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Hello. I have a pre-purchase question. I would use this plug-in on a static home page, but it would have to be in widget form for my theme. Does it operate as a widget, or only on single pages & posts? Thanks.

Please disregard my question. I see upon review that there is widget support for this plug-in.

Cannot get this plugin to work with

One of my guys has emailed you, you mentioned SSL … there is no SSL on this account … it’s a dedicated server with bluehost, pretty standard … and just another themeforest theme … if you could login and resolve this issue it would be appreciated.

I have something that says something isnt loading … all I want is the plugin I purchased to work … can you get this working or can I get a refund?

Very strange because yesterday i sent you a page with the gallery work. (now this page is 404 maybe you have delete it).

for refound ask envato.

Best Regards

That page loaded sometimes and sometimes it didn’t as your script sometimes loads and sometimes doesn’t … complete waste of money.

pre-purchase question

Does your gallery have a public uploader? I’m asking because I’m looking for a frontend gallery in combination with BuddyPress,


PS: Your demo doesn’t work


No, this gallery not have a public uploader.

Best Regards

Hi I was just wondering when your demo content for this gallery will be back online. When you try to view the demo content it no longer shows.

Hi mmichealslyderink,

i see online the demo. Which is your config (broswer, os)?

Best Regards


Small issue: after changing a gallery category name the pictures are not displayed (but strange the new category name – as filter is there with 0 pictures).

I would like to ask you what’s the recommended way to change a category name?

Thank you, Cristian

Hi cristianruican,

please open ticket here http://adtheme.ticksy.com/ with url site and temporary login details.

Best Regards

I have a few pre-sales questions:

1) I want to use it to display thumbnails that are a specific size. I want those thumbnails to always remain that size and not be made smaller or larger due to responsive design or any other reason. Possible?

2) Can we disable the overlay and lightbox?

3) Can we set a URL destination for when a user clicks on the image?

4) Can we specify which category is displayed as default (versus the All category)?

5) Is it possible to hide the “All” category.

Thank you.


1) Yes you can create your custom thumbnails.

2) No, is not possible.

3) No.

If you mean backend option:

4) No. You can selected a category. If you want this you need to change code.

5) No.

Best Regards

Hi sir, Please, Can i get your email address, I want to send my idea, and then tell me if your plugin with working with it or not.

Thanks A.J.

Hi, i’ve fallen in love with ad gallery and i bought it. Installed but not working. I’ve tried in 2 ways. 1) I created an album in AD Album, adding 1by1 the photos (very unfriendly uploading the photos in this way). Then I created the AD gallery loading the photo from the AD Album – photobox. But I try to load it on a page with the shortcode or with the link but I received the 404 error message. I tried to open the link of the album, It doesn’t show error messages, but it also doesn’t show anythink, just blank bage. 2) so, I tried to create the AD gallery loading the photos from the AD Gallery post, uploading the photo there, but I had the same problem. It doesnt’ load anything, and i receive the 404 error message.

What can i do? I think I will ask refound Thank you very much for your help

Hi Nicole,

open ticket here http://adtheme.ticksy.com/ with url site and temporary login details.

Kind Regards

Ciao Nicole,

appena puoi rispondi al ticket.

Buona serata

Hello!, I’m having an issue on my page, it won’t display the gallery i’m requesting by shortcode on the backend and im getting a 404 error, calling for: ../../plugins/adgallery/assets/js/jquery.cycle2.js.map

Page URL: patagoniacamp dot com/programa-especial-fotografia/

Please can you take a look at this, it’s important, tell me if I need to submit more information.

PS: If you navigate into others “Entries” like this: patagoniacamp dot com/excelente-promocion/ you can see the gallery working no problemo.


If it’s really important to accredit the buy, I could manage to get the key or something and send it to you later on your contact profile form.

Thanks will do as soon as I get my hands on that license key!. Regards.

Hi tuochten,

the support is managed via ticket support. So open ticket with problem and in 24/48 hours we will response at this ticket.

Kind Regards


I have plugin installed on http://socalcleaners.org/gallery-1/.

Suddenly it stopped working.

Can you please help to fix the issue?

Thanks, Macersoft

Hi Macersoft,

I saw the page and the gallery seems works good.

Did you solve alone?

Kind Regards


I use your plugin Parallax One Page Builder, and just want to know does AD Gallery plugin support all formats from Parallax plugin (gallery, team, client, partners)



currently no because it doesn’t support custom post type.

Kind Regards

I want a simple gallery but no one seems to make it how I want it. I am looking for the ability to set unlimited categories. I want to categorise sizes, so 250×250 is one category, 500×500 is another and so on.

I don’t want light boxes, I don’t want thumbnails or resizes images. I just want the original files to be displayed in their retrospective categories so in a nice format as the images were designed to be shown as, showing X amount per page with ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links.

I would like the choice whether or not to link the banners to a custom link or leave them with no link but this is no essential. I do not want them to link to the same image in a blank page as some galleries seem to do.

The idea is for a gallery of banner adverts in all shapes and sizes, can this product handle what I am looking for?


unfortunately you can’t make it with this gallery. I think you need to a custom gallery. I don’t know if exists this type of gallery.

Kind Regards