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Hi, cool product, thanks!

Can you please tell me how each hotspot can be represented by an image instead of shapes and on click to link to another page?

Also, how can i use the markers/hotspots on a full screen image?



tberin Purchased

In Addition, when the style sheet is set to RTL, its very buggy, can you help out with this please?

Hi, thank you for your purchase – there is no current option to style hotspots, but you can do it yourself (if you have some CSS knowledge). You basically assign a special class to each hotspot element and style it individually using CSS (adding a background-image to it). Add a regular link to a hotspot and it will act as a regular link (remove the lightbox class if you’re using the Responsive Lightbox plugin). This ideas apply to any image (either it be normal or full screen styled).

Please contact me via the support channel and I’ll continue any support via email. You should always include a preview URL so I can better recommend you what to do.

Domlu’ Liviu, aveti erori la demo preview 360, păi ce facem? se supără envaco pe noi. Eu l’as cumpăra – că-mi sunteți drag în papion așa, vreau să-mi fac panoramă lă stână cu oile. Pe când un update mai de designer așa, că minimalismu e bun, da mai trebuie și câte o floricică, o iarbă verde…

Oferiți suport în română?

PS. Fotografia e de la nuntă?

Va salut, daca aveti nelamuriri contactati-ma prin intermediul formularului din pagina mea de profil. Numai bine!

Hi, it is compatible with WP 4.7.2 ?

Thanks for your answer

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin is WordPress 4.7.x compatible and will always be kept up to date with the latest framework version. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your fast answer ;) I will buy it soon!

I want to place this instead of a slider with banners. How can I pus text of top of the image?

The panorama viewer is controlled using either mouse drag, mouse wheel or touch drag/swipe as stated in the item description (no device orientation control, which is a more difficult feature, one I’ll be looking into).

I see…

Is is possible to have the mouse_wheel set to true but it also scrolls down the page?

Please contact me via the Support tab and I’ll continue support via email. This section is mostly for pre-purchase questions/concerns. Thank you.

is this for slider header.?

Hi, thank you for your interest – I’m not sure exactly what you mean, please be more precise on your concern.

Hi, I was wondering if you can adjust the scroll speed and zoom level of the image?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin has a speed option for the autoscroll function, but no zoom feature. Hope this helps.

Hi is it possible to insert shortcode with a WP library image ? Like [shortcode360VR ids=”729,732,731,720”] for example ?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin has it’s own shortcode which requires a single full image url. For more information please take a look at the documentation http://docs.liviucerchez.com/panorama360/ Hope this helps.

I’m really interested in this, have you got plans for being able to zoom in, for future releases?

Hi, thank you – unfortunately there is no such feature planned for future releases. Hope this helps.

Will this work with a photo from a 360 camera? and if so, can it work in a jquery colorbox? I’m working with a realtor, and we want to display a house floorplan with hotspots, then when you click on a hotspot, it shows the 360 photo of that room, inside of the colorbox. Then you can click on a another room.

Hi, this concern was answered previously – the plugin supports only flat panoramic images (a single flat image, not multiple parts or spherical types). The features are presented in the demo preview – other then that you’ll have to get creative and implement/try things on your own. Hope this helps.