Discussion on 6amMart - Delivery Man App

Discussion on 6amMart - Delivery Man App

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There are too many manual tasks needed from the Admin, for example Assigning drivers manually every time an order comes through, imagine growing the platform and receiving hundreds or thousands of orders per hour, how is that manageable? Automation is EXTREMELY important these days.

You should check out Foodie (Uber Eats Clone) Driver App, their app has in-map navigation plus drivers receive orders automatically based on the closest driver from the restaurant, they can either reject or accept the order and request payouts after a certain threshold balance, they can also link their bank account to the app to receive direct deposits and are not required to take the cash back to the Admin or Restaurant, instead, they deposit the cash into the account linked to their driver app and the amount is subtracted from their account or their app wallet, if the wallet has insuficient funds then their balance is set to a negative amount, the restaurant gets full payment and the driver owes the money to the admin and cant accept any orders until their balance is settled.

It makes it much easier to manage the whole system, since drivers are mostly contractors/independant they should already have a bank account specifically for the money they make as a contractor, so they just deposit all the cash collected from customers so that the Admin can automatically charge their account for the amount they collected in cash every certain period of time. This logic and structure is similar to how the biggest Food Delivery apps (Doordash) manage deliveries and COD payments and it is much more viable than manually assigning every order a driver, manually having to make payouts and drivers having to take the cash back to the Admin or Restaurant, that just does not make sense if you think about the market in the US and not the East.

Your design for the User app is better than Foodie and Admin PAnel is much more extensive, but their Driver App is exactly how you should structure yours. It is understandable that some things will be structured according to your country’s customs, laws and way of doing business, COD is very popular where you are from, however, on the West almost everyone has a bank account and pays with digital methods, I saw in one comment someone saying that COD is the most popular option, but it is really not, at least not in the most developed countries like US, UK, Australia and others. The COD orders are prefered by US drivers because they dont have to wait for a payout, they get to keep that cash and additional tips because the big apps like Doordash have their bank account info and just have to charge them what they owe every week or certain amount of days. It would really help you guys to study how these big food delivery apps do business,, specially their backend structure because they know what they are doing, much more than any of us.

I love your projects and this entire system, I own the Efood script and see so much potential for it, but there are some things that need to be re-evaluated and re-designed, specially for the Driver’s side if you want to crush the competition.

Overall the system is solid and it shows you guys are working hard. Thank you for all your hard work and hope you use all our feedback to improve your products, these are just some suggestions :)

Hello sir, Thanks for your valuable feedback, and one thing you missed there is no interaction of admin for a delivery. There are two types of model work for delivery 1. One by one delivery men get the order, 2. All the nearest delivery men will get the new order. Currently we have all the nearest delivery men will get the order, you can check there is a page where delivery men can choose a order and can accept also when a new order is placed all the delivery men near the Restaurant get notification. And hope soon we will also introduce one by one delivery men for an order. And yes for delivery men some operations are now manual we are working on that sir, Stay following and supporting us. And many thanks sir for your effort and feedback. Have a nice day.

do you guys provide postman collection?

Only in extended license sir. Thank you.

How do i add phone number verification in the delivery man app registration. i want to add that myself can your team support me?

You can hire a developer and can do this easily and sorry to say sir for modification our team will not support you in free of cost. Thank you.


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Do we have phone number verification in the delivery man app registration? or just for forgot password

Sir for now only for forgot password as admin verify the delivery men manually. Thank you.

I ask which feature on the application needs to run the background position

Dear Concern, Please explain more about your queries in the support desk for better understanding. Here is the link- Thank You

arorub Purchased

Parcel driver app opt delivery confirmation is not working, never open 4 box to input the code and just give error “the opt field is required “

Sir kindly open a ticket here with your problem details – our team will investigate and help you sir. Thank you.

How driver can ask for withdraw? I dont see it in app

No sir, currently admin need to handle them manually but admin can track the earning from admin panel, Thank you.

It is very illogical bro. Driver and store should be able to ask for withdraw and admin receive the request and sends money.

YOu are missing an important basic feature wow

Sir most of the case admin need to collect money from the driver because most of the time as per our knowledge people order by COD and the COD amount is collected by the delivery men, So admin has so many interaction for this. But thanks for your feedback, we will try to add this soon. Stay following and supporting us.

Hello Team, I have put this question in wrong forum earlier.

Yes, we have purchased from another account. My question is : In case where we have purchase 1.8 and 1.7 version of the admin for experimental purpose and now we want the Store(and Driver) apps compatible with that old version admin, how do we get these?

Is v2.0 Store(and Driver) are backward compatible with old1.8 or 1.7 admin and can I use the flutter apps with OLD admin (v 1.8 or 1.7) deployment?

Hello sir, first of all please do the comment from that ID where you purchased. and you must need to use same version of app and admin panel. Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. Just got an update from our IT Dept that they have only evaluated your v1.8 Demo version and they liked it.

Apologies for the earlier comment, they are yet to purchase. They will purchase this soon if these are still available to buy(all 3 apps – Driver, Seller and User plus Admin. Note- They are not looking for the latest versions). Am I allowed to use this ID to purchase or not? Please confirm. Many Thanks,

Yes you can allow sir, no problem. Thank you.

How can i translate to spanish the app?? I create delivery account, but not appearing in admin

I already created a ticket

How much to add a custom Gateway?

