it. If you have a popup you as a user clicks on x or on minimize.

Best regards, Michael

Very sorry to bother you. I guess I am mixing up two products. Was talking about example I found online:

I will look for another solution since your iframe plugin has nothing to do with this.

This is my plugin. Still what do you mean with minimize? Because this is an overlay. Not a window you can minimize. You can simply click on the same link to open it again. You can even configure that it is only hidden. So if you click again the iframe is not loaded again but simply shown. This can be configured with: show_iframe_as_layer_keep_content

How do I hide the element something like ??

How do I write shortcode with [advanced_iframe use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”URL” width=”100%” height=”1000” iframe_hide_elements=”“]

I read “External workaround: Auto height and css modifications” multiple times but I still don’t understand it.


iframe hide elements is for the same domain only. To hide something on a different page you need to use the external workaround.

Please see this FAQ:

Best regards, Michael

So, in my WP post, I have to include the scripts code and shortcode as well?

“Auto height and hiding of elements”

<script> var iframe_id = “example6”; var updateIframeHeight = “true”; var hide_page_until_loaded_external = “true”; var iframe_hide_elements = ”#iframe-header,#iframe-footer,#some-images”; var iframe_content_id = ”#iframe-content”; var iframe_content_styles = “color:#ff0000”; </script> <script src=”//”></script>

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”your key” use_shortcode_attributes_only=”true” src=”//” id=”example6” height=”300” width=”800” scrolling=”no” hide_page_until_loaded_external=”true”]

No – The scripts needs to be IN the page which is in the iframe!

The shortcode goes to your WP page.

Best regards, Michael

Wow, so many features my head is hurting :) Seriously, great job!

If I am using your pro plugin:

Is it possible to allow a page to only load in an iframe? In other words, if someone visits the page being iframed, they are prevented from loading it in their browser.

After a cup of coffee got to reading:

“The external workaround is used as the iframe page is on a different domain”

All of my pages are on the same domain so assume this will be no issue?

FYI: the example page in that section leads to a 404 –

Thanks for the hint. I fixed the link. You could have open the page in the iframe directly to see the same.

And as you are on the same domain means you can modify the page :). Still you need to add the ai_external.js to the pages. Because it contains the Javascript which does the redirect IF you are not in the iframe.

Best regards, Michael

Got ya, thanks!

Hi devs, will I need to have a wordpress installation to use on a external website?

No. To use all features it is enough to add one line of Javascript to the other site. See the quickstart guide ( and also the demos.

Also should show you some more details.

Best regards, Michael

Hi mdempfle, I am going to work on a site in a month or so. Within this site, there is to be a gallery shown within an iFrame, so far so good. What I need to know is, if someone clicks on a photo then usually that would take the user out of the site to the site where the images are. Can using your plugin, change that so that the click opens the photo, but still within the iframe please?

Hi, So you like to dynamically change the link target. Please see here for a working demo:

Best regards, Michael

Hi Michael, thank you for your prompt reply. I will keep you & your plugin in mind. I have a project late August, so will purchase to coincide with the project go ahead

Hi mdempfle, is is possible to use referrerpolicy=”no-referrer” inside the iframe code?

Hi mdempfle, can you point me the place I need to modify to use referrerpolicy=”no-referrer” inside the iframe code? Thank you!

Check the e-mail I have sent you.

Best regards, Michael

Thank you so much Michael ;-)

Hi there! Pre-sale question:

1) We have 2 websites. 1st has 10k daily visitors and 2nd is newer. We want – put in 1st website iFrame of 2nd website.

2) When you will open 1st site, iframe loads 2nd site (in iframe)

3) this iFrame must be hidden 100%, due to user experience

4) Our goal is to increase traffic for 2nd website.

5) Whats about site speed? Our site is very speed, but we are afraid due to iframe – maybe there will be some slow loading? Or can we use Wp Rocket cashing plugin for product? Or another ways to speedup it?

Is it possible? Can you share your advice to archive it with your plugin?



the 2nd one – is there additional content? So is page 1 a part of it? Not sure why you not simply linke domain 2 to domain 1. If it is on the same host you can do something like this normally in the admin dashboard of your hoster..

5) you will load 2 pages. So it depends how fast page 1 is!

Some fullscreen examples:

Hello, I’m interested in the plugin. But I need to know first if the plugin works in my case. Can you help me?

I created an app and within the app I created a page with an iFrame of my website. The problem is that when I add a product to the cart (Woocommerce), the product does not appear, it does not work. This only happens on iOS (iPhone), on Android it works perfectly.

This app was created within a company that creates apps, that is, I don’t have access to their server, I only have access to my server (my site).

This only happens in the iFrame. Remembering that, this problem also happens when a user tries to login.

Can the plugin fix this? I believe it is related to Cookies.

If you do not have access to the other server then not. See:

So it has nothing to do with the plugin but with the cookies. They are not created the way that they work in an iframe.

Best regards, Michael


Is it possible to bulk embed an iframe only in particular pages that example contain a specific word in the title – example “food” ?

This would be a custom solution. I have the feature to embed an iframe to all pages. Still this is designed to open links as popup. Not sure where the iframe should be shown in your scenario.

Best regards, Michael

I don’t understand what the capabilities of this plugin are. Does it allow displaying only part of the web content? For example, I can remove the header, footer…


Depending on your setup you can even do this.

Please check the demos pages what is possible:

Also see the feature chart:

Please also see here:

because depending on your rights not all features are possible.

Best regards, Michael


I need to use iframe (and/or other html techniques) to embed my entire website (WordPress) so that all visitors will never see my real website but only the apparent website (apparent domain name).

Is it possible with your plugin, please?

Thank you.


So you want a “fullscreen” iframe? For a possible solution you can look here:

Best regards, Michael

Hello Michael,
Thank you for your reply.
I have just sent you a private message.
Best regards,

I know :). Best regards, Michael

Hi , Can I display a button , and when clicking it, the iframe will reload ?

Where do you like to display the button? Because a normal button you place in you html like you see here: if you like to have this over the iframe see : there is custom html included.

Best regards, Michael

Thanks Michael,

I have done this by following the tutorial from the link you send. Combine it with hide a part of the iframe is the perfect tips.

:). Glad I could help


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