Mapplic - Custom Interactive Map jQuery Plugin

Mapplic - Custom Interactive Map jQuery Plugin

If you would like to turn your photo/vector graphic map into a fancy interactive map application that is supported by every major browser and it’s working even on mobile or other touch devices, you can stop searching, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you came to the only place, since it is the only utility available with this unique feature set.

The supported map file formats are: JPG, PNG and SVG.

Now with built-in maps

Due to high demand, Mapplic now comes with built in maps! Currently, the most requested 14 maps are built into the plugin as follows:
  • World map
  • World Continents map
  • Europe map
  • United States (USA) map
  • Canada map
  • Australia map
  • France map
  • Germany map
  • Italy map
  • United Kingdom (UK) map
  • Switzerland map
  • Russia map
  • China map
  • Brazil map

These maps are ready to use out of the box as seen on the preview, no further modifications are required.

Main features:

  • Unlimited landmarks: Any number of locations with unique pins and various actions
  • Unlimited floors: Multiple floors are supported without any limitation
  • Deeplinking: Every location can be referenced by it’s own URL
  • Browser support: Works great in every major browser, even Internet Explorer 8
  • Responsive design: Provides optimal experience across a wide range of devices
  • Touch optimized: Touchscreen devices, like tablets and smartphones are also supported
  • Well documented: A detailed user guide is included

Why to use

There are dozens of web mapping applications available, like Google Maps, however in some cases other approaches may be needed in order to provide proper results. The following are just a few of the possible applications that can be achieved exclusively with this utility:

  • Buildings: Shopping malls, hospitals, airports, public buildings, blueprints or any building that is too small to be detailed on the world map, however it has importance. Displaying multi-storey structures is highly effective.
  • Illustrated maps: Ski maps, isometric maps or any kind of illustrations.
  • Fictional maps: Fantasy maps, RPG and other video game maps, anything that cannot be found on the world map.
  • Temporary maps: Camps, festivals or anything that is not permanent. Moving objects, like cruise ships can also have maps.

Drupal Version

The guys at Penceo created a Drupal module for Mapplic and generously made it available to everyone. All you need is a copy of Mapplic jQuery Plugin and the files from the module page. It comes with documentation and a walkthrough video, however please note that we cannot provide support for this third party plugin.

If you find it useful, don’t forget to say thank you to Penceo!

Update History

Version 3.1 – May 27th, 2015

- SMART TOOLTIP - tooltip now repositions itself and it's always visible
- 7 new built in maps: Continents, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, China, Brazil
- inline JSON support
- possibility to link floors
- introdution of UI themes
- tooltip scroll bug fixed
- small CSS fixes

Version 3.0 – January 31st, 2015

- 7 built in maps: World, Europe, USA, Canada, France, Germany, England
- new generation of interactive SVG maps (old method still supported)
- deeplinking engine rewritten (hash > query parameter)
- zoom buttons (+/-) added
- map in container: fit or fill
- mobile optimiztaion
- retina support
- hammer.js updated to version 2.0.4
- new pin types added
- fontawesome icons for pins
- drag&drop fix: now clickable areas can be dragged as well without activating them
- small design changes

Version 2.0.1 – August 2nd, 2014

- fullscreen bug fixed
- IE9 tooltip close/clear button bug fixed

Version 2.0 – June 6th, 2014

- PINCH ZOOM added for touch devices
- hybrid mode added (now you can have clickable shapes and pins on the same map)
- developer mode added (easy to find x/y coordinates)
- tooltip rewritten to support any data (ex. youtube videos) 
- tooltip dynamic width
- tooltip dynamic height (with scrollbar if needed)
- smart tooltip positioning
- fullscreen button added
- search feature improved
- SVG tutorial included
- hover tooltip added
- pin animations added
- ajax preloader added
- new flat design
- source code improved and greatly optimized
- and many more

Version 1.0.1 – December 8th, 2013

- minimap click event fixed
- responsivity bug fixed (list and search shown on mobile devices)

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