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nice work!!!

Thank you, Adusu for your wonderful comment :D

very nice work , i wish you big sales :) have a nice day :)

Thank you, EricProchnow for your wonderful comment. We hope so too :D


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you, Themecat_info :D

Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

Thank you, PreScriptZ :D

Hi, nice job! Can we use it to replace the wordpress menu of any theme? I dont see demo for the top/main menu, can this be used as top/main menu? Thanks

Hello, Ansateza!

Thank you for writing back.

It seems if you don’t assign a default Display location on the twenty seventeen theme, the default menu is not displayed.

So, you can just create a fly menu and use it as your primary menu.

Thank you!

Ok Ill buy and test it. Thanks.

Thank you, please let us know if you need any assistance :D

When I activate it stops showing the content of the site, only shows the menu.

Check the following link for screenshot gif: https://cl.ly/2z0T1M422M1S

Link for the website: http://updigital.agency/

well, it started working… I’ll let you know if I have any other question :) BTW I love the plugin so far

Hello, Upadmin!

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Please let us know if you need any assistance :D

Hey guys,

I’m having trouble making a menu like the menu you have on design 7 of side menu template 1. I want a fairly standard menu for this particular design and what you guys have there looks perfect. How can I go about achieving that?

Hello, Idixontv!

Thank you for writing in.

We have created a video walkthough to create a menu similar to the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTA5gNoSOmU&feature=youtu.be

Please check and let us know if you have any further queries.

Thank you!

Hey guys,

I absolutely love your plugin! We’re planning to use menus as a substitute to our built-in theme navigation. However, before buying I’ve got some more questions:

// In side and skew menu demo you need to actively click on the top left button to close menus. I find that pretty annoying. Is there any setting to close menus when just clicking off menu?

// Further, do you always need to trigger menu by click? Or is there an option to set pop out by mouse over/hover (e.g. move cursor to left corner of the browser and it shows up)?

// If I check out the icon menu templates on my mobile, they take a lot of space. I’d rather have the classic “three bars” icon displayed triggering a full screen display when clicked. Is that possible?

Your assist is very much appreciated. Looking forward to hear your answers Marc

Hello Marc!

Thank you for the query.

Unfortunately, all three requests that you have mentioned is not currently available.

We will see if it is possible to add these featured in the future version of the plugin.

Thank you for the suggestions!

Hi, 2 quastions: 1. does your plugin support rtl? 2. is it responsive?

Hello, Nivosh!

Thank you for writing in.

Unfortunately, the plugin currently does not have RTL language support and yes, the plugin is responsive.

Thank you!

Hello, Nivosh!

We looked into the RTL design and the plugin looks something like this..with the RTL text. Is it something close to what you are looking for?

Image link: https://prnt.sc/gbjctq

Thank you!

Hi, i would like to have a menu like Themeforest menu, horizontal menu and horizontal submenu as it is now in themeforest.

Can i do that with your plugin?


Hello, xrisxal2000!

Thank you for writing in.

We hope you are talking about this menu structure: image link: https://prnt.sc/gcrs3o

We tried it and it can look something like this: image link: https://prnt.sc/gcrrb4

You can obviously can the color, font and icons as you like.

Please remember that the menu you create will be an off canvas menu and you will need to use the trigger (toggle button) to show/hide the menu.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

Hello, I just purchased your flyout menu plugin, Great work, it appears to have the most features on the market.

I’m having an issue though, I am trying to create the fullscreen two column demo that you have. However, the menu button loads then disappear.

Would you mind assisting me? Also, if you need admin access, you can access our build at: http://b57.5a4.myftpupload.com/wp-admin and use the credentials: menusupport menusupport

Hi, Sdginnovations!

Thank you for writing in.,

So, we checked your site and it seems that there is some js script in your theme that is adding a display none property to the element style of the edfm-toggle class of our plugin.

We checked your site with other themes that you had installed and it seems to be working.

