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Hi hermano!

Nice job.

I would like to know if can i use 3 submenu levels and if can i use a real time chart


Hola Geedmo, Necesito cutomizar este template para hacer una aplicación operativa, puedo utilizar código PHP?, es decir necesito que la paginas sean PHP, porque es lo que yo sé, es es posible o tengo que utilizar .js, less, etc.. Muchas gracias por tu comentarios. Saludos. Ignacio

in php Modals popup Can recive value from link data ?


Sorry im litle english lang.

does this work with wordpress?

Hello, a really really nice job. One question: We are try this file: form-wizard.html If it is pbossible to display on confirm page all values from form? I think we need create a JS task to collect this and display on confirm. Could you help us for that task?

Could you post a example?

We are try on “Form Wizard with validation”

I have problem with iOS work, how to fix smooth scroll? Thank you in advance.

The chart for the visitors doesn’t work. I get a blank cotainer and not this:

Hello, checkbox doesn’t support tablet (IOS/Android). How can i fix it?


Hi, does your skin work with Symfony 2?

pagination is not performing

in model popup i am not able to load the data

how you can use this theme with ‘Pro Login User Management System – PHP’ page url –

does this works on wordpress multisite?

Support for Multisite?

“Future updates” ;) Nice work but useless with no support and updating given the progressive nature of technology. You should remove the “Future Updates” feature because its quite deceptive.