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I am facing an issue with adf plugin. Getting invalid amazon response error even my amazon affiliate keys are valid . Also i am not able to delete the products from trash if this plug in is activated. I alreay opened a ticket #26767 but support team is not responding . I have already provided the required credentials . Its more than 10 days. How long i have to wait ???

Hi AWachchhas,
One of our developers will get back to you as soon as they can. Sorry for your waiting time.

Best regards

Still there is no support & response from AA Team . now i understood that i wasted my money & precious time . i will never purchase anything from your site . it was a bad experience .

Its really bad. If you can not fix the issue you should at least tell the customer .

Hi, Still is it works? Why not updated yet? What are included in this purchase? Is it yours support status as, I’m afraid, how and why I can purchase it? Also Added to Cart it also.

Demo search not working

I purchased the bundle but there are few things a don’t understand why having configured my affiliate info on ADF when some one use it the Amazon affiliate reference does not come out on the link information.. after that as I understand according to Amazon this reference should work for 24 hours or more if its added to the cart… it simply doesn’t work how its supposed also on items add with the Woozone Plugin the amazon reference comes out only with the first click on the item, after that if someone decides to buy any other the reference disappears, I don’t know if this is an amazon issue or a theme plug in issue.

Please help

Hi jpocaterra,
Open a ticket at so we can take a look at your website.

Best regards

I tried the demo but it generated an error.

aws:Client.InvalidClientTokenId : The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.

Does this plugin even work?

Hello, Yes, it works but you need to have access to the Amazon PA API for a valid pair of keys. Regards, B.

hello, i have buyed today this plugin but dont run…

The plugin does not work. Invalid Amazon response ( 1 – invalid amazon response. ) How can I fix the error?

Hi this has been a great plugin. However, in the last few days, titles on some of the products from Amazon have stopped appearing. The element I’m referring to is h3.adf-product-title.

When someone performs a search and the products load, only some of the products have a title while others do not.

Can someone assist me with this?


I’ve seen that you opened a ticket. We are investigating this issue and we will provide you an answer there as soon as possible.

Regards, M.

Hi, this is not working at all

This plugin is so outdated, it no longer works. You get a “aws:Client.InvalidClientTokenId : The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records” message when you try to search for a deal in their demo. This needs to be fixed or immediately removed from

The message you are getting is from the Amazon API and it means that the credentials are not correct. The plugin works.

Regards, B.

hi when i use the popup My website Photos not Showing

Hello, Please open a ticket on the support platform.

Regards, B.

Please Update The Plugin

Hello, I have question for the plugin. I hope make amazon coupon site as Does this plugin support generator coupon?


jawier Purchased

It does not work today, it needs an update

I do not believe how a company left a product of over 200 users? And giving no response at all. This is quite ridiculous. When you just care for money. Please refund or update it.