Have you made any changes to effect the menu from your current theme?

If not, we will need to further look into it.

Thank you!

Hello, Sdginnovations!

So, after further investigation we found out that turning off ‘Disable jQuery migrate script’ option in the Advance Settings of the theme options solves your issue.

Here is an image reference of the setting: https://prnt.sc/gdj177

Please check with the theme authors with the functionality of that option.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

This looks amazing. I checked out your demo, the only thing I was wondering is if you can deactivate it or have just a small icon for the menu on mobile when using the icon menu. It takes up a bit of space on mobile. Thank you,

Hello, Squarepixelllc!

Thank you for writing in and for your suggestion.

We will definitely look into it and try to include it in our next update.

Thank you!

Hi. I just installed the plugin and am receiving the following error: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/wwxp9168/public_html/urmc/wp-content/plugins/eight-degree-fly-menu/inc/frontend/edfm-fly-menu-layout/edfm-full-screen-menu.php on line 86

Hello, Wackywade!

Thank you for writing in.

Could you please tell us that if you have created a fly menu or not?

Also, the error seems to be due to header image not being set in your WordPress.

If you have created your initial menu and set a header image, the error should go away.

You can check the settings here: Image reference: https://prnt.sc/gerfh5

If you still get the error, please write to us at https://codecanyon.net/user/8degreethemes/#contact with your site URL and a temporary wp-admin login details and we will look into it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I set the header. The issue seemed to be associated with the code for the header. It was: if(!empty(get_header_image())): I changed !empty with !false and it works fine now. Thanks again for the response! Love this plugin and the support! I’ll let you know if I run into any other issues.

Hello, wackywade!

Thank you for writing back.

We will look into it and fix it in the next update. Also, could you please support our work by rating and reviewing us at https://codecanyon.net/downloads it would mean the world to us.

Thank you!


vajarvis Purchased

When I activate your plugin I get this error: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /plugins/eight-degree-fly-menu/inc/frontend/edfm-fly-menu-layout/edfm-full-side-menu.php on line 93

I’m using a multi-site installation and a custom Genesis child theme.

Hello, vajarvis!

Thank you for writing in.

We checked the plugin in a Multi-site environment in our end, however we did not come across any error.

Could you please write to us at https://codecanyon.net/user/8degreethemes#contact with your site URL and a temporary wp-admin access to your site and we will look into it.

Also, the error is due to header image not being found. Could you make use that the site has a header image configured?

Thank you!


vajarvis Purchased

The header image is set. I tested it with and without an image and got the same error. I also noticed that there was no way to set or change the layouts. The section is there for me to choose which layout I want but no way to save it on the preferred choice.

Temp access to the website has been sent through your contact form.

Hello, There!

Thank you for the credentials.

We will need to edit the code to fix the issue. Could you please provide us enough access so that we can make code modifications?

Thank you!!


robinhaus Purchased


I have installed the 8degree fly menu plugin, and i cannot setup properly for WPML.

I have 2 languages, and i have created 2 menu versions (english & spnanish)

I want to associate each menu for each language, is that possible?maybe with any function?

Thank you in advance

Hello, Robinhaus!

Thank you for writing in.

Unfortunately, we have not tested the plugin with WPML. We will look into it and write you back when we have any progress.

Thank you!

Hello, Robinhaus!

So, we looked into WPML and it seem the plugin is not currently compatible with the WPML language switch. We will definitely look into it and try to make it compatible in the future updates.

Thank you!


cyracat Purchased


i would like to give a different background color for each part of Menu Additional Content Settings. Actually only one color is dedicated.

Thanks for help

C Jorand

Hello, Cyracat!

Thank you for writing in.

Currently, the plugin only supports one color format and we are looking a way to allow different colors for different options.

If you want you can provide us your site link and the colors you want and we can provide you with Custom CSS code to change colors.

Thank you!