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Hi very nice plugin but theres one thing how the timezone works? first of it just accepts integers no decimals the second thing is its not working properly here is a link appriciate your feedback thanks

Update has been approved, you can re-download now.

works like a charm :) thx

Hello, The plugin looks great!

But is there a way to integrate it to a wordpress website.



Thanks for your proposal.
wordPress plug-in will be done soon.

Sorry, the WP plugin cannot be submitted to the codecanyon, so for integrate it to a WP website, you need to upload the js and images files to your WP server, and then edit theme template to add this plugins.

Can you simplify the explanation on how to add this to WP please as I’m a beginner? Thank You.

Please contact me via e-mail
I will send the WP plugin to you.

The last update includes WP plug-in version of the wp, Please re-download It.

The clock fails with IE11, even your live demo. There is an additional problem with timeZone: ReferenceError: local is not defined timeZone:local

Kind regards,


They have been fixed and uploaded, please wait 1 or 2 days for the update been approved, then you can re-download.
or contact me via e-mail I will send the update file to you.

Been approved, please download the latest version.

Hi, I want to buy this clock, but I need to know something first – will this clock work on an html site on a local server with no internet connection?


Yes, It does not need Internet connection.


I want to use this clock code on a WP site, will this work? Our idea is to put 6 of this clocks next to each other (different time zones), on our homepage, i.e. New York, Rotterdam, Singapore, Houston, Tokyo, Sydney. Is this possible?

Thank you for your reply!

Can I place multiple clocks anywhere on our site or is this a widget (which can only be placed in limited area’s of the site)?

And thank you for the super fast reply!!!

Yes ,you can run multiple instances on one page.

Hi there, can i get the clock which in the picture as png ? meaning i want just that clock without the background of that image

the picture :

Best regards

Thank you man, of course all clocks in the demo are avaiable after purshasing the product ?

Yes, 8 preset clocks is included in the download package, and you can download the clock without the background from the link:

Nice job! Well done!

Please can you let me know that does this work in XenForo, adding HTML code to my XenForo Template? Also can add show only bangladesh time zone?

Can show Example in sidebar:

The admin must have the permission to add the JavaScript. It does not support responsive.

Do you have any plan update support responsive? Retina ready?

I’m sorry, I have no plans for this recently.