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Discussion on FlipBook

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Hi, I would like to purchase this plugin and can you share me demo where I can see clickable link in the flipbook. Because I want to put links in the each page

So you mean, If I buy only wordpress version I can add links easily to the pages?

Also can I add external links in the pages?

Yes with WordPress version you can add links to pages and external links to pages. There is an addon that enables you to add and position links in a visual editor.


Hi there. Is it possible to include a movie into the flipbook? Thnx Frank

Hi, yes it is possible.


i312 Purchased

Can i link to a specific page inside the flipbook?

hi, can we use it for more than one site and domain when we buy it?


license is for single domain only (each domain requires new license).


Hi: Is possible to add a single html page for two book pages? I bought this: and it allows to have double pages with a sigle images, but I need the same html in the two pages, is posible with this component?

Hi do I have to purchase this version AND the updated version?

HTML5 and YouTube support?

This is available in my other plugin Real3D Flipbook

I cant get this to work

Hi, please email me at my profile page.


is this support RTL

No, but this one does It is the new version of the flipbook, it has the same CSS 3D flip effect plus much more features like realistic WebGL flip.


Hi I wanted to confirm two things before I buy, (1) can rich media like video, audio, or animated gif files (2) What files or document types are accepted for importing (for example PDFs or a Word doc)? (2) Can an imported item be edited or must it be “ready” before importing or using it with this plugin?

Hi, yes you can add any html to flipbook pages. 2) you can make flipbook from PDF or images (jpg) 3) you can change the pdf url of the flipbook, so you can put different (edited) pdf file.


Hello. Unfortunately there is no possibiliy to setup the quality of the pdf, right? Therefore the resolution of the PDF is very bad (even the uploaded pdf has a perfect quality and the plugin is the newest version available). Can you give me some advises how to improve the image quality on the 3d flipbook, please?

Here is an example:

Especially the text quality is bad while the flipbook is not in the closest zoom mode. There is no problem, when the zoom is as close as possible. But the “preview/starting quality” is really bad.

Thank you for your help and/or improvements!

Hello I have question is possible add advertisements when user viewing book ?


I want to buy this plugin, this transition available. only item should show on swipe or swipe down

How to change page sizes? This is in A4 proportion. I need to change it to other size. This is possible?

Hello Zlac , is there a compare table between this product and the other one ? I m a bit confused, they both look very similar…but the price is very different. Would you please tell me the main differences so i can decide :) thanks in advance and compliments for your work !!!


Real3D Flipbook is the latest version – it supports page curling, lights and shadows by use of WebGL. It also supports pdf files. 3D Flipbook is older version that does not support WebGL or pdf files.


works great !!! but i have 2 problems °how do i cancel the pop up message when i load it ? Pop up window with (Number of pages must be even (2,4,6…) ° When i click the share button and try to share on Facebook…it takes me to


Flipbook supports only even number of pages. Share link you need to change with plugin options.


Hello this plugin requires only Relative Paths? because I cant use a full link like something like that. It requires always at the same server ? SecurityError: The operation is insecure. So I cant get images from another domain ? My images located in Azure Blob Storage so I have to link from there ? How can we get images from another domain? Thanks you

The option is viewMode

options.viewMode = “3d”


now it says src is null still taking error mate I am not using pdf but giving pdf.min.js error

var options = { pages:[ {src:””, thumb:””, title:”Cover”}, {src:””, thumb:””, title:”Page two”} ] , lightBox:false, webgl:false, skin:”light”, zoom:.95, zoomMin:.95 }; $(”#container”).flipBook(options.viewMode = “3d”);

thats my bad figured now thanks for help mate cheers!

Hello, I have pre-sale question. Does your plugin support HTML image maps (with imagemap resizer) and custom HTML/JS code?

The plugin supports any html content on pages so basically anything can be put inside the flipbook.


Thanks for reply.

Will this plugin work offline?

Hi. I would like to know which is the diference between 3D FlipBook and Real 3D FlipBook. I want to publish some magazines in a web site. And a question. Is it necessary to buy another library for to use this plugin or real 3d one?


Hi Can I remove the number of the pages in the index? since I have a directory we need for example 5 pages to be in page 5, 10 pages on page 6, etc. So I would like to remove the number at the side since I have 200 links but it gives me 1270 pages :( Also would like to remove the thumb button at bottom thanks for the help.

Hi again it worked but now I need to do something else: 1. to have the index on since we enter the page, like the index being always active without pressing the index button, and 2. remove the buttons for thumbs and share from the bottom menu … thanks for the help

Hi still waiting for a reply on my comment :) thanks


Sorry for the delay. You can remove the buttons from the menu with options btnThumbs:false btnShare:false The index (table of content) cannot be active at start. This option is available only in my new flipbook



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