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AdFund - Fund Raising Platform Website | Android-iOS App | Admin Panel

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Introducing AdFund: Your Turnkey Solution for Crowdfunding Businesses and Charities – Android and iOS App | Website | Admin Panel

AdFund, the groundbreaking Flutter script, empowers entrepreneurs and passionate individuals to kickstart their crowdfunding businesses or charity with ease. Developed using Flutter, a versatile cross-platform framework, AdFund provides a comprehensive solution that enables you to make a meaningful impact while establishing a successful fundraising venture.

Key Features

Cross-Platform Compatibility: AdFund’s Flutter script ensures seamless compatibility across iOS and Android platforms. Reach a wider audience and engage users on their preferred devices effortlessly.
Engaging User Interface: Impress users with AdFund’s captivating and intuitive user interface. Designed for optimal user experience, the script offers a visually appealing platform that encourages participation and donations.
Customizable Branding: Personalize AdFund to align with your unique brand identity. Easily customize colors, fonts, and logos, allowing you to create a distinct crowdfunding platform that resonates with your target audience.
Secure Payment Integration: AdFund seamlessly integrates with trusted payment gateways, ensuring secure and hassle-free transactions for donors. Prioritize the security of sensitive financial information to build trust and credibility.
Robust Campaign Management Tools: Effortlessly create, manage, and monitor fundraising campaigns with AdFund’s powerful management tools. Set goals, track progress, and provide real-time updates to inspire and engage your supporters.
Social Sharing and Amplification: Leverage AdFund’s built-in social sharing features to harness the power of social media. Encourage users to share campaigns, attract a broader audience, and create viral fundraising initiatives.
Analytics and Insights: Gain valuable insights into campaign performance, donor behavior, and trends with AdFund’s comprehensive analytics and reporting functionalities. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your fundraising strategies.
User-Friendly Admin Panel: Efficiently manage your crowdfunding business or charity through AdFund’s intuitive admin panel. Monitor campaigns, track donations, and oversee user activities seamlessly.
Ongoing Support and Updates: Benefit from regular updates and dedicated support to ensure that your AdFund platform remains up-to-date, secure, and equipped with the latest features and enhancements.

With AdFund’s powerful Flutter script, you have everything you need to launch your own crowdfunding business or charity successfully. Empower individuals, support important causes, and drive positive change through the transformative power of crowdfunding.

Start your crowdfunding journey today with AdFund’s Flutter script and turn your passion for making a difference into a thriving venture. Together, let’s create a brighter future for those in need.

Screenshots with Details

User Features

Dynamic Landing Page: Make a lasting impression with a captivating landing page that showcases your brand and offerings. Engage visitors from the moment they arrive and create a memorable first impression.
User Authentication: Ensure secure access to your platform with robust user authentication. Protect sensitive information and provide peace of mind to both you and your users.
Email Verification: Validate user accounts and enhance security through email verification. Safeguard your platform from unauthorized access and maintain a trustworthy user base.
Campaign and Events: It empowers admin to create impactful crowdfunding campaigns, providing a platform to raise funds and engage donors.
Donation Process with Guest User: It simplifies the donation process for guest users, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. With a user-friendly interface, guests can easily contribute to campaigns or events by securely entering their donation amount and payment information, without the need for creating an account.
Fast and Secure Transactions: It ensures fast and secure transactions, providing a reliable platform for donors and supporters. By integrating with trusted payment gateways, AdFund guarantees that all financial transactions are processed efficiently and securely, giving users peace of mind while contributing to campaigns or events.
Automatic and Manual Payment Gateway: Streamline your billing process with automatic payment gateway integration. Enable smooth and hassle-free transactions, or manually manage payments to suit your business requirements.
Paypal Payment Gateway: Provide a familiar and widely accepted payment option with PayPal integration. Enable your users to pay effortlessly, enhancing convenience and conversion rates.
Stripe Payment Gateway: Seamlessly process credit card payments with Stripe integration. Simplify the payment process for your users while ensuring the highest level of data security.
Flutterwave Payment Gateway: It is the ultimate payment gateway that enables businesses to transact with customers across the globe in multiple currencies.
Push Notification (for web only): ep your users engaged and informed with web push notifications. Deliver important updates, announcements, and personalized messages directly to their devices.
User Profile: Enhance the user experience by allowing users to create and manage their profiles. Enable personalization, customization, and a sense of ownership within your platform.
User Delete Option: Put control in your users’ hands by providing the ability to delete their accounts. Uphold privacy and data protection standards while respecting user preferences.
About Us: Share your brand story, vision, and mission with an engaging About Us section. Build trust, convey your values, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.
Privacy Policy: Demonstrate your commitment to user privacy and data protection with a comprehensive privacy policy. Establish transparency and complianceence with industry standards.
Download App Section: Provide a convenient way for users to access your Android and iOS apps. Increase visibility and drive app downloads to ensure seamless engagement across devices.