Sir, as you have already opened the ticket, we will reply you there. No worry. Thank You

Hello, can you add a feature that allows us to set lower rates for longer distances? Like have multiple delivery charge settings where by 0km-10km is a certain price and 10km-15km is also another charge

Or enabling a discount feature or coupon for longer distances

Sir currently we don’t have this feature, if you need as per your business open a ticket here for customisation – Thank you.

dear sir, the delivery man app new order place notification and order request section is not working, and your demo apps too.

Sir for demo app there is possibility because same credential is using lots of people and notification is fully based on firebase token, kindly open a ticket we will also investigate. Thank you.

sorry the error is my side and i fixed it thanks

I bought the delivery app, I want to publish it from the play store, but it keeps giving me this error, what can I do to solve it?

“App bundles and APKs using sensitive permissions”




look this screenshot :

Sir delivery men app has background location access to show the live location in user app, you can remove the background location access or you need to provide proper explanation to google play why you need this. Generate a bundle ignoring this. Thank you.

Hello, the whole system looks amazing. Great job. I wanted to ask, will you be implementing in-app map navigation for drivers and in-app order tracking for customers in the future? Also, eFood could benefit from this as well and will make it feel more “high-tech”. It would be a much better experience for both drivers and customers. Other than that the system looks great and I plan to buy all the 6ammart apps soon.

Thanks for your valuable feedback sir, currently no plan but we will think, please take your decision based on currently we have. Thank you.

hi team, plz do tell

should I proceed with one firebase project for all the apps (user, delivery, vendor), or do I need to create a separate firebase project for delivery or vendor

in this, I already created ios, android, and web for my user app. plz guide…

got itt.. thank you

In the case, the buyer pays in advance via a digital wallet. How income will be paid to the shipper?

COD form, When the delivery person receives the goods at the Store, do they have to pay the store owner? Why not have an escrow deposit for the delivery person, to avoid carrying too much cash on person?

Sir 1. we have calculation on this the vendor can submit withdraw request and admin need to manage that. 2. No sir delivery men will not pay any amount to the vendor, 3. Yes we have plan for digital payment in this case but need time sir. Thanks for your feedback, stay supporting us.

I tested the delivery application, let me ask in case an order chooses to pay in cash. This amount has been received by the shipper. So what do they have to do to deposit money into the system, or how to ask them to pay it back to the shop owner?

Why not have an escrow deposit for the delivery person, to avoid carrying too much cash on person?

In case the delivery person does not pay, how do you calculate?

Dear Concern,

Please check the admin panel DM earning section, collected cash and deliveryman’s cash in hand. From these section admin will track record and do the calculation.

And about your suggestion, we will discuss it with our team for more improvement of our system.

Thank You

iOS , Android and Web availlable ?

Sir, the delivery man has app version only. No web available for the deliveryman app

if I understand correctly there is already the android version and the ios version?

Sir it is developed using flutter so supported both in Android and iOS but we don’t recommend for iOS as it has background location permission for tracking and iOS don’t support background location. Thank you.

” Thanks for your feedback sir, but we already have how must money he collect from cash on delivery and what is his earning, so we think wallet is not mandatory but thanks for your feedback. ” wallet is very important for freelancer use case because in order to get order from they have to give us a deposit which will garantie that if they get cash payment from end customer this money will get back to us

e.g: delivery man 1 load 50$ in his wallet so he can only get/accept order within 50$ not above. Customer X place an order of 30$ with COD as payment method, and delivery man 1 can accept it because he has money available on his wallet and once the delivery is completed the admin automatically deduct 30$ from the delivery man 1 wallet and crédit commission earned ; in case of online payment admin will only credit commission

Also you can benchmark this app “shipday” to add useful tweak like live web delivery tracking page for non user to track orders

To have a better dispatcher with live tracking of delivery man with assign/unassign function

In term of design your 6valley app looks awesome – wasn’t it more simpler to just make it compatible with this app (6ammart) or follow the 6valley design path ?

Thanks for your valuable feedback again sir. We will think about it and already forwarded to product team. Please stay supporting and following us. Have a good day.

Great work. Apps are perfectly working fine.

Kindly update the privacy policy for delivery man app, my app got rejected on google play store due to privacy policy. I took same privacy policy from your uploaded delivery man app from play store.

Kindly share the link if there is an updated privacy policy.

Issue found: Invalid privacy policy Based on our review, your privacy policy doesn’t comply with our policy requirements. Please review the Personal and Sensitive User Data policy and ensure that you are compliant.

Please add or update your privacy policy. Below is a compliance checklist for privacy policies. Your privacy policy must:

Reference location data and your app’s use and handling of location data Clearly label that the page is a privacy policy, for example, listed as “privacy policy“ in the title or has “privacy” in the URL and body of the page Be readable in a standard browser without any plug-ins or special handlers (for example, no PDFs, no uncommon MIME types) Be available on an active, visible URL Be non-editable Refer to your app by name Be linked on your app’s Store listing page and/or within your app Have a URL that links to a single governing privacy policy in your website and/or Play Store listing rather than one that points to multiple privacy policies Learn more about privacy policy requirements in the Developer Policy Center or in this video. Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

Privacy policy: Please see attached screenshot PRIVACY_POLICY-4902.png About the Permissions and APIs that Access Sensitive Information Policy

Sir, I would request you to open a ticket at our support system. Our support team will help you to solve your problem. Here is the link –

Great Work!


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