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I’m using this plugin for a website using the divi builder. It seems that the counter is spread wide and everything is out of place.

Hi, please send me your site URL here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can try to help you :)

I’m working in a site with a lot of custom css and it is interfering with the plugin. Is there a way to contain this so it isn’t effected by outside code?

Hi, please send me your site URL here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo so I can try to help you :)

sent you an email. Im sorry I forgot to reexplain the issue but I sent the url and some further details.

Hi, I have already replied you :)

How do I make the labels show on a white background?

Hi, the label should looks fine on white background, but if you want to change the label color or style, you can edit by yourself, please check the help file to get more details

Hi. Just bought this very nice product, but there is a thing I just can’t figuere out. No matter what I do, it startes in the left side,of the site even though I have tried to center it with different methodes. My hp-address er: gglanparty.nu

Thanks in advance

Hi, please try these scripts

<div style="text-align:center;">
  [shortcode here]

Worked like a charm. Thx a bunch. ,9

you’re welcome, have nice day :)


First of all I’ll just say, that you have done one heck of a work. ;)

There’s just one thing, I can’t figure out. No matter what I do, the counter is placed far to the left. How can I move the counter to the center? <center> and align=center doesn’r work.

Thanks in advance

Jesper Purchase code: 392cf053-b301-4f01-9ed3-b13e0591a479


I am interested in purchasing your plugin but before I do that I have one question.

Can I change/translate the words on timer (Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds) to be on some other language?

Kind regards, Mihailo

sure, you can change it to any other text in photoshop, all source psd files was included, and you can get more details in the help file :)

Was finally able to install the plugin after several attempts. When it was time to use it, when I click on the shortcode generator it displays the error below:

Warning: include(/../wp-content/mu-plugins/admin/shortcode_generator.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/.../wp-content/mu-plugins/admin/shortcode_generator.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php7.0’)

Please what is the solution.

Hi, I’m not sure what’s happen, but seems you use some other plugin to manage your plugins, so can you please try to disable it, and remove and install jCountdown again?, and if it still don’t works, you can send me a message here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo/portfolio and tell me more details so I can try to help you, thanks

I really like plugin but for some reason when i attached to my wordpress site, countdown numbers are not in a place where they should be

Hi, please check your mailbox

Hello Ufoufoufo,

I just bought the ijcountdown mepa package for wordpress from you, but there is a problem with it. And I can’t figure it out. After setting the shortcode inside a page the numbers are underneath the boxes.

I just use this shortcode: 21:17:35[/jcountdown]

And this is what I get: https://www.webbus.nl/icounter/

I tried it on a other website, but got the same result. Can you help me with this problem?

Regards, Glenn


don’t worry, it’s just some CSS setting overwrite by your custom theme CSS

please insert these CSS scripts to fix it up

    .jCountdown *{
        box-sizing:content-box !important;

    .jCountdown .container:before, .jCountdown .container:after{
        display:none !important;

    .jCountdown .container{
        padding-top:1px !important;

Thank you, that did the trick!


gulz91 Purchased


I have installed the plugin on my website it’s not working properly. Can you please check it. the link is below.


this is what I found in your source code

    .jCountdown .container:before, .jCountdown .container:after{
        display:none !important;
<p>    .jCountdown .container{
        padding-top:1px !important;
<p>    .jCountdown .label:empty{
        display:block !important;

I’m not sure why, but you put some [p] tags inside the CSS scripts, you need is remove it to get it work,



gulz91 Purchased

days hours minutes and second is showing in white colours. I want it to show in black colour

you can change all the details in photoshop, please check the help file to get more information

Hi there, I’m wanting to upgrade a website to php 7.1 but I get this error message from my PHP Configurator:

The following plugins/themes are not compatible with PHP 7.1. jCountdown Mega Package for WordPressSee Errors

FILE: /home/readyf90/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jcountdown_mega_package_for_wordpress/index.php


34 | WARNING | Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7.

Any advice on this topic?

Hi, I’m not sure where the problem is, can you please send me your site URL and account here https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo, so I can try to help you?

Could this be used in my Wordpress banner widget?

Thank you in advance :-)

Hi, jCountdown Mega Package for WordPress works with the Shortcode feature, so basically it works on the page post, and text widget, but if your banner widget support the Shortcode feature than you can use it on your banner widget

We had a free plugin (Uji Countdown) that conflicted with a plugin that we use for discounts (Pricing Deals Pro). If this causes a conflict, can we get a refund?

Hi, i just bought the plugin. Installed and activated. after pasting the generator code into page, the page turned into “404 PAGE NOT FOUND” .


Any help? Thanks

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean, please contact me here so I can try to help https://codecanyon.net/user/ufoufoufo


weblabza Purchased

Hi there

I tried contacting you for support via the contact form? Regarding the sizing of the timer, and it getting blurry at larger sizes? I have a website here where you can see the blurry images, could you please assist me with this? http://testenviro.co.za/machine/coming-soon-2-2/

Hi, I had reply your mail two days ago, and you need to set a little bit smaller width value(maybe 600) to make it look sharper


weblabza Purchased

Weird, as I didn’t seem to get the response to my inbox. Sorry I may have overlooked it. I will do this now, although the client had a very specific request to make it that bigger.

Hi, as you can see at preview, if you want to set it to a very large size, it will looks a little bit blurry


kochokc Purchased

Hello, When I paste the short code into my page, it won’t show up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://newcastlecasino.com/event/spin-doctors/

Hi, seems you use an plugin “jquery-updater”, and it crash some functions of jQuery, please remove it and test again, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions


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I am having problems with Display Labels. Although they are true, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds are not displaying on the website. https://eosrock.io/341-2/