Programmer search half-time job

Hello all, I’m a polish programmer living in Italy. I currently work for a programming company but I like to earn some extra buck in my spare time. I’m fluent in : PHP , Asp.Net, Vb.net , Javascript , Html 4, Html 5 , Css 2.1 , Css 3.

This is a list of page that i created for my company :

http://www.maxmara.com – PSD to HTML /CSS + java script effects
http://www.personamr.com – PSD to HTML /CSS + java script effects
http://www.lecinquelune.it/ – PSD to HTML /CSS + java script effects
http://www.piergiorgioperotto.it – PSD to HTML /CSS + java script effects + insert in Sitefinity CMS + developing some addons for portal

This are projects created by me for my clients and my

http://www.stimmimmobiliare.it – image to HTML /CSS + java script effects ( jquery) + I created all frond office and back office in asp.net mssql
http://guyslikeit.net/ – my porn portal created in aps.net , idea was my , layout created by me , behind is CMS created be me
http://pornnotes.net/ – pages directory
http://bestqrcodegenerator.in -free qr code generator
I create web components for cpdecanyon link for my profile : http://codecanyon.net/user/zajcman/

If you like my code but you dont want to buy it you can support me by clicking this link Support zajcman