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Hi. Will this work on Bootstrap 4?

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Hello. Nice menu. A perfect menu with many options.

It has good amount of levels but can we go to level 5 as I have such requirement from client. Is it possible with this menu?

Also, I want to know that is it compatible with Bootstrap 4?


fgneba Purchased

When I load the javascript file from the downloaded package, the off-canvas menu on small devices does not work. but when I link the js file from your demo site to my script, the menu works fine. I am using the “Shop” megamenu example. is the javascript file on your demo site different from the one in the download package?

Both are same, still having isuue send me your dev link from my profile page

looks great want to get it now, but i hiope it can work with Nav Menu Roles? https://wordpress.org/plugins/nav-menu-roles/ please advise?

It is html/css static script so you need to install/maintain manually from wordpress backend code…

Your works is great. I realy enjoyed it…

Hello, this is awesome menu. This is what I need. A have only one question. Megamenu is based on hover on bigger screen. What will happened on mobile phone with Full HD display? Does mobile phone is detected or is it based on screen resolution only?

I mean that hover effect cannot work on Full HD mobile phone. Thank you very much for answer.

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