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why don’t make discount for cyber Monday :(


Ads Pro plugin comes with the Cyber Monday promotion. ;)


I mean for the affiliate addition :)

Unfortunately, I do not foresee promotions for other products.

Hello can you Add Bitcoins to this Pro ? I will love to run it as a Bitcoins program , and if possible mass payout for bitcoins too using blockchain or Bitpay. Try to get back to me on this


Currently there is not possible to use it with bitcoin but I will consider it for the further updates.


Hi, I bought this plug in and realized that I don’t really get how this thing works. Does it try to promote the ad banners that I offer on the site or does it promote the products that I offer on the site? How does it track conversion? Obviously the copy of this plugin page sucks. You have to rewrite the plugin description.


Plugin works exactly like described. Your users can promote the order form (via te referral link) and earn money from all sold ads (X% commission of the purchase price). CTR value is shown in the short and full statistics for each order / banner.


what’s the latest version?

Current version: 1.0

The current version only provides the affiliate a link. Will you update your next version to provide banners/links for affiliates?

Basically I think that all users can use the affiliate link to provide banners with their logos and page names. Banners you can use like below:
<img src="BANNER_URL" />

Hello! I am very intrested to buy tjis plugin, but I have some questiosn and I would really appreciate if you take time and answer on all questions. 1. Do I must buy Adds pro plugin and this addon or can I just buy this addon? 2. How does it work? A visitor register in the website and after that receives his personal referral link? And he can use this referal link to add a banner in his website with the referal and every time when someoen clicks from his site the plugon automatically calculates his commission? 3. Wich options exist? commission depends only on the amount of click or is it possible to offer publishers to get payed only when visitor buy something on my website? 4. How can I pay the commission to publisher? With paypal only? 5. I have several websites. Can I create differents campaign so that the publisher can choose wich one he wants to promote or I can create referal link only to one website? 6. Can I offer to the publisher own banners with the referal link?

Can I offer to the publisher my own banners with the referal link?


1. You need to purchase both items.

2. Users get their referral link and they will get a commission to all sold ads via the order form.

3. Users can earn on sold ads.

4. Yes, you should pay via the paypal. Payment you need to make manually to be sure that it’s correct withdrawal. After payment you can mark withdrawal request as paid.

5. Users can promote the order form on the one site.

6. You can use the referral link with banners of course but you should create such banners because we don’t provide it.

Thanks for your interest in Ads Pro items! :)

Hi , i just purchased your affiliated program to work with the ads program and i only see this in settings. i do not understand how to set this up and find the links so I can create a page to indicate that we have an affiliated program for my products so people can sign up.

If this isnt working the way i need it to, please refund me as soon as possible.


Hello, why dont you answer after we buy your scripts? Is this the way you treat new customers? Like I said there is no FRONT END for anybody to sign up to my affiliate program….... either answer and fix this or I will ask code canyon to refund me. Please advise.


Here you can see how to configure it. You can contact me via the form to get directly support.

P.S. I was not available for a few days.


Thanks, i have sent a message via form

When will this be updated? Please include the option to upload referral banners to go along with the referral links in the next update. Thanks.


The biggest update 4.0 should be ready to end of the summer I think. Can you send me your idea via the email? You can give me more feedback about this case. Contact me via the form.


If an User post a affiliate Link where & someone Click this link & buy Ad Space, he will earn from it, Right?


Yes, users can earn on selling ads on your site. Just after purchase by another user (buyer – comes to your site by referral link) user (affiliate) get part of purchase price.


can this one also work with per thousand view ? ex: affiliate refer specify page and get thousand view then he/she will get pay


Users get commissions for each sold ads so doesn’t matter how many pages they refer.


hi, let’s said i don’t want sell, i want page view

There is not possible to use it in such way.

Is there an add-on to put ads on an affiliate website…for example a Vbulletin Forum?


You can use Ads Pro with MA add-on to display ads on external sites, learn more:


Will this work with the Marketing Agency plugin? i.e can affiliates earn for ads sold on different sites listed on the agency site using the agency addon plugin?

Yes, Affiliate Program works for both Order Forms (Ads Pro and MA add-on forms).


Why no updates since 2016 ? No bugs ? No incompatibility problems ?


p.s: the thumbnail of this addon is not showing anywhere by the way (your other plugins thumbnails display correctly)


Yes, it works fine. Affiliate Program is show in sub-menu of Ads Pro item.


Hello i’m interested in your Application however, i’m looking for something that can track QR code clicks and pay affiliates per click…


There is not possible to track QR codes.


Is this addon still being maintained to work with Ad PRO? If so is there a line of codes that can be changed to pay out monthly recurring?

There is not possible to pay out monthly recurring.

if i buy your product, do you have tutorial about how to install them ??

You can translate all frontend sentences into your native language.

oke, please, give me a link about video tutorial about install and a way to use your software ! Thanks

Documentation is attached in the package, after purchase.

This add-on is compatible with the latest WordPress and Ads Pro version.

what must have the website that i could controll . I mean i wish to create an affiliate agency project but what must have the rest of the websites ? Could be possible to create an affiliate project like amazon ( i mean only track a code ) without installing a plugin or anything else into the website who wish to participate in the affiliate programme . Is that possible using your plugin ? thanks

i mean offer url to another website like and track the affiliate behaviour using only this url , not asking them to install plugins or anything else . Is that possible ? thanks For example , website A contract me , website B in order to give them the affiliate option . So i must have your plugin in my website and promote their products and i must pay to another webmasters . The key question is what the webmasters ( that do not have your plugin ) needs to participate in the programme . What i would need, and what they would need . thanks

Yes, you can display ads / links on external sites via the iframe code. Just you / users can display ad spaces by the html iframe code.

what is the iframe code , could be possible to give me more detailed explanation about it , please ? I have your plugin ( only the ads not the agency ) Must i buy this as well in order to achieve it . or with the ads pro is far enough . thanks

To show ads on external sites you need to use MA add-on also.

You can test it here:

Is it possible to track leads ? Example: If a lead clicks and signs up through a referral link is it a way to track where the lead came from/ who referred the lead?

There is not possible for now.


magzone Purchased

Hi, Can we have some decent docs on where to put things, a great idea wrecked by bad documentation, this is all we get 1. Extract Codecanyon package. 2. Install Add-on via Plugins Manager (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose > Install Now). 3. Activate plugin. 4. Use [bsa_pro_affiliate_program] shortcode to display Affiliate Program.

Will you update to 5.0 soon?

AP add-on works fine with WP 5.0.