Hello, welcome to My Profile.

Hi Welcome to my Profile.

My name is Mustafa. I am 36 years old and living in Turkey. I’m a software engineer.

I’ve been selling my products for years from CodeCanyon, paying attention to customer support. Too many people I chatted, I met a lot of knowledgeable people. Thanks to my product, I have many customers who have the desired project.

I think the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is this. (If you have a dream, run after your dreams and meet your conditions. Because to achieve is to not give up and think differently. :grin: )

My product I work on most is a social networking software called oobenn.

oobenn is a social networking platform with instagram interface. With features hosted in oobenn content is a unique script that can be used for multiple projects.You can enable or disable the parts that members use to share. For example, if you have a video sharing project, you will have a video sharing project if you activate the video sharing feature of oobenn and disable other fields.

9 different sharing features are available. More features are being added with updates.
  • The currently available sharing features are:
    • Text Sharing Feature
    • Image Sharing Feature
    • Video Sharing Feature
    • Music/Audio Sharing Feature
    • Link Sharing Feature
    • Filter Image Sharing Feature
    • Gif Sharing Feature
    • Location Sharing Feature
    • WaterMark Sharing Feature
    • BenchMark Sharing Feature
    • Product Sharing Feature

It is manifested by the differences of oobenn which includes many features that I think will attract the serious project owners. oobenn is not a clone. It is a script that has been developed by developing some features of the most used social sharing platforms in the world. There are also some features that are not available anywhere. For example, the benchmark feature is an unused feature on popular social sites.

Continual value added free updates. oobenn continues our long standing tradition of updates with incredible new features & improvements.

If you’re dreaming of a social networking project. You can BUY oobenn. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I am always happy to answer you.

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