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Hi, i just buy and install it, but the images even in the correct size, does not show.

Take a look

ALSO appear a black background that even the title is hard to read, Also wants the user pay, it is not suppose to be live right away, instead of i have to b ack panel to check it and authorize it ???



Your image is 1200×75px so you should crop images to rectangle eg. 75×75 and all will be good.

Background color you can change in settings:
ADS > Settings > Form colors > Background color

Ads are shown in automatically after correctly payment.


Hi just bought your script tried to active the plugin and im getting this error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/bsa-socialeo/bsa.php on line 47

please help thanks.

I am sorry but im getting another error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/bsa-socialeo/bsa.php on line 325

Please contact me via mail and I will send you again.

Hey, first of all, really great plug in, but i have a few questions.

1) I really like the default view of the ads, the modern view is very buggy in my theme. the default views standard configurations seems to be like: image and title link to the url, but not the url itself and the description text. how is it possible to make the link and description of the whole ad linking to the url

2) i really would love to display the create ad form on a separate page, i see there is no feature yet? is something like that planned in the future? would be a really powerful addition to the plugin

3) is there a way to display different ads on different ad areas? or exclude ads by modify the shortcode or php code?

some feature requests from my side: - activate and deactivate button for the create ad form - visual better explained color options, its totally unclear what i am really edit with all these function, took a while.

thanks for support! regards krafti

addition: i like the blank ad when no ad is posted, would be cool if you can activate a blank ad to visualize that users are able to buy exact this ad


Thanks for your kind words! :)

1) Contact us via this form and we will send your version with this linking ;)

2) 3) ADS plugin is a single ad space and the order form is build-in so we want to keep this order way in the future for this item. If you need to create unlimited ad spaces and provide separate order form, please check out ADS PRO

Thanks for your feedback! In the next updates we will consider all points of your ideas and we’ll add it as possible.

Hello Guys, first off all, its a nice plug in. But …

... its not work on my wordpress, after pay with paypal it not works and I cant find the ad anywhere …

please help! my email: (if you speek russian, feel free to write in russian)

TNX, Alex


I replied you via mail. If you have more questions, please use 1 way to contact us, e.g. via email.

Thanks for understanding! :)

it is posible to create a global notification bar with this plugin , i would like to charges user to put a global message in the site.

something like this , but i would like to charge users to do that with front end

the red notification bar it works like a global message for all user in the site


Please check out Ads Pro item:

We will add notification bar as display way up to the end of next week.

Thanks for your interest in Ads Pro! :)

We did a test run with buying ad space and it fails… in fact, paypal accepts money then we get re-directed to a 404 page/ No advert Shown. Waste of my hard earnt cash.. avoid disappointment and buy another plugin


Please send us live example on your site.

You can contact us via this form:

I don’t think so that it’s fair to rate item on 1 star before contact…

hello … when I add a new ad does not appear .. do you know why? before that functioned very well Thank you for your response


Send us dev account to your site and we will check it.

You can use below form to contact us:

Sorry for the long time response but our support was not available in 10 last days (vacation break).


Is there an option for Stripe?


There is possible to use Stripe with Ads Pro:

Thanks for your interest in Ads Manager :)

Hello there,

the widget does not work for me. It does not display ads. What can I do?


Send us temp access data to your Admin Panel then we will be able to inspect it.

Please contact us via the form below:



can i use this plugin to rotate more banners in one position? I mean – when refresh webpage, banner might change or not.



There is no possible with the Ads item but it’s possible with the Ads Pro item ( ).

Thanks for your interest in Ads items! :)

Hello, Can i change Currency from USD to local currency ? And Also can i change payment type to bank transfer ?. Thanks


Currently you can use only PayPal for this item.

We recommended to use Ads Pro Manager if you need Bank Transfer (as manually payment method) and a lot of more premium features.

Thanks for your interest in Ads item! :)

Hello – great concept and a very useful plugin for sure!

One issue that I am having is that your plugin does not play nice with “Visual Composer – Social Streams With Carousel ” which my site relies on at this time.

When your plugin is activated, it appears to work fine, but it stops the other “Visual Composer – Social Streams With Carousel” from displaying it’s results, they come up blank.

If I disable your plugin, the other one works perfect again…Any ideas or thoughts on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks Robert


Please send us a live example on your site then we will be able to check it. Please use this form to contact us:


Great – message sent…thanks.

I Recently purchased this plugin and it wont install on my wordpress.. Any suggestions??


I replied you via email.


Is the shortcode repeatable? Where there’s new ad spots wherever it’s posted , or are there only 12 slots totals and using the shortcode will pull the same 12?

Infinite sales available?


This is a single Ad Space and you can show up to 24 ads so shortcode will display the same Ad Space. If you want to use unlimited Ad Spaces with more features please use Ads Pro.

Thanks for your interest in Ads item! :)

indian payment gateway?


This plugin support only PayPal.

Thanks for your interest anyway! :)

We run 200+ websites. Can this plugin be used to allow advertisers to go on one site and then select to display the advert across multiple other sites? Or would the advertiser need to go to each of the 200 + sites themselves and add their banner


This item can be used for single site but Ads Pro you can use for multi-site and for non-wordpress site also.

More information here:

Thanks for your interest in our items! :)


Does this script provide another payment methods beside PayPal..?

Please provide Bank Transfer options for the payment methods…



Currently we haven’t plans to add more payment methods to Ads item. I recommended to read about Ads Pro item. Here you can use Bank Transfer for the manually payments.

Thanks for your interest in our items! :)

Hello. I’m having trouble adding the widget on my theme. When I drag to widget area it is charging and not remain in place, not enough to save the widget. Already deactivated all plugins and continues the problem.


Basically your support expired so I should not help you but you can send me request via the support form then I will take a look at this point if I find some free time. For the further questions please renew support service.

Thanks for understanding!

Does your plugin allow rotation of several ads by timer?


You can display single static ad section. If you want to rotate ads in carousel, check the Ads Pro manager.