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Please reflect on your Website the newest Version. Thanks!


All things are now updated. Sorry about that.

I had a problem with my ACF repeater field where I make a repeater and then save the repeater that I just made and then ACF/WP deletes what I just did from Wordpress—BUT when you look at theme code pro – the code is still there. I am using ACF 5.6.2 and Wordpress 4.8.2 and this happens in both my Local and Staging. I deactivated ACF Component and now everything works fine. As mentioned here: https://support.advancedcustomfields.com/forums/topic/repeater-problem-disappearing-subfields/#post-53960


Which version of component field are you using? if you are not using version 1.0.13. Can you download and try it again?

Version 1.0.13 fix the acf 5.6.0 update. Let me know if you are still experience issue.

ok downloaded latest updated plugin and it now works—i recommend everyone do this.

Hello, It seems the preview functionality has stopped working for 5.6 and 1.0.13. It was working for 5.5 and 1.0.12. Any thoughts? Thanks, Joe,

Hi, I tested on an older version again, i still can’t recreate the the issue. My steps are:

1) install “acf pro 5.5.14” and “acf component 1.0.12” 2) tested, revision preview works 3) update “acf pro 5.6.4” and “acf component 1.0.13” 3) tested with the same post, preview still works

However, with some extra additional testing, if you are on managed wordpress hosting, some of them turn off the WP_POST_REVISIONS in the config file (for example wpengine). If WP_POST_REVISIONS is turned off, the post metas are not sent to the preview.

Hey, this is it! We turn off post revisions by default, so with it turned on preview works, thanks. I wonder if this is the best way to go about this though. I wouldn’t naturally equate WP_POST_REVISIONS with preview data, especially when WP sends through other data with it turned off, surely they should at worst disable preview functionality if WP_POST_REVISIONS is turned off? Is this an ACF thing or WP thing? Thanks

It’s more of a WP thing. If you have the revision turned off, wp only send the title and content to the preview, the meta fields are all fetch from the “autosave”. But since the revisions is turned off, there’s no “autosave”

I usually set it to a low amount, like 1 or 2. That way, wp will actually do the autosave, and the preview will still work.

define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 1);

Hi gummiforweb,

- fresh WP install 4.9.1 - acf pro 5.6.7 - Component field 1.0.14 - Custom Post Type UI 1.5.6 - WPML Media - WPML Multilingual CMS - WPML String Translation - WPML Translation Management ( latest versions )

I have a simple gallery field used as component, and this component is used by a field group visible on “product” custom post type.

When I traslate my custom post “product” the images on the gallery field disappears, no way to copy the images from the original post to the translated post ( clicking “overwrite with italian content” )

Others components works as espected, and are overwrited with the original post content

Hi, thx for reporting, i’ll take a look into this as soon as possible. :)