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can it use at woocommerce product picture? and could you tell me how to install it and how to use please

Hi, I haven’t tested the plugin with the Woocommerce plugin and can’t offer any support for it. My guess is you are not looking for a flat panoramic viewer for a single image, try another plugin. Hope this helps.

Hi author plugin not support up and down 360. The same pararoma baner look http://ngothoinhiem.edu.vn/

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin doesn’t support such features; it only scrolls a flat panoramic image horizontally. Hope this helps.

Hello, very suprising you call it a “360° Panoramic Viewer” as it is absolutely not. It is just a flat large picture viewer and I don’t see any utility to it, moreover when it is a paid plugin. What’s the point?

Hi, thank you for your feedback – I’m sure if you put your mind into it you’ll find various reasons why you would want to use this plugin. It is interesting why you took the time and effort to express such comment publicly. Cheers!

Hi Bro, 360 Panoramic works with Wordpress 4.5?

Hi, sure, the plugin works with the latest WordPress version.

hi, i have a pre-sale question. Will your plugin work with Slider Revolution? How do I use it inside Slider Revolution? Please advise. Thanks.

Hi, the plugin is independent of any other plugin and was only tested as a standalone component. I’m sorry I can’t offer compatibility/support for every plugin out there. Hope this helps.


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NIce plugin, works great. I am using it with Avada 4.0.1 and WP 4.4.2 and does perfectly the job. Defining the speed when automatically sliding (sliding interval) adjusts the speed in all browsers evenly.

Hi, thank you for your feedback – I’m glad you like the plugin and find it useful. Good luck with your projects!

Hi, how are you? We have some questions before the purchase. This plugins enable hotspot with external links like youtube? We can use the hotspot to go into another panoramic image (this allow multiple images linked)? Regards

Hi, I’m good thank you, hope you’re doing well too. The plugin uses the classic map, area HTML tags which can link to any external link, sure. The hotlinks can be used to link to a different page, which contains another panorama, making it possible to navigate within panoramas (it is not AJAX based, but it is an option to consider). Hope this helps.

Hi there, Just some questions:

1. Can the layout, http://liviucerchez.com/panorama360/example4/, be achieved easily?

2. Can the layout have the menu present just like the demo?


Hi, thank you for your interest – you should know the theme you use with the plugin must offer the option of presentating content in full viewport. Take a look at this snippet on how the panorama is absolutely positioned to fill the theme’s content area: https://gist.github.com/liviucerchez/c0c4d0864d543339e416 – I won’t be able to assist you in integrating the plugin with your theme, so you’ll need some basic web development skills or help from a freelance professional. Hope this helps.


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Hello. Great job really. I have a problem when i try to inject the shortcode in a php page. This is my php code source.

<?php /* Template Name: B2W Room 3 */ ?> <?php echo do_shortcode(“panorama360 src=”gfxhero.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/PANO-TEST.jpg”“); ?> <?php get_footer(); ?>

I have this error message when i try online;

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘http’ (T_STRING), expecting ’,’ or ‘)’ in /homepages/40/d623965413/htdocs/clickandbuilds/GFXHero/wp-content/themes/sahifa/template-b2w-room3.php on line 2

Do you have an idea for solve my problem please? Thank you


davidcf Purchased

Last question :) It’s possible to place a bottom for to be in full screen?


davidcf Purchased

It’s ok, i found all :) But, how don’t undersant the coords=”120,70,320,270” for Hotspot. When i replace the value, only the size of the round change

Hi, thank you for your purchase – I responded to your message via email, so please use a single way of communication for a faster reply. The coordinates for the hotspots are explained in detail here: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_area_coords.asp Hope this helps.

Hi, the plugin is compatibile with ricoh THETA S?

Hi, thanks for the interest – I’m not sure what compatibility you are looking for (I’m not familiar with it). The plugin is WordPress based, using flat panoramic images as source for a responsive viewer. Cheers!

Ok, the camera take 360 picture and video

The plugin supports only flat panoramic images, like the ones in the preview demo. Hope this helps.

Hi, would this be able to scroll up and down as well?

Hi, the plugin handles only horizontal scrolling of flat panoramic images. Hope this helps.

Hello Question presales: Is plugin displays multiple panoramas in single page of wordpress?

Hi, thank you for your interest – yes indeed, the plugin can display unlimited panorama viewers on a single page or post. Hope this helps.

what about true 360 degree photos top and bottom? just bought the Samsung Gear 360 and the photos are full spheres

Hi, thanks for your interest – this plugin supports only flat panoramic images.

Hi, I have installed WPML and unfortunately your plugin is causing some errors. Are you familiar with this issue? If so is there any fix you can recommend? I have a developer standing by. The url for an example page is: http://stargatestudios.cn/sg/hawaii/

Hi, the plugin shouldn’t interfere with any third-party code since it’s coded with the latest standards. I’m not familiar with such incompatibility and I must say none of my clients had such problem. I noticed that your page doesn’t render until the final html closing tag (if you view the source code of the page), so this may not even be plugin related, but theme related. Try switching temporarily to the default WordPress theme to quickly see this (also, try viewing the page with the WPML plugin inactive). If you have a developer at hand I’m sure he can debug the problem and see why the page isn’t rendered properly. Hope this helps and drop me a message via my contact form for further support/concerns. Thank you.


Bratko Purchased

Hi i bought a panoramic optic from https://www.0-360.com/ can i use the flat pictures in your plugin??

Hi, I’m not familiar with the product, but if you have flat panoramic images then you can use this plugin. Please see the images in the demo preview for confirmation. Cheers.


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Hi Liviu, great plugin! Quick question: can you have the panorama move when the mouse moves and not only on mouse drag? Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your purchase – unfortunately there is no such option available for the plugin.


velcec Purchased

Hi Liviu, I have one more question: I added a div inside the panorama shortcode tags. The div displays well, but I would like the panorama to stop from playing when the mouse is over the div. Is there a command that stops the panorama that I can add to my div on hover similar to the stop action on the panorama controls?


Hi, you can fire the stop event by triggering the click event on the Stop button manually:

jQuery('.panorama360 a.stop').triggerHandler('click');

Of course this JavaScript code will have to to be placed properly on the mouse event on your div, but this is up to you to implement further. Hope this helps.

Hi, can I disable the “infinite” scrolling? I mean when I reach the ede of the image is it possible to stop repeating it?

I would like to point that this happens because I give it a 100% height. Nothing happens in px but I need it full-height.

Hi, this is not a plugin issue. The absolute positioning (used to offer full viewport effect) depends on the theme you are using (more specifically on the container in which the shortcode is placed in). Make sure your theme supports a page template that can offer full viewport for the panorama (a fixed layout can’t contain a full-width/height viewer).

Hope this helps and if you have further concerns drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.

Hello, the plugin works with visual composer? Thank you!

Hi, the plugin is shortcode based so it will work with any page builder. Hope this helps.

Ok thanks! There is a minimun width for the panorama images?

The minimum width depends on the width of the page layout – please preview the examples so you can get a feel of what images are recommended.

Hello, I have another question. Is it possible to trigger an mp3 at the same time the user starts the player? this would be an incredible help to know – many thanks!

Hi, this plugin handles only viewing a panorama image – any other custom requirement can be added with the help of an experienced web developer.

Hi, does this plugin read the Gear 360 images’ tags ? Thanks.

Hi, thank you for your interest – no, there is no such feature available for this plugin. Hope this helps.