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Good Day, rcuela

Several questions:

1. Need to create data for chart items dynamically via PHP from MySQL

So have to know the way the data for chart is organized- HTML tables or smth else ?

2. What is the limitation on the number of items in the chart ?

3. When I add new items, how the chart area is resized (I mean its height) – automatically or I need to change some parameter, and if some parameter have to be changed- is there a way to change it dynamically ?

4. How the colors of the chart items are assigned ? And how to manage with items colors when I create the items dynamically via PHP and as a result the number of items not permanent (can differ) ?

That’s all for a while

Wait for Your response Serglom

Hi serg

1.- The data is organizaed in JSON structure.

2.- It depends of the screen resolution and client computer.

3.- The height is calculated automatically.

4.- The colors are created automatically.

I just purchased and downloaded it. The documentation is really poor so I’m basically playing around with it to get a good understanding of how it can be adjusted. My question is, can it be positioned relative instead of absolute?

No, it works only with absolute values