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Awesome plugin! Kudos!

I do have a problem. We are building a site for a client and we’ve made a lot of components to build interfaces for our pages. THe client needed language translations so we installed WPML as we’ve had experience working with ACF and WPML and we did not have problems in the past.

But unfortunately, the components wont translate.

I’ve done the ff:

1) Translated Components 2) Translated Fieldgroups using those components 3) Translated a page ( components wont show)

Any idea how we can solve this?



I did mark the checkbox in #item 1. I will check if I did your step in issue #2. Get back to you soon.

Confirmed. It’s not selecting the correct component fields when I duplicate. I think I know what to do now.

A solution for item 2 would be really awesome!

Thank you for the assist! :)


Good news.

1) is fixed. Component field’s “this is a component” checkbox will now remain checked upon duplication.

2) is also fixed. After a field group that contains component field has been duplicated with wpml’s duplication, it’ll “try” to find the matching translated component field.

Having said that, for #2, if your existing translated component has already been saved with the old value, it will not trying to find the matching translation. In that case, you can delete the translated field groups, and re-duplicated them again. (but do a db backup just in case)

Version 1.0.11 should roll out soon after it’s been approved. thank you for your patience.


Advanced custom field components were working fine but yesterday I disabled and re-enabled advanced custom fields pro and now my page is broken.

I am receiving warning as follows at my page that is using custom fields pro fields:

“Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in [advanced_custom_fields_pro_plugin_dir]/pro/fields/repeater.php on line 129”

Illegal string offset ‘acfcloneindex’ fields/repeater.php on line 161

“Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [advanced_custom_fields_pro_plugin_dir]/fields/repeater.php on line 284”

When I disable ACF components plugin the warnings go away. I can not see why disabling and re-enabling plugins could mess up things. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

- I have updated to latest plugins (both ACF pro and ACF components). - Wordress version is 4.5.1

Ok I have sorted it out.

I am using acf-json files to sync with ACF fields in database. Older files in ‘acf-json’ directory were clashing with database ACF tables. After deleting all files from acf-json folder the problem was fixed.


Happy to hear that you’ve sorted out. sorry for the late reply. :)


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In BO, using version 1.0.11, the file “plugins/acf-component-field/css/input.css” is in 404 status. I have rolled back to 1.0.10, then my issue disappeared. Have you ever heard about this ?



I’m unfamiliar with the term “BO”, does that mean something special?

Anyway, I’ve not yet encountered the 404, all the css/js loads properly in 1.0.11. Could it be an upload error on your end? Can you FTP into you server and verify if the input.css exists? Also, when you download the plugin, did you download the whole package, or installable zip file? (as a seller, i only have access to the whole package download, if the input.css is missing from the installable zip file, i can re-upload again)



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Thanx for your reply.

I managed to reupload it several times. The issue remains the same, with 1.0.11, assets folder is under 404 status. Which is strange is that files are not missing and we can reach them if connected with SSH to server. Rights seems also to be correct, allowing reading to files.

Very strange.

It does seem really weird. However i think it’s a server issue on your end. I’ve tried it on couple difference server i have. They are all properly loaded.

Is there a specific page that is not loading? Did you install the plugin through the ssh, ftp, or the wp’s backend?

Does it only happen on 1 site? or multiple sites/server have this issue?

I’m encountering an issue when trying to save component fields via the front-end acf_form, or more specifically, having them be saved along with each post revision made via the acf_form. In this thread – https://support.advancedcustomfields.com/forums/topic/no-revision-when-update-from-front-end/ – which outlines the issue, JoelStransky provides a snippet on May 5th, 2016 to enable regular ACF fields to be saved into post meta for revision.

However when attempting with a component field type, a couple things happen:
  1. With wp_debug active, receive a number of Undefined offset: 0 errors.
  2. When adding some logging to check the value of $_POST‘acf’ prior to update_field/update_metadata, additional undefined index errors show up that map to the field ID for the fields from within the component.
  3. If a component is used for a flexible content, when saving via the admin interface, the value is a serialized array only containing the layout name. However when saving via the front-end ACF form, $_POST‘acf’ contains an entry which is the entire component array including sub-field IDs and values.

As Joel suggests, his code may not be bullet proof, but it works for regular fields inside flexible content & repeaters. Any suggestions or code to address would be much appreciated.

Hi – Thanks for the video and direct list of your test case notes.

I’m still trying to narrow down the exact difference causing the issue.

The main difference I can identify at this point b/t my setup and what you outline is that I have the component as a field within a flexible content layout. More specifically, I have a dozen layouts (each which has a maximum use of 1) that are titled differently but all have the same component.