Super Admin Panel Features

Analytics Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into your platform’s performance and user behavior. Track key metrics, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your business strategies.
Setup Currency: Configure your platform’s currency settings effortlessly. Tailor the currency display and payment processing to align with your target market’s preferences.
Setup Campaigns: With just a few simple steps, admin can create compelling campaigns that resonate with potential donors and supporters. Customize your campaign page with captivating visuals, compelling descriptions, and set your fundraising goals..
Setup Events: Promote your event, manage attendee registrations, and provide updates to ensure a successful gathering. AdFund simplifies event organization, allowing you to focus on creating a memorable experience for your participants.
Donation and Transaction Logs: Monitor and track transaction logs for comprehensive financial visibility. Access detailed records of payments and other financial activities for accurate reporting and analysis.
User Care: Streamline user management and support with a comprehensive user care system. Efficiently handle user inquiries, resolve issues, and ensure top-notch customer satisfaction.
Basic Settings: Customize and fine-tune essential platform settings to align with your business requirements. Configure general options, appearance, and preferences to create a tailored experience.
Image Assets: Manage and organize your image assets effortlessly. Upload, categorize, and access images to streamline content generation and ensure a visually engaging user experience.
Setup SEO: Optimize your platform’s visibility in search engine rankings. Enhance search engine optimization (SEO) by configuring meta tags, keywords, and other relevant settings.
Dynamic Splash and Onboard Screen: Create captivating splash screens and onboard screens to leave a lasting impression on users. Engage and guide users with visually appealing and informative screens.
Setup App URLs: Seamlessly configure and manage the URLs associated with your Android and iOS apps. Ensure smooth integration and easy access for your users.
Subscribers: Gain insights and manage your subscriber base efficiently. Monitor subscription status, user preferences, and engagement to refine your marketing strategies and improve user retention.
SMTP Email: Set up SMTP email configuration to ensure reliable and efficient email communication. Connect your platform to your preferred email provider and streamline email notifications.
Setup Web Content: Easily manage and update web content to keep your platform fresh and engaging. Edit pages, add new content, and maintain a dynamic online presence.
Live Chat using Engage with your users in real-time through the integrated live chat feature powered by Foster proactive communication, address queries, and deliver exceptional support.
Setup Payment Gateway: Seamlessly integrate payment gateways to facilitate smooth and secure transactions. Connect with popular payment providers and offer users convenient payment options.
GDPR Cookie: Comply with data protection regulations and ensure transparency by implementing a GDPR cookie management system. Provide users with control over their cookie preferences and build trust.
Server Info: Access vital server information for monitoring and maintenance purposes. Stay informed about server health, performance, and ensure smooth operations.
Clear-Cache: Optimize platform performance by clearing cache efficiently. Improve loading speeds and provide users with a seamless browsing experience.

Version History

    version v1.1.0 (10-05-2023)
    --[ADDED] Flutterwave Payment Gateway
    --[ADDED] Demo Version Mode
    --[FIXED] User Profile Update
    --[FIXED] Input Form Validation
    --[FIXED] Currency Exchange Calculation
    --[FIXED] Minor Bugs and More Code Optimisation
    --[UPDATED] Documentation
    version v1.0.0 (06-05-2023)
    --initial release of fully functional Android - iOS Apps, Website, and Admin Panel

Technology and Framework


Support Facility

Free Lifetime Updates & Great Customer Services. We will update to add more apps and features to continue making this app perfect. If there is an update from the Flutter SDK, we will also perform updates to improve performance quality.

Refund Policy

Please read the description, and compatibility content thoroughly and install an app if there is any confusion you can contact our support team before purchasing as we don’t offer a refund if you buy it by mistake. Because we don’t offer a refund. (If the item is downloaded)

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