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Hello Everyone,

I would like to thanks all our customers for 3800+ sales! Ads Pro is growing really fast thanks to constant updates and all your recommendations. :)

Please remember that we provide a directly support for all customers.
Support is available Monday – Friday and sometimes in Weekend.

Kind regards,


matthew11 Purchased

I need to add the same ad in a tag page and inside the posts of that tag.

It’s possible?


Sure, you can show ad spaces for specific tags only.


Hello! I have 3 questions.

1.Tell me please, your plug-in can automatically insert the ad code immediately for all posts on the site – in the middle of their text, after the headlines H2, H1, at the end of the post or before the comments? I have contextual advertising Yandex.Direct (analogous to Adsense), and I want to embed the ad code in the middle of all articles of the site automatically so that I do not edit each article manually (since there are a lot of them). 2. Will not your plugin heavily load the site and will it work correctly with the Avada theme? 3. Does the plugin support all popular types of code?

Thank you in advance!


1. You can display ad spaces after X paragraphs (up to 10) in automatically.

2. Ads Pro is working on really huge sites without problems (like 1000000 users per day).

3. You can use HTML / CSS / JS code with HTML ad template or another to show ads with title, description, images.

4. You can translate all frontend sentences via the admin panel in really easy way.


Yes, and another question. Does the plugin support the Russian language?

I replied you in the first topic.


Bought your plugin yesterday, and its great.

I have a problem though, the ads only shows up on phone, not on desktop. Im using the Doctor Direct theme by themeographics. Doesnt matter where I put it. I use visual composer aswell (tried putting the shortcode in raw html and text block) without any luck, please help!



Contact me via the support form to get directly support. You can send me a live example on your site also.



Liz234 Purchased

Hi, can I set up the advertisements in categories so customer can search filter through the advertisements?


You can show ad spaces for specific categories (pre-definied via the admin panel) then users will be able purchase ads in specific ad space.


Hello, I’m really happy with the plugin. I have one question. I want to sell all my ad spaces but when it’s not sold I want to show adsense codes.

What I have done now is making a standard banner with 1 slot and put a HTML slot in them with the adsense code. How do I proceed from here? Because the space is now a html code and my clients just want to want to upload an image and url :)


You can use the below shortcode to show another ad space (eg. AdSense HTML template) if the main space is empty, example:
[bsa_pro_ad_space id="1" if_empty="2"]

Thanks for your kind words! :)

Pre-buy question. Is there custom template function? If not, how difficulty would be me to do a new template? I need that has picture left and more text and more text fields right side than there is now. Thanks for response.


Currently you can create another custom templates directly in the files. Just you can copy files of existing templates and make changes but you need to know php and html in med skills. Currently there is not possible to use more that 40 characters for title and 80 for description. It’s global standards of AdSesne, DPF etc. providers. Anyway I have plans to release some special template with more text but now I can’t confirm estimated date because I have other tasks in progress.



1. I was wondering if the plugin prevents from an ad showing more than once per page. I want one ad zone for a page and want to ensure it won’t duplicate ads.

2. If I set the ads to randomize will it show them equally? I see there isn’t a way to weight them yet, but I’d like to have ads have roughly the same number of impressions per day.

3. How does the post injection work? Can I have them in a post adzone and also showing in a sidebar adzone?


1. Yes, if you will use shortcode once then you ads will shown once at the place where you pasted a shortcode.

2. Bascially we don’t provide weight option but ads show randomly so all of them have similar views. Or you can use capping option to be sure that ads has been shown only X time per users / session also.

3. You can use widgets to show Ad Spaces in sidebars or you can use Hooks to show Ad Spaces for all posts / pages (before, after or after x paragraphs).


Re #1: I mean I want to set up an ad zone, not shortcodes, with 4 ad areas in the sidebar but want to make sure it won’t show one ad two or three times on the same page.