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What are included on it…Just a LTE Admin template or any more?

Hello. I just converted the LTE to Laravel for now. I have plan to add some more feature out of the box.

You just duplicated the theme. which is free to download

Hi radianttheme, Yes this is free and it’s an open source Html admin template. I converted it to Laravel 5.5. All templates are converted to Blade as well as all (almost 99%) form elements.

fantastic work, very cool :) i wish you big sales for the week ;)

Thank you very much :)

Great work! i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales!

Thank you very much :)

Hello, do you plan to create a CRUD template ? Thanks!

There are many crud templates available in CodeCanyon. So, I am working on something new :D Thank you

Hello lawdoc,

Thanks for your afford.

There are many similar products out there. All products has their own uniqueness and different code.

This product did not use any Facades or Classes, no need to composer updates or too much complex configuration. Very beginner level code has been used, anybody can modify it very easily. To use this product you need a few knowledge about Laravel and Blade.

If you have anymore query, please comment below. I’ll always there for you :)

Hello, smartrahat, do you have a changelog on what changed in the update from today. So we can see if we want to update or not. Thanks

Hi fpeiffer,

The update log is at the bottom of the product description.

The last update contains a new “Example Page” for Forget Password.

If you have more query or need any help, please comment below.

Thank you.

It appears that you’ve compiled the assets (js/css) using Bower and Grunt and included their output. Is it possible to have the bower.json and gruntfile.js so that I may make changes and recompile? Thank you so much!

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing my product.

All assets are open for modification. Nothing is compiled by myself. Some components are compiled by the vendor, eg: bootstrap, morris etc. The bower.json and the Gruntfile.js are located at the related vendor folder. As an example the Grunt file for Bootstrap is located at “public\bower_components\bootstrap\” folder.

Hope you like my product. If you have any more question please ask me anytime.

Don’t forget to leave a review if you like my product :) it will help me to provide great support and develop/upgrade this product.

Hello did you use Laravel Mix to compile assets, or not?

I didn’t use Laravel Mix.

Hello, is this script can be customized ? thanks.

Yes, this can be customized.

can I modify the sections and connect tables to mysql ?

Of course you can.

Hi, Do you have simple steps to install your template on a new hosting? I am a newbie in using laravel.

My Project :

Thanks, Nicholas

Hello Nicholas,

Thank you for purchasing my product.

AdminLTE Laravel is build with Laravel 5.5, it needs PHP 7.0.0 or higher to run this project. I’ve visited your site, most probably your server is using PHP 5.6 (according to Wappalyzer). Contact with you hosting provider or look for any app in your cPanel by which you can change your PHP version.

Don’t feel shy to contact me anytime if you have any problem to run this project

Best Regards

Correct, i’ve change it into PHP 7.0. It works perfectly. Thanks.

Glad to hear it’s working. Please rate 5 if you like my product or if you think I gave you a good support. Enjoy.