Welcome to Uvodo!

Uvodo is a fully customizable plug & play eCommerce platform. It’s a Self-hosted and Headless eCommerce platform. Uvodo is for online sellers, developers, and digital agencies.

Uvodo’s source code is available to the users to customize the platform fully.

Getting started

To start using Uvodo, you need to:

  • Download Uvodo
  • Install it on your server
  • Set up Uvodo store

Learn how to install Uvodo and more information about the deployment.

Who is Uvodo for?

Uvodo is for:

  • Online sellers
  • Developers & digital agencies

Online sellers.
Uvodo gives you everything to move your business online and manage every aspect of your business.

Developers & digital agencies.
If you are a developer or own an agency, you can customize Uvodo and resell it to your clients, with Uvodo’s Extended License.

Download Uvodo

There are two options upon downloading Uvodo: with Regular and Extended licenses, each including 6-month support by default.

Both the Regular and Extended options may include extended support of 12 months by your choice with extra added costs.
Read more about CodeCanyon’s Licence regulation.

Installation guide

Check out the following resources:

Deployment resources:

User guide

Uvodo’s User guide.

  • In the User guide articles, you can learn about:
  • Uvodo admin settings,
  • How to manage your store from the admin dashboard,
  • How to add plugins to Uvodo.

Developer guide

Uvodo’s Developer guide.
In the Developer guide articles, you can learn about:

  • Explanation of the codebase of the product,
  • ​​​​​​​Documentation for end users who want to customize or extend the product.

Uvodo dashboard

Here is the list of what Uvodo dashboard includes to manage your online store.

Core analytics of what’s going on with your online store lately.

  • Products & Collections
  • Product variations (attributes & values)
  • Inventory
  • Quantity
  • SKU
  • Barcode
  • Product SEO

Order details, payment, and shipping status, contact details, and shipping address.

Customer list and management.

Available Uvodo themes.

Add and manage plugins.

Stripe, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Mailer SMTP, and Database Queue plugins come with the installation.

Uvodo marketplace is an eCommerce tool that allows merchants to download plugins needed for their online stores.

Check Uvodo plugins on our portfolio.

General store and account settings, payments, geo zones, shipping, taxes, social profiles, legal pages, updates, and password settings.


As an owner of the source code, you can make any customization in any aspect of Uvodo.
Theme editor plugin is also available to edit the plugins.


Billing & payment

You get Uvodo for a one-time fee, with no commissions and recurring fees.


Uvodo will send free lifetime updates.


You can write to ourDiscord community for the resolution of any issue. After the support trial, that is included in your purchase ends, you can extend support.

Feature request

Uvodo actually encourages you to give feedback and request a feature to develop itself and improve your business journey and experience.
You can request a feature on our portal: request a feature.


You can keep an eye on our upcoming or current feature updates fromUvodo’s roadmap.


We have a Discord community of developers, eCommerce experts, and entrepreneurs like you where we share pro tips, advice on topics, and exchange ideas.

Join our Discord community here.

Payment Options

It has built-in payment gateways and manual payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, and Cash on Delivery. You can also download other payment plugins like Razorpay, iyzico, Myfatoorah, Mercado Pago, and Flutterwave – more is being developed upon the feature requests.

Mobile First Design

Uvodo’s both admin dashboard and storefront themes are mobile responsive.

Self-hosted data

Self-hosted data – Source code & data located in your servers. You have full control over your data.

Headless Architecture

Headless Architecture – Uvodo eCommerce platform is built with headless architecture.

Full Customization
Full Customization – Uvodo is 360-degree customizable, meaning you can change any part of the UI/UX or codebase to suit your needs. You can customize anything from product pages to checkout flows, as well as add custom features. You can also edit your Uvodo themes with the Theme editor plugin.

Integration of 3rd party applications via REST APIs Mobile store-front & admin dashboard

Mailer (SMTP) plugin

Uvodo’s Mailer plugin will allow you to configure SMTP to send emails from your website. The Mailer plugin comes with installation.
Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)
Amazon SES plugin is the perfect solution for sending and receiving emails using your own email addresses and domains. It is designed to provide reliable and cost-effective delivery of email messages.

Database Queue

Database queue is a queue driver which is one of Uvodo’s supported drivers (File-based, Amazon SQS).

Theme Editor plugin

Uvodo’s Theme Editor plugin allows you to easily make changes to their store’s theme without needing any coding knowledge.

GDPR/CCPA & Cookie Management

The GDPR/CCPA & Cookie Management plugin allows you to get consent from your customers about the use of cookies on your website. You can customize the layout and design of the cookie bar.

Buy on WhatsApp plugin

Buy on WhatsApp is a plugin that provides an easy way for customers to communicate with the seller and purchase products or services directly over WhatsApp. Once the customer has selected the items they would like to buy, they can click on the Buy on WhatsApp button to proceed with the buying process on WhatsApp.


Planum is a design system for Uvodo. Uvodo’s design system with comprehensive building elements for plugin, module, and application development. It is a UI Kit with comprehensive building elements which consist of React components.

Planum has a set of guidelines that are built into the library to help developers create beautiful and consistent interfaces for their plugins, modules, and applications while focusing on their skill sets and avoiding wasting time on designing UI elements for development.


Planum consists of UI components that developers can refer to whilst their plugin, module, and application development



You can learn about the features, functionalities, and all the information that’s required to work with Admin API

Storefront REST API

You can explore all information required to build authentic eCommerce experiences for your storefront with API references.

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