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Is possible load External data with JavaScript charts?

which tecnology? xml, php, mysql…


you can put the data in any txt file (like php, asp, jsp, ...) you just need to generate the main JSON file.

Hi ciric, that is possible using any active technology (PHP or ASP ) or just JS using a JSON loader.



Hi Ronald, in which licence i can change the colors of the pie? best tom

In any of them.

The colors are created dynamically with a function, but you can change it.

Is there a method to attach a custom event handler to the click event on a series rather than have the series separate out? Also, how well does it handle having multiple charts on the same page?

hi Mike:

it’s possible to change the click event for other use, just need to change the moveWedge function and put your custom event.

The script supports multiple charts on a page and it’s optimized for that.



Hey Ronald,

Nice Charts but I am having isues in IE when I am not able to see the Tooltip on mouse over. Can you help?

Also, If that is a bug that cannot be fixed, how can I should %age in the pie slice.

Hi adeel:

Please click on my icon and send me a mail via author page, also let me know what is the ie version you are testing.

Hi Ronald, excellent code.. thanks :) if i use pie3d.js instead of pie3d-min.js it does not work? am i missing something? Andy

Hi Andy, I test it and it works nice… A little strange. Please send me via author page more info, like the browser version and html code you are using.

Hi Ronald,

I am in desperate need to get specific directions on how to customize the colours of the pie chart. My programmers can’t figure it out and my client is going crazy.

Also, would love to know if percentages (as opposed to total number of answers) can be static on the pie piece without requiring a roll-over? Directions around how to do this would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Erik

Hi erik

First at all… I only bring support to the buyer (PURCHASED term in the top right).

The configuration is possible, but it’s not prepared for that.

Static values also are possible.

If you need more help click on my icon and send a mail via author page.

Hello, I purchased both your pie and the horizontal bar chart, and want to use them both on the same page. In my head I am calling in raphael.js, jquery.js, and pie3d-min.js from the Pie Chart folder; then I call in bar3d.js, then my main-pie.js and main-bar.js (in that order). Only my pie chart shows. Do I need to rename and include the raphael.js from the bar chart in order for this to work? Thanks!

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Actually let me update my comment, the problem seems to be when using the code in the 2 Main.js files together (I tried combining them, but using the bar info for objSeries2). The main js code from the pie chart is canceling out the bar chart. Thanks for any help!

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Hi. I would like to know a couple of things before I purchase. Can this have a color on rollover? and can the sections be clickable to a url?

I sent you a mail.

Could you let me know how to change the colours of the pie slices? Which file to edit? Thanks

Use pie3d.js instead of pie3d-min.js to make changes. In the lines 253-255 you will find how the colors are filled you can changed for any other combination: lightColor, darkcolor and sidecolor for each slice. If you need more help, please send me a mail using author page (click on my icon).

i need the chart mouseover to display to the decimal. where can i fix that? thanks

Use pie3d.js instead of pie3d-min.js to make changes. In the line 245 you will find how to calculate the percent. if you need 1 decimal use this formula

objData.series[i].percent = Math.round(1000 * objData.series[i].value / total)/10

for 2 decimals objData.series[i].percent = Math.round(10000 * objData.series[i].value / total)/100


Hi, excellent product. Three questions for you.

Can you show me how to make the legend background color transparent. Can you show me how to control the pie’s opacity. Is there a way to make the pie as a flat 2d pie?


Anyone know if there is a 2D version of this product or if its easy to convert this pie to 2D. I’ve been asking the developer for the past four months but he has never replied.

Gracias por responder. No es la altura que quiero cambiar. Quiero saber si hay manera de convertir este grafico de pastel a un grafico de dos dimensiones. Osea que quiero que aparesca plano y no en tridimensionales.

Por ejemplo, es que hay una opcion Pie3D:Off?


Hi Camilos007, there isn’t option for that, but you can simulate easily making the xRadius similar to yRadius and the height equal to zero.

Hi, thx for the suggestion.

One final questions, some users have asked you how to change slice color and I think you’ve answered them through email. I’ll give you a simple example, I have 5 slices and I want to hard code these 5 colors #FF0000, #FFFF00, #FF00FF, #00FF00, #00FFFF, how would I go about doing that?


BUYER BEWARE!!! This product doesn’t work, and there’s no support from the developer. I don’t understand why Envato still has this up. It should have been removed.

Uhmm, I don’t understand why you comment that.

I always help to my clients.

I need details of your problem, please remember the support doesn’t include customization.

Sorry about that. I mistakenly thought it was a WP plugin. My apologies.

Can i have resize in chart values(%) if dragged to reduce from one end(pie).?

Hi, I want feedback from user about article, written on wordpress Excellent, Very good, good, bad, very bad etc. ... And according to the vote. I like to show them in pie chart. Does this plugin help me in this regard ?


This is a really nice, easily implemented script. I have a couple questions. 1) Is it possible to have more than 10 data points? I’ve tried with 11, but it doesn’t show the 11th set. 2) The legend box is not sizing appropriately for longer text titles. It’s cutting them off. Is there a way to fix that?