Discussion on ACF Front Form for Elementor Page Builder

Discussion on ACF Front Form for Elementor Page Builder

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Hello, We wish to benefit from our 15 days of withdrawal. Indeed, after a test , the plugin does not meet our needs.

Hello, Usually we don’t refund this product since it’s well described, don’t have trial nor activation license and once it was downloaded we consider the plugin in-use, so please let me know how I can help you to fix your issue


Le dev du plugin est il abandonné ? Merci cdt

Bonsoir, on a effectivement ajouter des fonctionnalitées, mais pas publié, en ce moment nous somme un peut débordé, mais si vous avez une quelconque demande veuillez nous enfaire part. Cependant, ce ne sera pas sur CodeCanyon mais directement via UpWork

je veux bine telecharger cette nouvelle version si c’est possible…

Bonsoir, je vous invite a me contacter sur UpWork afin de discuter de vos besoins, je vous porterais conseils sur le plugin et les mise à jour si necessaire.

I have multiple check boxes is there a way to adjust the height of the checkbox area so all are displayed? Right now its adding a scroll bar to see all

I think it’s due on how tour theme or browser manages CSS, this plugin don’t add nor remove any scroll bar

Basic uploader not working need help

Actually it’s a ACF feature, so it’s better if you contact ACF support team

You were right but in this case it was the crappy theme I was using LOL

Need help as I have an image feild in my ACF Group adn a Gallery but neither button works on the form side seee here

Image upload not working button does nothing

I have selected basic uploader but it does not upload as when I go to the draft I dont see it in the image area

Hi, can you email me, thank you

Hi, demo page is dead. YouTube refused contents. please fix

Hi, so I did not get it. my questions are 1-Can I create a field so when I create new post the field is available to be field and displayed on the page? 2-Is the field a separate field on database? that is what I need. thanks

Hi, thank you for your notification about youtube, we’ll try to fix this ASAP. 1- The filled field will be saved as meta_value for the post, if you want to display it then you have to customize your page using acf call “get_field” or “the_field”, see this link 2- No, the field is saved as any meta_key / meta_value in wordpress

you can see the youtube demo at this link

furto Purchased

Hello, I wanted to know if you would be able to add the functionality of the user selecting the published status in the form. For example, the form has a dropdown for ‘published’ or ‘draft’ and that choice effects the post status once the form is submitted.

Hi, ususally we don’t add extra features in support, but we’ll see how we can help you and back to you ASAP. Actually, you can define post status in form settings

Curious if you could build a consultation scheduling form like this (with image next to each package) with your form?

Hi, yes that’s possible, and I’vce done something similar, but needs etra work (code/js/css), if you are interested I invite you to my Upwork profile to talk

Hello, presale questions:

1) is this plugin alive? No update since March 2020…

2) is it possible to display a disabled form? Show all form data but without the possibility to update it. A read only mode.


to remove the submit button, just uncheck the option “This is a form” to disable the fields, you have to set the ACF Fields as “Read Only” what I though you want is additional feature to disable/enable fields in the form

thanks. just uncheck the option “This is a form”. It’s an option in you plugin ?

Yes, take a look at the documentation

hi I would like to assign a category when users post a new post. How can I do?

Hi, I’ll get back to you for a solution ASAP

Preview do not work. No update since March. Can I trust this plugin? i am looking for site

Hi, Ofcourse you can :) website preview are in maintenance


Is it possible to populate dynamically some form fields based on a selection in a relationship field  ?

Thank you

Hi, usually YES, If i understand well,let me know what you need exactly and I’ll answer you right

Hello Message sent Thank you

Hi, Got it, I’ll respond ASAP

i trying to add a photo to single post template… when im go to the post and choosing the image and press “update” button it’s just stuck and not updating.

hallo… i install acf front form plugin to my site and after that its make error 500. when i remove the plugin every thing ok and when im installing again its happen again.. how can i resolve that problem?

Hi, did you managed to solve the issue ?

It’s been a year since the last update and 4 months since they said in a comment that the preview was dead and i remains dead 4 months later. Is this plugin dead?

Hi, no,the plugin is not dead, the plugin actually works with support, but no new updates until we move it to our own site, with new features and powerfull tools


I have added an ACF checkbox for taxonomy term, checked equals HIDDEN. Ineed to hide the term in Dropdown if the chekbox is checked.

Example: Post : Movie Taxonomy: Genre Taxonomy term : Action Action is Checked – > Hide “Action” in ACF form dropdown, do you think it is possible ?



Yes that is possible, but unfortunatelly since ACF don’t provide this feature natively, some extra code will be required to update the dropdown dynamically.

Let me know if i can do this for you from my UpWork profile

Preview do not work. No update since March. Can I trust this plugin?

Yes you can ! i just got so buzy this last months, let me know how i can help

Hi, is it possible to add form in woocommerce checkout page ? thanks

Humm… i think yes, but this will need extra code to change the way woocommerce form works, if you are interested you can hire me on UpWork and will do the job for you. This will be a WooCommerce checkout integration. let me know

thanks what is the upWork link please ?

Sure ! here is the Link Please note that i’ll not be available until 5pm GMT+1


I’ve contacted you before with a question. You’ve answered me to send me a link to a beta version, where I can edit the user profile in front end. Is it possible to get the link to this version?

Kind regards, Frederik

Hi, can you give your email, thank you


I’ve just downloaded and installed your plugin. It looks very good, except for I can’t use it for user profiles… I thought it was this plugin: (It’s got the same names) I’ve tested the demo of that plugin and I wanted to use it for frontend user-profile editing.

I’m sorry but I can’t use your plugin…

Is it possible to get a refund?

Greetings, Frederik Goethals

Hi, i’m sorry but we can’t refund a product well described and already downloaded. What i can do for you is to give you a link where to download a beta version which has user profile edit form in front end, let me know and send me your email.

Hi, can you send me the link where I can download the beta version? Kind regards Frederik

Hi, can you give your email, thank you