Discussion on 360° Panoramic Image Viewer - WordPress Plugin

Discussion on 360° Panoramic Image Viewer - WordPress Plugin

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Hi, Can you write what’s new in the last update?

Hi, the latest update is a maintenance update: just some minor CSS and JS bug fixes.


pablof Purchased


Before I purchase this plugin I want to make sure it provides a functionality to add a 360 image to existing woocommerce product gallery? Thanks,

Hi, I haven’t tested the plugin with WooCommerce, but the product gallery is usually managed by the plugin or the active theme, so it is dependent on that code (so it’s different from site to site). You can add a panorama viewer in the product description or any other shortcode/block-based sections. Hope this helps.

Could I use this with BuddyPress to let the members upload 360 panoramas to their profile and in community posts?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin was designed to be used in a backend editor and doesn’t have any special BuddyPress integration, like the one you mention. Hope this helps.

Hi. I forget which iphone app to use this with, can you remind me please. Thank you!

Hi, there is no specific app I can recommend to generate a panorama image, but make sure it outputs a flat panoramic image (nor a cubic or more complex one).

Hello, I bought this plugin and installed the install-able plugin and activated it, yet I couldn’t find it on the dashboard. Let me know how to go about this. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your purchase – please consult the documentation on how to use the plugin (as it doesn’t have any immediate visible menu entry) which you’ll find inside the purchased .zip file or online at Please let me know if you have further questions by using the Support channel – I’ll do my best to help.

Great product. I want to buy this but I have a questions first. I have many non 360 degree flat panoramic images. Does this plugin provide auto-rotate function like this site? *script downloadable I saw your demo site. I’d like to auto-rotate Example2. If you say no, please consider implementing the feature in the next update.

Hi, thank you for your interest – a sample of the auto-rotate function and how it works can be seen in Example 3 of the demo preview. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions make sure to use the contact form in my profile or the Support tab of this item page.

Hello there

I would like to ask about the compability with elementor bacause i saw only gutenberg.

Thanks in advance for your precious time

Hi, the plugin works fine with any shortcode based text area (any page builder has shortcode support), so Elementor will have no compatibility issues with it. Hope this helps.

Hi, I have a presale question: Can the virtual tour be created only from the backend by the administrator or is there a frontend panel where even users registered on the site can create virtual tours?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin is a viewer that is usually created from the backend via a shortcode or a block, so it doesn’t contain any functionality to allow front-end submissions as this is something specific to a specialized plugin. I hope this helps.


if I have a picture who is more than 180, we dont know how much exactly maybe 190-200 could it work ?

We have 15 hotspots on this picture (paintings on walls) and they should open the painting in a light box

Your example 2 seem good but don’t now those 2 things - will it work with this picture we have ? can we simulate more than 180° - can we have arrows on right/left to move inside the panorama?


Hi, thank you for your interest – it should work just fine, but to make sure you can upload the panorama on a temporary online service and send me the link to it via Support so I can offer any further advice.

thanks a lot ! actually my client suspended this job… so thanks anyway. I have bookmarked your plugin! thanks

Hello, I bought this plugin and installed the install-able plugin and activated it, yet I couldn’t find it on the dashboard. Let me know how to go about this. Thanks!

Hi, I replied to your private message, so please reply to that message for further concerns or questions. Thank you!


I want to buy your plugin but I have two questions first! I want to display an image from a panoramic webcam, can I display an image from a link and not from my Wordpress gallery? If yes, does it work if the link of the image does not end with .jpg? In my case, I would like to display the image via the following link

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your interest – the answer to both questions is yes – you can safely use a remote image which doesn’t necessary have an image extension. Hope this helps.


Can we presales customers see that you get the Changelog and DATES on here please so I can read before I purchase?

Thank You!

Hi, thank you for your interest – the changelog is internal, but I can assure you it was kept up to date with WordPress and will be updated further. The panorama image it supports is flat rectilinear, if you do a quick search on it and how to achieve such images you’ll see what it is all about. Hope this helps.

I believe the Changelog should be public so anyone interested can see whats going on.

I’d like to see it thanks !

Thank you for the feedback, I’ll consider including it when releasing an update.

Hi, I have problem, because I have already 403 error like this: getimagesize(https://www.....jpg): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden. Can you help me?

Hi, please get in touch with me via the Support tab and I’ll do my best to help right away. Thank you.

Pre purchase question. I see this plugin only pans horizontal. Can it scroll up and down spherically?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin in implemented to display only flat panoramas (no support for spherical panoramas), so there is only vertical scrolling involved. Hope this helps.

Hi, I would like to know if I can use a specific size of a picture with this plugin. It’s not realy a panorama picture but a picture with a size of e.g. 400 (h) px x 8000 (w) px . To get a specific “roling” effect instead of showing the whole picture at once (or a cropped version), i though i can use this plugin. Can you tell me more about this? Is this also possible? Thnx Jet

Hi, thank you for your interest – indeed you can use any image you like (especially if it’s wide) it doesn’t have to be a panorama. You have the option of setting the plugin to display the image as a 180 degree image (without the panorama infinite scroll effect): Hope this helps.

perfect! Just bought a license and it worked! :-D Thanks!

Thank you, glad to hear it!

It would help you if you wrote how your plugin works. As a potential buyer, I’m not sure how this works, does it work for paranomic images only, or can I add multiple pics at different angles like magic 360?

Hi, thank you for your interest in the item. The panorama plugin uses a single static flat panorama image for the viewer, which needs to be created prior to uploading it via WordPress. Here’s an example from the preview of such an image: I hope this helps.

Hi, i’ve purchased the plugin, it looks good on your test website, in the future, would you be able to add a test 360 image to see if it works… unfortunately, my 360 VR image jpg seems to not be working with the plugin… could you have a look? thanks

Hi, thank you for your purchase – please contact me via the Support tab and send me a link to your panorama image so I can take a look. Thank you!

thanks for a quick reply… my mistake… I did not read everything as you mentioned spherical images are not supported… :( if you are kind to refund, I’d really appreciate :) thanks, francois

thanks for your message! very kind of you!! :)

This recent update doesn’t work with my theme, enfold. Once installed I got blank screens in admin. I’ve reverted back to the previous version, which works perfectly, and is a great plugin.

Hi, thank you for your feedback – indeed there was a small issue with the plugin which got fixed right away after the update. The plugin is now in review (by CodeCanyon staff) and when it gets approved you can safely upgrade (in the next hours I think). Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hi there. Seems like a great plugin for what we need. Pre-sales question – we have jewelry items that each item with around 250 images for 360 rotation. The individual images are 720×480. Will your plugin work with the above for 360 viewing images form our website? And also where can the images be located? With the website or can be in a different location? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin uses only one single flat panoramic image for scrolling, like this one You are probably looking for a different plugin for your individual set of images. Hope this helps.

Will this plugin be updated to work correctly on WP 4.9.5? It used to work on my site prior to this update. Now the image loads for a sec then turns into a little loading wheel that continually spins.

The plugin works with the latest version of WordPress (the live demo is currently 4.9.5), so everything should be fine. Please contact me using my profile form and send me your site URL link so I can see what’s wrong. Regards.

Apologies, it was another plugin conflicting. This plugin works just fine on 4.9.5. Sorry!

No worries, glad you figured it out.


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