Just an update on this,

i’ve also setup a field group that has component field inside a flexable content layout. Saving + revision are no problem too.

I also tried, nested component inside flexable content, still saved properly.

I’m not quite sure why you’d still get the error. At this point, i’m guess it might other plugin, or you existing revision that’s interfering with it. Can you tried it on a new post without existing revision and see if it does the trick?

Tracking through the issue with xdebug allowed me to find a resolution that works – https://gist.github.com/Idealien/ed865e7dd271ec15310f6ccae52ebaa3#file-functions-php-working

Not entirely clear why the difference b/t environments, but working = working. Thanks for the prompt responses in helping to troubleshoot.

Hi there, was wanting to try and clarify something.

In your Basic Usage example, you show a Button Component that you have then added to a field group called Contact Page and have used for Sidebar Button, Top Button, and After Content Button. That all makes sense, but what I’m trying to figure out is how would you then go about adding those same button options to another field group, say “About Page”?

On the “About Page” would you add the same Sidebar Button, Top Button, and After Content Button fields and keep the Names the same as they are on the “Contact Page” field group (sidebar_button, top_button, after_content_button)? Or do you need to change them to have a unique name?


They can either stay the same or be different. Because the values are saved under the ‘about page’, it won’t be conflicted with ‘contact page’. In fact, you can named the field name whatever you like that makes sense to your client, company_button, team_button, member_button… etc.


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I’m having a issue with the plugin in terms of speed. The admin screens where I load in the plugin seem to take ages to load. Any reasons why this might be? Number of fields, logic?

I would give you a login, but it’s set up on my local machine.


Sorry didn’t have time to check the comments yesterday.

Thanks for you updates. Yes the plugin does indirectly make the page load slower especially when you have multiple nested components, it doesn’t loads all the child fields in 1 query. It loads the first child, and see if there’s nested component, then load its child, and so on. I’d revisit this part of the code and see if there’s a way i can load all fields in 1 query, but it’s highly unlikely due to how the acf data are saved.

Another thing i’d try is to use the local json feature. I haven’t tested the speed yet, but it’s worth a shot. https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/synchronized-json/

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Hi, Sorry, I don’t want to sound negative, what you have done here is great. I’ll give it a go :)

no worries

Always welcome any issues or suggestions to make the plugin better. I personally am using it on every sites too :)


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Excited to try this out! wish I had found this a few years ago.. would have saved so many hours.

thank you for giving it a shot :)

Is there an developer license option for this plugin, instead of a single site install? We would like to install this on multiple client sites and are willing to pay a higher fee.

Please let me know and copy jeff@creativemms.com if possible.

Thanks, Jeff


The licensing is controlled by codecanyon. Let me look into it and see if there’s option available to enable. :)


I had a chat with the envato support. Unfortunately there’s currently no license available for multi-instalations.

Hi, your example for using this with flexible content http://gummi.io/acf-component-field/sample/flex-content-sample/ is now missing. Can you send me the link with the tutorial?


Thanks. How do I edit a component group I created? It does not appear in the list of field groups.

Never mind, I see the link to access it.

Never mind, I see the link to access it.

First—amazing addition to ACF. Thank you!

I’m using a few dozen components mixed across a few dozen other standard field groups. In one instance, I’m only including certain field groups if a Post Category is checked off. Once the groups are included, most fields function as expected—except for repeatable Components. The “Add Row” function for these fails silently. Troubleshooting shows me that the standard Repeater function works in these instances, but not with the Components.

So, in short—the Add Component Row function isn’t initializing when the group is included via by-category ajax.

I’m running a small jQuery function on the page, and would be glad to throw in the initialization there, but I’m having trouble finding the necessary hooks to implement it myself. Any ideas for a fix?


Thanks for sample fields. The issue should be resolved in the next release. (v1.0.12).

Great! Will there be a notification in the plugins admin, or some other way to know when it’s available?

Codecanyon will send out email notification when new download file is available. The status is currently still “Queued for Review”.

I created a component field group and ticked the “this is a component” checkbox. I used in another field group but didn’t render the field in the admin section. When I checked it in the component field group screen, it says “Inactive”. How do you activate it?

don’t worry. Please disregard this question.

Hey can’t access your site or live preview for this plugin

Hi, sorry about that, seem like there’s some server error. i’ll get it fixed asap.

The demo site is back up now. Sorry about that.

FYI plugin has a git folder included which was creating a submodule in our git environment and wouldn’t let us deploy the plugin. Might be an issue with git users in the future.