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Hi, I’m thinking of buying this product but I worry about the layout. Is it easy to customize or is it fixed? My website layout is similar to dwcharn but it seem that it cannot support big tile in the first position. It this issue already fixed by the Isotope plugin?

Thank you

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I’m planning on using this product on Sharepoint 2013. Is the HTML file XML compliant?

It’s HTML valid, if that’s what you’re asking. You can determine that by viewing the source code of the page:

Hi is this responsive? I plan to use this on mobile as a launcher

Hi, yes you can test the responsive behavior yourself at:


Nice plugin. Wondering if it’s possible to have a fixed width scrollbar (900px centered for example) that controls the full width content area?


Hi, thank you. I don’t really understand your requirement, but you should know support is offered only for item issues (not customization). Try using CSS and JS to achieve your requirements.

so i m pretty new to web-design

can i use this in my wordpress theme?

Hi. This is not a WP plugin, just a static navigation layout. You need web development skills to integrate the item in a theme.

can you add inner pages for every one , I mean internal pages ?

Hi, the script contains the features visible in the preview – it’s up to you to further customize the item for your specific needs, your project requirements.


I have written a back-end admin panel to control which boxes get displayed or hidden based on checkboxes. If the box is unchecked it will set the box to “display: none” and it is working fine, but the issue i’m running into is the boxes are not moving over. For example if I hide the 2nd box it will just show an empty space instead of move all the boxes over to fill that space.

I am assuming this has something to do with the JavaScript, but I am having a difficult time figuring it out. Do you think you can assist me with this?

I have tried adding a filter option to the metro.js file and that is not working. If i add this code: $container.isotope({ filter: '.box' }); it will hide all items. If i add this code: $container.isotope({ filter: '.items' }); It will show all items. It seem that it is only looking at the div and not all items in the div. Just as an FYI. I know you can’t help with this.

If you read the filtering examples properly you’ll see you can use a clever filter to hide/show specific items with ease, something like: ’.box:not(.box-hidden)’ – where .box-hidden is a class added by you to mark hidden items.

Thanks. I actually got it to work.

Is there an easy way to disable the grab and drag? I’d like to implement a different grab & drag myself.

Hi, sure you’ll be able to remove the grab and drag feature by editing a single .js file and removing one line of code. Thanks for your interest.

Hi – I am thinking of buying this as well to use with sharepoint 2013 – is this built with bootstrap? thanks

Hi, the plugin is built using plain HTML and custom CSS. Hope this helps.

Love this plugin but can you create it for wordpress? And is this plugin can be changed from horizontal layout to vertical layout, can I use it in wordpress?

Hi, thank you for your interest – but this is not a WordPress plugin, the item is a static layout that can be used in static HTML contexts.